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  1. New guy needs help

    Well I always wanted to give it a try and after doing the PPF I am a little more confident. Also, my last F150 was tinited 4 times before I could deal with it. From what I have read, sounds like they never taped the felt edges during the install. There was a lot crap behind the film.
  2. New guy needs help

    Thanks for the reply. I finally found another post saying 20% would be closest to matching. I pulled up snaptint which says they sell the kit, Ill email them and see what they say.
  3. New guy needs help

    This will be my first tint job. Its on a 2014 F150. I wanna tint the front 2 with 5% and then the back 2 to match the 5% in the front. What percentage do i need for the back 2 windows to match? ( they are the factory tinited glass) Also Im leaning towards Suntek CXP film. Any idea if where i can buy a pre cut kit, Ive googled but havent found what Im looking for. My only experience is a Suntek PPF kit on this truck but no actual window tinting expereince.