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  1. Ouch!!!! Playoff hockey is up tempo, hard hitting action. Low scoring means high skill. At least it's not baseball! You must be a Golden State Warriors fan lol.
  2. Here's an update. I just cut all the silicone down with a razor blade and got it out of the way. I cut my pattern and shrank it and then cut it again to get as close to the dot matrix as possible. Thanks everyone for the help!!!!
  3. Where are you located?
  4. It's going to overtime! Tied 3 -3
  5. The San Jose Sharks are located in the USA lol
  6. If he dies...he dies. I love that movie way too much!
  7. How'd that Mustang treat you?
  8. Shark vs Oilers. Anyone watching?
  9. Is that good? Lol.
  10. Love thee raffles!
  11. I need all the help I can get on the back door windows.
  12. Got this in today 2008 Dodge Sprinter. Any advice on the back door windows? Silicone everywhere. Looks like a mess. Any advice on this baby would be much appreciated.
  13. 1991 BMW 318i. if you can't hand cut, stay away lol.
  14. Just remember they are selling just enough in length and width to do one car. if you screw up a window or better yet a back windshield you most likely wont have enough to finish the job. So going that route can get expensive instead of just going to a shop to have your car done by a pro. just sayin'
  15. i don't think 3M would allow imperfect tint out into the world for purchase. but i could be wrong.