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  1. Pay rate for tint employees

    Surprisingly, that's how much I heard that some tint shops around my area pay, the $10-12 plus a set rate per car. We're going to go with a commission based structure. It looks like it's more fair and we'll be able to keep good installers that way. Thank you everyone for your input, it is REALLY appreciated!!! Thanks, Tony
  2. Pay rate for tint employees

    What is a good percentage for commission? Are monthly incentives or quarterly incentives the norm? We're just starting out but also want to be fair.
  3. New from DC

    New to the forum, glad to be here. Tony
  4. Hello, We need to hire employees for our tint shop, what is the going rate for employees? We are in the DC metro area, I've heard some employees make hourly $10-$12/hr plus $7-$8 per car worked, split if two employees work on a car is that about right? Any input is appreciated. Thanks, Tony