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  1. No more Ford Fusions!

    3M Color Stable
  2. 2017 Honda Accord Quaters

    holding my mouth?
  3. Starting off in the tinting world.

    Goodluck! its a mad mad world!!!!!!!
  4. No more Ford Fusions!

    it was static that killed it.
  5. 2017 Honda Accord Quaters

    Any one have any good tips on how to tint the Quarts without removing the glass from the back doors? The gasket towards the back is really long and annoying!
  6. TD T-Shirt Raffle

    you really hurt me there for a second
  7. TD T-Shirt Raffle

    Awesome job!
  8. MMM Crystalline Peeps

    Thanks for the info. Where were you last week lol. What's the CFM on it?
  9. Bottom loading bomb drop

    Yeah you don't need to use J&J but A Lot of people do. I use it and love it but it's personal preference for what everyone uses. Try them all to find what works for you. I use what I call "super soap" when installing which is a 6 count of J&J in a standard spray bottle. That's some slide right there. When I bottom load I soak the hell out the bottom portion of the glass to make sure i get a smooth slide.
  10. Bottom loading bomb drop

    That's Awesome! He has a lot of great vids on youtube and seems like he is a good guy. The video in the middle is from @jh812 I believe. The guy from the first video shows a lot of panel pulling on different cars.
  11. Window Tint + PPF?

    We are building steam with our tint shop so I think winter wise we should be ok. But it would be great to start another revenue stream and build that up during the winter so when spring summer comes we can hopefully increase our profits while offering more to our customers. We get a lot of asks about PPF so it sucks to say NO we don't offer that to a customer. Plus the cost of training was a bit more than we thought it would be.
  12. Bottom loading bomb drop

    Bottom one shows how he is using the Gasket Wizard
  13. Bottom loading bomb drop

    @quality tintz
  14. New website. Thoughts please?

    pretty smooth
  15. TD T-Shirt Raffle

    I must win this shirt. I must win this shirt. I must win this shirt. I must win this shirt. I must win this shirt. I must win this shirt. I must win this shirt. I must win this shirt.