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  1. Just give him the we won't be a good fit line. If he wears his sunglasses all the time he must be a huge douche knot!
  2. PPF Expectations

    First time it happened to me I thought the same thing. The defects are raised like welts and are usually in a symmetrical pattern, definitely not an install defect.
  3. PPF Expectations

    The defects in the last pic at the front of the hood is a manufacturing defect known as cat tails. They are un-melted urethane pellets. The installer needs to redo that or any other panels affected with those defects and send the defective pieces back to the manufacturer for a credit. I see this with Suntek from time to time and they are great about replacing the film.
  4. Eric, You are not alone. That's why a lot of installers went to Suntek including myself. I hear from my XPEL rep once a year if I'm lucky, although the Rep I had before this one did call me once a month to see if I needed anything. I've also noticed a few long term XPEL loyal installers also switching over to Suntek.
  5. Well now XPEL has instituted the cut bank/cut credit system here in the US. I was only given ten days notice. I guess STEK and Suntek are taking a huge portion of XPEL's profits. Seems like an act of desperation to me.
  6. If you consider shipping the plotter let me know

  7. So XPEL is going to cut off their nose to spite their face? Sounds like a woman scorned situation.
  8. Jaguar 40" Plotter For Sale

    Still available.
  9. Rob you are giving bad advice here. I did an install at a dealer and I wasn't informed that they had applied one of their nasa rocket booster sealants prior to my install. The next day the service writer calls me complaining that there are marks throughout the film. When I got there it looked like a cancer spread throughout the adhesive. So I redid the install after polishing the areas to remove the sealant they applied and it had no issues after that. Paint should be squeaky clean before applying any PPF. I use a microfiber and alcohol to prep all of edges before wrapping so the fact that your car was polished and coated prior to the install means nothing. If you're wrapping edges they need to be prepped regardless.
  10. Jaguar 40" Plotter For Sale

    Check your PM's
  11. Jaguar 40" Plotter For Sale

    Still available.
  12. Suntek PPF Ultra?

    I was also told that the only difference with Ultra is the top coat.
  13. Suntek PPF Ultra?

    I know XPEL replaces the film and pays $6.00 per sqft to R&R. I don't know what Suntek's warranty policy is except that it's five years against defects. Why would anyone want to be married to an installation for ten years and possibly have to do a warranty claim 9 years and 9 months later?
  14. Suntek Flaws

    This is puzzling to me as well. Maybe I got all of their bad film this time. Here are two of the MR #'s from the worst of the bunch. U531495 U537888 The film is much stiffer than usual and the adhesive has zero bite. Even after laying down a piece and getting all of the solution out, I'm getting huge pockets of solution that pool after a while where the adhesive isn't sticking.
  15. Suntek Flaws

    Well, still nothing good to report. Issues with dead adhesive still persist. Even on the most recent roll I have received and according to the MR# it's a roll from their most recent batch. This now makes seven bad rolls of film back to back. The film won't even stick dry glue to glue. I'm very close to sending every last sqft of this stuff back and getting a refund.