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  1. Hi All, I have a 5 gallon stainless steel sprayer and i would like to put a inline filter on it but I am completely lost when it comes to this subject. can anyone elaborate on how it connects and where and what type of filter to get? Thank in advance.
  2. Thanks everyone for your input. I'm using less water toward the top edge of the rollup during install and that has really help
  3. Hi All, I hope everyone is doing well. My question is about Top Edge Contamination and how to effectively minimize it. I am sure this has been answered a thousand times before but here it goes... Here is how I clean my roll ups. 1. Wet window, razor blade entire window, than squeegee, (Cleaning Solution is filtered water and alcohol) 2. Wet Window, Use white scrubby, 3. Wipe top edge with microfiber cloth, 3. Do side and bottom gaskets with microfiber cloth wrapped around a conquistador or easy reach. 4. Squeegee entire window and flush side and bottom gaskets 5. Wet entire window for install. (Slip Is J&J, alcohol, filtered water) I might do this entire process a few times depending on the year of the vehicle and what it is being used. So my problem is that I keep getting top edge contamination. not a whole lot but enough that it bugs the shit out of me. So my answer to this was NOT to wet my window before final install and use an extra soapy slip just on the adhesive side of the tint. Am I on to something?
  4. If you subscribe do you get that much better info on tint resources? Brake Light Removal? Panel Pulling? i mean I get a ton of info on here and would like to support the site for sure, but I see a lot of vet tinters don't even subscribe here.
  5. Johnson and Johnson Changed their formula. It does not include cancer causing agents in it anymore.
  6. Those DVD's would be amazing to win!
  7. so how would you align it?
  8. Metallic Shade is what my 3M rep recommended us to use to teach guys how to shrink and install. it is super cheap no frills tint.
  9. what's your system?
  10. what's your system?
  11. I am trying this for sure! this whole thread has been amazing!
  12. Hi Shady, What is Probond and what type of steel wool are you using?
  13. i've been watching your vids. Doing a BG in under 2 minutes is awesome! How much does that blow torch help with that? Could you do your method with just a heat gun?
  14. it was epic for me to see!
  15. So is the Ryker Method pocket shrinking? Do you recommend that process? Also I feel I have less control with baby powder. Meaning it's definitely different from dryer sheets or soap. I'm trying everything at the moment to see what gives me better results. It's all personal preference? The "Ryker Method" is a pocket shrink but you use 2 heat guns at once instead of just one and sealing down the pocket. The video is in a link on my signature here. I don't think you will find a smoother shrink with any other technique. I do shrink the tops on some with the over/under but just lift most. That is the most insane thing I have ever witnessed! How did you come up with that?