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  1. Like I mentioned before, besides the complaint it is a very nice film and I love the way it looks. If you guys read reviews directly from the 3M link I sent, there are quite a few people experiencing the problem.
  2. Not wearing any sunglasses at all.
  3. It could be the California sun, but it is definitely noticeable compared to the 2009 tint that came with my other car.
  4. Browsers like Chrome and IE are okay, except for Firefox.
  5. Hmm, does it have anything to do with the car? The glass is manufactured by Saint-Gobain and ultimately the film...is 3M. Never an issue before all this. I don't think I can afford to do that, even if I could it probably wouldn't be a good idea.
  6. It does seem to be a common problem according to the lower-star reviews here from the 3M site. I wish this was explained to me since I have no idea (or even seen) that window tint film can result in such dilemma, what a horrible experience. This actually reduces my visibility on sunny days, makes it very difficult to see out with this hazing reflection, everything looks overexposed and washed-out when looking out. They can hardly see in and I can hardly see out to them. I hate to take it back for the shop to strip/redo everything again. Don't like the fact they need to remove my door panels to work on as problems already stemmed from the initial installation - not put back correctly, requiring me to carefully remove and reinstall my front door panels. http://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/3M-Automotive-Window-Film-Color-Stable-Series?N=5002385+8710654+8710938+3292716665&rt=rud
  7. I'm afraid that might be the case. I have window-tint came ready on my other car at the time of purchase but did not notice such effect. I suppose it was tinted with a regular 'dye'? I know jack about tint products other than how they look from the inside while driving. Someone also posted here with 3M Crystalline has had the same effect but it seemed more prevalent due to the 12% reflective rate compared to Color Stable at 6%. I don't have my car with me now but I remembered looking closely at the reflective glass yesterday and I see very tiny microscopic shiny particles within the film.
  8. It is dried for sure. The initial process did have some moisture effects after freshly tinted - which was explained to be that it will go away. No bubbles whatsoever. The tint job was very well done. It's the subtle reflective glare at certain angles that kind of bothers me. I'll try to get some photos. I'm afraid this is permanent unless it settles within time. Have you ever heard of such complaints or similar experience?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I had it tinted on the 10th of January - literally with no sunlight because L.A. was drenched with heavy rain up until a few days. The car is safe of course and I did not touch the windows for at least two weeks.
  10. Hi everyone, I recently got my Audi A4 tinted with 3M CS 35% all-around except windshield and realized when looking out my driver window on a sunny day, I get this somewhat annoying reflective glare. This happens only when the sun is shining either right down from top at 45-degree angle, or right at me from the side. When looking out on street shops and buildings, I get this sort of dirty-window white over-exposed effect. In ways it's like trying to look through a thin white film to see out. Other than that the tint looks really nice and when the sun is down during evenings, I can see nice and clearly. Only problem is the glare on sunny days. Is this normal characteristics of the nano-carbon on 3M color stable films? If so, will the effect settle in or perhaps reduced over time?
  11. Damn, I feel sorry for the OP for not knowing any better. Is it going to be like this when asking for simple opinion?
  12. I hope this this thread discussion is still alive... I have a similar problem with my recently 3M Color Stable 35% tint. At certain angles when I'm looking out my driver window, there is a significant amount of reflective glare, sort of like a dirty window effect, or with a thin film layer on my window. Shop buildings along the street looks hazed. Not as bad but it is there. This depends on the angle of the sun but mostly from shining straight down or on me from the side. Besides that I love the tint and I can see very clearly in the evenings.