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  1. Uwantsumofthis

    questions on small tiny bubbles

    Check your squeegees, make sure the edge that slides on the film is smooth, and burl free. When applying film, make sure when u rub the water out in between the film and window, u r over laping your strokes nice and firmly. When u think your finished with the car put the car in the sun u will immediately see white or a blur of black. Push it out ASAP if it is white. Dirt does, and will not push out! Chalk it up, and redo the window!
  2. Uwantsumofthis

    16 gti front piller glasses? Have fun

    Wtf? Why did vw put a front quarter window, that u need a ship in the bottle kit 2 install film on? Any ideas on how to get film on the inside would be helpful right about now?
  3. Uwantsumofthis

    Any body suggest a good tint meter for checking % and uv?

    Thanks jh. I was just searching eBay and found a China one that has uv as well as %. Just didn’t want China name brand.
  4. My old tint meter I use to judge windows is 5% off according to my cal glass. I have to send it to the company to get re-cal. Problem is, the meter was purchased in 2003 and the company no longer exist! I’ve started to look at other options and noticed sum have uv as well as %. Anybody suggest one that is reputable? One that maybe might have a self-cal, so I don’t have to send off Incase this matter arises again?
  5. Uwantsumofthis

    No warranty?

    I am wrong, but none of y’all could give me the write answer I was looking for. Instead I just got a bunch of people grilling me! I had to ask a old timer that was selling tint at the time the law became active. Seems d.o.t. Goes after shops that permanently affix something To a vehicle that is road hazards or impairs the drivers function of the vehicle. U can sell sound, even though there is a noise order, but it can b turned down. I can sell I a supercharger, because u don’t have to accelerate that fast. If I sell illegal tint then it can’t go from dark to light. So body shops r liable for spraying headlights, wrap shops r liable for chrome wraps and so on.
  6. Uwantsumofthis

    Tint law debate!

    Y’all sum f$&kin a-holes on here! Instead of grilling me for looking for the truth, because y’all didn’t know the truth, go ahead and stay out the conversation! Peace ✌️!
  7. Uwantsumofthis

    Tint law debate!

    Now I can take that answer! Why y’all just couldn’t tell me that in the first place?
  8. Uwantsumofthis

    Tint law debate!

    I have seen the switchable tint 2. So now we have to power or film. Hope us tint guys was watching our friends install radio’s!
  9. Uwantsumofthis

    Tint law debate!

    Ok just got the answer from my boss, he was selling tint when the law was became active. Seems d.o.t. Goes after the shops that install permanent aftermarket parts that r hazardous to driving conditions. A super charger can b turned down, if u don’t accelerate. A radio can b turned down if it’s to loud. Tint can not b turned down to from a dark percentage to a light percentage. So body shops r also liable for spraying headlights and so on.
  10. Uwantsumofthis

    Tint law debate!

    My shop also installs radios 2, there is a law in my area over noise order. If I install a radio, and if my customer was “bumping” and didn’t hear the ambulance that was comming and they run into each other wouldn’t that b on the operatior of the vehicle?
  11. Uwantsumofthis

    Tint law debate!

    Any body can give me a real reason why we have tint laws? Anybody ever seen a window film installer, shop, or any tint brand get sued (not fined) over selling/installing a film that a custom paid and picked out on their own? Please, I don’t want to hear because officer was shot. Had the officers command center had put in better procedures over pulling over a car with dark tint, or if he did not follow those procedures that was put in place then they would still b here! I don’t want to hear because of safety of the public. Because it should b on the owner of the vehicle that they chose a film that they could not see out of. I really believe this was a law to single out certain individual’s of a certain cultural. Any thoughts?
  12. Uwantsumofthis

    No warranty?

    all y’all still taking up for these brands. I can see this will b a hard battle 2 win, when they got all of y’all brainwashed! If anybody can give me a court case number that a tint shop got sued over illegal film (not fined), then I will say I am wrong!
  13. Uwantsumofthis

    No warranty?

    So if I bought a 2-pac mp3 on iTunes, i went and hurt sumbody in a thug life mode, 2-pac is responsible for me hurting someone! Open ya eyes man!
  14. Uwantsumofthis

    No warranty?

    I can see they trained u well! Think about it, roll number. Where does it say to put percentages? Now I can see how gullible u r.
  15. I feel like I’m pushed to sell a product that I can’t warranty? Well I can Warranty, but at my cost! This is not good business! Nore would I want to run a business that way!