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  1. Help- 3M Crystalline vs. Flexfilm Panaflex

    I read them but didn't see any comparison of the panaflex with the Crystalline in the thread. Might have been there and missed it. But i try to utilize all my resources and one was to ask the opinions of experts in the trade. I didn't realize I was going to get a cynical, obtuse and smart ass poster responding to my question with one liners and insulting remarks rather than to just offer his opinion of the films in question. Thanks again to Stewy.
  2. Help- 3M Crystalline vs. Flexfilm Panaflex

    Thanks, Stewy. I thought that but wanted the opinion of a pro in the trade. Both are just under 400. Thanks again!
  3. Help- 3M Crystalline vs. Flexfilm Panaflex

    Already read those first two before I put my post up on this board. Didn't look at the duraflex because I'm not interested in duraflex. As far as living in NW Florida...that's where i live. Posted here because I thought there might be someone on the site that has worked with both the 3M Crystalline and the Flexfilm Panaflex and had opinions as to: -If one was much better than the other. -If one will last much longer than the other. -If either will fade. Etc., etc., etc. Basically just wanted some insight as to opinions(such as one is much better than the other) and experiences with the films before I commit to having my car tinted with either one of them.
  4. Help- 3M Crystalline vs. Flexfilm Panaflex

    No, not a joke. Didn't really come here for one liners. That's why I stated in my first post that I needed advise and opinions from professionals. I've never had any of my cars tinted before so this is my first. I know Crystalline is a good tint but didn't know how Panaflex compares to it. I actually would like a serious reply if anyone has a minute or two. Just don't want to be 'taken' by either of these window tinters. Thanks!
  5. Help- 3M Crystalline vs. Flexfilm Panaflex

    Thanks, Xw, but that doesn't really help me too much. Could you expand on that please? What do you mean by the first red flag? Y'all are the pros. Appreciate it!
  6. Need advise and opinion from professionals. I'm tinting my Dark Gray Sedan here in North Florida. I spend time here and some in Texas. Trying to decide between '3M Crystalline 40 & 20' back windows and 'Flexfilm Panaflex 35 & 20' back windows. The price is the same for both. What are your opinions on quality and longevity between these two tint materials? Which way should I go? Thanks!