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  1. Yea that's a clean ZL1! Dynamic, would you say 3M CS is over Llumar CTX? What's the difference in heat rejection?
  2. Will do! The place I'm going to has a bunch of 5 stars on Yelp, and everyone is saying they have quality and excellent installations. What are signs of a bad tint job? Good karma is on the way with all your help ????
  3. Thank you guys! And big thanks to Dynamic, you're the bomb! Those photos really helped and I get what you're saying now, nice work BT the way. I'll go with the 3M since it doesn't get really hot here. It would have to be like 100 degrees for months to damage the interior n stuff.
  4. Dude thank you so much! Is the CS very reflective? Will it interfere with keyless entry, etc? There's one last price I got for Scorpion King Pro Series from the Llumar ATR line. Its a hybrid and "signal-safe" supposedly. So many options :0
  5. Llumar ATC is their base dyed window film, it is for looks only with very little help with heat rejection. I would go with the Madico Black Pearl over it just because of the price point...ATC is not worth that much more. Number 3 & 4 is the same film...they only have 1 Ceramic which is called CIR. Out of all the options above, if you want the better quality film then go with Llumar CTX. All of this depends on the quality of the shop though. Another option if you want a quality black film is 3M Color Stable will be priced somewhere around CTX and CXP/CIR. I have a price for $300 of 3M Color Stable and CTX for $385. Which is the better film & price option?
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm still new to tint hence the detailed post. I feel what you guys are saying. CTX($385) or 3M Color Stable($300)?
  7. I have a 2014 Cadillac ATS that I'm looking to get the rear 3 windows limo and the from 2 legal tint (I'm in CA). Here's what I have so far: 1. Llumar ATC - $260 or Suntek CXP ($60 more) 2. Madico USA Black Pearl NP - $189 3. Suntek Ceramic - $400 4. Suntek infrared ceramic - $350 5. Llumar ATC - $270 or Llunar CTX - $385 I live in San Diego, where it's nice weather year round so heat rejection isn't that big of a deal. I don't want much reflection. Help please ~