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  1. Decal pricing

    Hey! ShopVOX can definitely help you with pricing decals and window tint! You should check it out https://try.shopvox.com/tint-shop-pricing I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have!
  2. Introducing shopVOX

    Hey Stan! Thanks for the welcome! ShopVOX allows you to add customers, send quotes and invoice customers. It also allows you to sync with QuickBooks so you can still do you accounting in a program you / your accountant is familiar with. I definitely recommend filling out the information here: https://try.shopvox.com/tint-shop-pricing and taking the time to attend the webinar! You can also see some videos of shopVOX by visiting https://www.shopvox.com/videos/ Feel free to ask any questions you have! Look forward to becoming an active member at the best spot on the entire Internet all things window tinting!
  3. Introducing shopVOX

    Hey Everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself on here. My name is Tony and I'm with a company called shopVOX. ShopVOX is a comprehensive, web-based job management, CRM and Point of Sale for your tint shop or other custom shop. ShopVOX allows you estimate, invoice, view a job production board, set custom work flows and much more! I would love to see what you guys are currently using in your shop and see if shopVOX can help save you some time. If you would like to see a webinar of what shopVOX can do just follow this LINK Look forward to working with some of you! Tony Whittier tony@shopvox.com
  4. Estimating Software

    Hey what estimating software is everyone using?