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  1. What did you tint today?

    Windshield 40% FXtreme nano ceramic
  2. Jeep renegade 2017

    Has anybody tint this tail lights? A coworker want it done alone with a tint job on the 2 front doors i only have done a few headlights and tail lights but nothing like this any tips will help thanks in advance.
  3. 2018 Camry back glass issue

    I have done two of them no issues so far next one I be on the look out
  4. Last one to post #813

    Morning ladies back from vaca just got to the shop got couple car line up so let's get it
  5. Last one to post #811

    Ok now this
  6. Last one to post #811

    Ok now this
  7. Last one to post #811

    Morning last day of 2017 at the shop then vacation start
  8. Time?

    My favorite and easiest car are the newer altimas 1:10 to 1:30 other then that my time is 2hr top for most cars.
  9. Last One To Post #809

    After mini vacation and two tons of food back to reality tomorrow
  10. Last One To Post #809

    Merry Christmas ladies....snowing over here
  11. Last One To Post #809

    Sup everyone
  12. Last One To Post #809

    Yea have to go today surprise present for the girlfriend and tomorrow for the rest so wich me luck
  13. Last One To Post #809

    Christmas shopping today
  14. SolarFX Christmas 2017 WINNERS!

    Yeeaa buddy I wonthanks @whitehog for the gift and @TintDudefor the opportunity merry Christmas to all!!!