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  1. Hello 2 all. What tintz are u guys using? Looking for a tint supply company, that offers training. Fairly new 2 the window tinting. I have been window tinting for 4 months. I thought it was my eBay material, giving me problems, but after explaining in another post, Mr. Tintdude informed me I need to practice more. Any suggestions would be helpful. I tried searching through the post, and I seen this express company being talked about the most. I’ve read about Llumar, Maxpro, Xpel And a few others as well. But I keep getting conflicting stories.
  2. Uwantsumofthis

    Newbie window tintz installer looking for tintz!

    Thanks 🙏 Mr. Tint dude. I honestly thought I was doing it right, and it was the tintz fault. Looks like I need more practice. I will look into your express.
  3. Uwantsumofthis

    Newbie window tintz installer looking for tintz!

    I apologize Mr. Bham.
  4. Uwantsumofthis

    Newbie window tintz installer looking for tintz!

    U got me Mr. Tintdude. I set up this account about a year ago when I was still in high school. I lied on my information page. I started a fuss in here, and haven’t been on it since. This time I figured to go about it the right way. If there’s anything you guys can help me with, it would be helpful. If I could edit my details information I will.
  5. Uwantsumofthis

    Newbie window tintz installer looking for tintz!

    Just looking for suggestions on tintz, Mr. Tintdude.
  6. Uwantsumofthis

    Newbie window tintz installer looking for tintz!

    I thought I was being serious mr. Tintdude.
  7. Hi everybody. I’ve been tinting for about 4 months now. On my own, watching YouTube videos. My grandmother is loaning me the money to actually buy my tintz. Looking for suggestions on what’s a good cheap line of tintz? I usually just order my tintz from eBay, and amazon, but come to realize this is not as easy as some of you make it look! I believe my tintz is the problem, on why I keep getting these lines, and little bubbles after I put the tintz on the window. Open to any suggestions!
  8. Uwantsumofthis

    questions on small tiny bubbles

    Check your squeegees, make sure the edge that slides on the film is smooth, and burl free. When applying film, make sure when u rub the water out in between the film and window, u r over laping your strokes nice and firmly. When u think your finished with the car put the car in the sun u will immediately see white or a blur of black. Push it out ASAP if it is white. Dirt does, and will not push out! Chalk it up, and redo the window!
  9. Uwantsumofthis

    16 gti front piller glasses? Have fun

    Wtf? Why did vw put a front quarter window, that u need a ship in the bottle kit 2 install film on? Any ideas on how to get film on the inside would be helpful right about now?
  10. Uwantsumofthis

    Any body suggest a good tint meter for checking % and uv?

    Thanks jh. I was just searching eBay and found a China one that has uv as well as %. Just didn’t want China name brand.
  11. My old tint meter I use to judge windows is 5% off according to my cal glass. I have to send it to the company to get re-cal. Problem is, the meter was purchased in 2003 and the company no longer exist! I’ve started to look at other options and noticed sum have uv as well as %. Anybody suggest one that is reputable? One that maybe might have a self-cal, so I don’t have to send off Incase this matter arises again?
  12. Uwantsumofthis

    No warranty?

    I am wrong, but none of y’all could give me the write answer I was looking for. Instead I just got a bunch of people grilling me! I had to ask a old timer that was selling tint at the time the law became active. Seems d.o.t. Goes after shops that permanently affix something To a vehicle that is road hazards or impairs the drivers function of the vehicle. U can sell sound, even though there is a noise order, but it can b turned down. I can sell I a supercharger, because u don’t have to accelerate that fast. If I sell illegal tint then it can’t go from dark to light. So body shops r liable for spraying headlights, wrap shops r liable for chrome wraps and so on.
  13. Uwantsumofthis

    Tint law debate!

    Y’all sum f$&kin a-holes on here! Instead of grilling me for looking for the truth, because y’all didn’t know the truth, go ahead and stay out the conversation! Peace ✌️!
  14. Uwantsumofthis

    Tint law debate!

    Now I can take that answer! Why y’all just couldn’t tell me that in the first place?
  15. Uwantsumofthis

    Tint law debate!

    I have seen the switchable tint 2. So now we have to power or film. Hope us tint guys was watching our friends install radio’s!