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  1. I do use Suntek films and have been looking into other options. Guess i'll be looking harder now because I don't want to jeopardize my reputation because of some greedy manufacturer.
  2. If you have never tinted windows before I highly recommend not trying it on a F150. They can be tricky to an amateur. Take it to a professional. As for buying pre cut kits online they almost never fit right due to window shift. If you want to satisfied with the job take it to a pro and tell them you are very picky and to take their time and please do it right. Even ask if you can watch if they dont mind. I deal with that quite often and dont mind but some shops wont allow you to watch.
  3. count me in on a good deal
  4. Yes but it has been awhile since I've done it. I use a lot of 18% but both 18 and 5 are 1.5 mil. The film shrank fine (or so I thought) after install on the top of the bg in the teflon area I noticed small crease like imperfections in the corners. Seems like the teflon was slightly thicker and I need to try the steel wool trick.
  5. Never tried that but wouldnt the steel wool take the defrost lines off? Or maybe take some of it off and cause issues with the defrost lines?
  6. Yea done a bunch of them never had an issue. This one was the first I had seen do this.
  7. I tint windows in the Pittsburgh area and have talked to several cops. Most say they wont stop just for tint because there is no actual state law in place just a inspection book guideline. But they do have to follow the inspection handbook. However if you have tinted windows and they feel you are suspicious they will use the tinted window as a reason to pull you.
  8. I tinted windows in Florence for a long time and no 18% is not legal on the front 2 windows 27% is the legal limit. Your Xb is a MPV and you can tint the back as dark as you want. Myrtle Beach is really bad about tint tickets I used to go there all the time lucky for me I never got stopped for it. Print the state law paper from IWFA and take it to court and show the judge. Just make sure the 2 fronts are legal as they have been known to inspect the vehicle for proper tint. And dont forget the sticker verifying the tint darkness in the corner or it will still be illegal. After court tint over the legal and your sticker will still be there and appear legal from a distance because most cops look for the sticker to determine legality.
  9. I just finished a Charger back glass because the customer wanted a darker film on the back doors and I saw a few imperfections on the back glass so I decided to redo it. After molding it on outside it was flawless when I installed it a lot of little creases appeared at the top in the teflon lined area. I used suntek 5%. Did I miss something? I've done tons of these and never had this issue before.
  10. I did one about a month or so ago and ended up removing the spoiler because the spoiler was so close to the glass and was much easier without the spoiler in place. Wasnt to bad to remove but was very time consuming. Charge extra for your time!!
  11. How did your test with it go? Does it hold up to elements well? I will probably call them after the holidays and see about becoming a dealer. To my knowledge theres no dealers in my area at all.
  12. I have tinted windows for about 14 years now and done many many windshields in my time but never worked with this stuff. Recently had a meeting with a local dealership about ppf installs on new cars and wants me to install this windshield stuff. Just wanted to know if it is really worth messing with or not. What do you guys charge for a windshield?
  13. Does anyone have any experience with this film? What are the pros and cons of this film? Are there any other options with the same results? Thanks in advance.
  14. No in SC you can carry any film darkness you want. They do have a legal limit of darkness that a vehicle can be tinted.
  15. Oh ok I am in the Irwin area