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  1. Next time your up this way hit me up then
  2. Irwin Just outside of Pittsburgh
  3. I'm in western PA. Although I tinted in SC for a long time. We used a variety of films but the IDS line was fairly popular in that area. This is why I like this site there is a lot of good knowledge and good people here. Thank you for all your knowledge and input.
  4. Ok that makes sense. So a dual reflective can be installed with a darker tint? She told me that no film darker than 35 could be installed and that the blue max was the wrong tool for installing flat glass.
  5. Well then be shocked because that's who told me that. IDS 20 is too dark to be installed on residential windows.
  6. I use suntek films but I have to go through a distributor here in PA. SAGR is the distributor. You are as confused as I am. The guy who taught me never had any complaints or issues with his work so this is boggling my mind. We always trimmed film to the edge of the glass to ensure a proper install and used blue max for squeegee. As for the film I was advised that 20% is far to dark for dual pane windows and will more than likely cause glass breakage or seal failure.
  7. Another question what squeegee do you use to install flat glass? I have always used a blue max and I was also told that was wrong because that is supposed to be used for automotive glass install only. I am thinking I need a new supplier of film I'm beginning to see a pattern here.
  8. thats what I thought but didnt argue with the supplier which is why I came here looking for outside advice. They also said I should trim the film about an 1/8" from the edge or the film will never dry correctly. I have done tons of installs on residential and commercial jobs and this is the first time I have ever heard of 20% being too dark for dual pane windows and trimming the edge. I mean honestly who would pay for a tint job if daylight can be seen all the way around the window?
  9. I understand that almost all manufacturers make a 20% but can it be installed on a dual pane window due to the absorption rate of the film without causing issues. My manufacturer is telling me it is too dark for a dual pane window.
  10. Does anyone know of any film manufacturer that has a 20% film that can be applied to a dual pane window? I have a customer that wants privacy and the 35% isn't dark enough.
  11. If you want to start your own shop that is great but first think of a few things.....1. Do you know how to tint more than 10 car models at least? 2. Can you afford to compete with other tint shops in your area? 3. Are you ready to deal with the fact that anything and everything can and will be blamed on the window tint? Second of all my personal experience is to not even carry a "entry level" film. If you want to be successful carry good to better films only. I only carry lifetime films and the reason is if you sell a customer a 5 year film it will eventually fail and when that customer is at a friends house and his film looks like crap do you honestly think he will tell his friends that he was a cheap ass and wanted your cheapest film? NO!!!! But you can bet on him telling his friends the shop that did it! Research your films and ask tons of questions. Talk to film reps about other films, talk to tinters, get samples and see what you like. Every tinter has their own personal preference on film choice so try them all. Stay away from cheap films or your shop will fail based on quality. In this industry focus on a quality product and more importantly a quality install. Don't worry so much about a name brand film cause if your name gets around good quality you will succeed. When your customer calls or shows up educate them tell them your film benefits and be confident about it. This forum is a wealth of knowledge and yes there are some very sarcastic people here that will troll you but hey thats life deal with it and educate yourself before trying to educate others.
  12. I do use Suntek films and have been looking into other options. Guess i'll be looking harder now because I don't want to jeopardize my reputation because of some greedy manufacturer.
  13. If you have never tinted windows before I highly recommend not trying it on a F150. They can be tricky to an amateur. Take it to a professional. As for buying pre cut kits online they almost never fit right due to window shift. If you want to satisfied with the job take it to a pro and tell them you are very picky and to take their time and please do it right. Even ask if you can watch if they dont mind. I deal with that quite often and dont mind but some shops wont allow you to watch.
  14. count me in on a good deal
  15. Yes but it has been awhile since I've done it. I use a lot of 18% but both 18 and 5 are 1.5 mil. The film shrank fine (or so I thought) after install on the top of the bg in the teflon area I noticed small crease like imperfections in the corners. Seems like the teflon was slightly thicker and I need to try the steel wool trick.