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  1. Learning to work with Crystalline....still learning lol.
  2. What about that plastic tray in the back? That goes over the third brake light? Not a lot of room for bulldozer or titan to do a great job back their either. any tips?
  3. Just got into a shouting match with the rear plastic tray of a 2017 Jetta. Does anyone know how to take it off? That third break light is annoying because the tray covers it and is one piece. Bulldozer and Titan are not doing the best job getting back there to lay down film either. Any help, especially detailed lol, would be appreciated. -Paul
  4. Found this on youtube...Hilarious!
  5. These are all great ideas! Thanks so much. I'm getting tired of strategically placing small microfiber towels everywhere lol.
  6. Has anyone tried this on backseats and trays? Could see it working on doors as well.
  7. I was super surprised by that too. Tint Tek doesn't have it either.
  8. Computer Cut has a pattern where the the bottom part of the pattern is cut separately. Haven't used it but it would make sense to splice it there. So same idea.
  9. Hi all, I was wondering what everyone uses to cover up back seats while tinting back glass. Any help would be awesome!
  10. Everything about that pic makes me jealous lol
  11. just shrink on the windshield. no need to remove spoiler.
  12. Slack your film in the back, baby powder your film, and throw a few microfibers in the slack for weight. problem solved. sucks i have to do this but it works.
  13. Are you a panel puller cause you ain't shrinking sideways film with great results. that's right I said ain't!
  14. He was an awesome singer. Really loved his voice with Audioslave.
  15. Tint Tek is a program that you can use with any plotter. If you go to their website they have a package that includes a graphtec plotter which is what we use at our shop.