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  1. Gman1992

    New 2 tinting!! little help guys?

    Happy New Year!!! I have found this one video online that seems detailed a well set out. Tell me what you guys think Plus all the tools i need are here [snip]
  2. Gman1992

    New 2 tinting!! little help guys?

    That's what i'm talking about guys, there is a lot more than expected. I will google the tools now so i can put a name t a picture then YouTube will be my best friend for a while. I will be back shortly after a little research and some buying. Thanks for the reply's
  3. Gman1992

    New 2 tinting!! little help guys?

    As it turns out i'm not init for the money more to just have another skill under the belt. But i do get what you are saying and i appreciate the advice. I will be checking out YouTube but getting the name of the tools might be a little harder but i will give it ago. back soon guys thanks for the reply's
  4. Whats up tinting forum, It is great to be here and i am looking forward to speaking with everyone. I have been a lover of cars since i was a child being obsessed with my farther collection. As soon as i was old enough i went to college and studied Mechanics for 3 years then to move on to an actually garage learning the rite way. I have been working for about 5 years now and have made my way up through the ranks. Anyway the only part of cars that i don't know is the Exterior, body work, TINTING WINDOWS etc, And i'm hoping you guys can help me out. I'm not going to lie i have no idea where to start so i thought i would start here at the tools i need to do the job. I would like to start off with the basic tools and the easiest method of applying tints to start off with and then move on as i go. I have seen many tools online from the link below as an example but i don't know which ones to use.. Any advice on tools, tints and techniques would be greatly appreciated guys.