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  1. Dryshrinker

    Avery Dennison

    Some Opti tune 5 at Miami international airport terminal F Customs.
  2. Dryshrinker

    Avery Dennison

    Does anyone know how to get ahold of them. I've been calling the 800 number and it says not in service. I can't get a hold of them through any of the other channels. Do they not sell window film anymore did they go out of business.
  3. Dryshrinker

    Yelp reviewer meets business owner.

    I'm on vacation till Monday.
  4. Dryshrinker

    Yelp reviewer meets business owner.

    His review was only up for a day, then gone.
  5. Dryshrinker

    Yelp reviewer meets business owner.

    No, the cops had me tell him if he returned he'd be arrested for trespass and at the same time I told him if he did I'd sue him. Then this showed up. A day later it was gone.
  6. Dryshrinker

    Yelp reviewer meets business owner.

    I'm busy packing for a competition, I'll upload it to you tube when I get some time.
  7. This turd comes in the shop basically demanding a CS 20 tint job for 120.00. He gave the front girl ana a hard time for 30 minuets until she had enough. I was stocking rolls on the film rack and overheard the whole conversation. When ana walked over to me to ask if I would t/o the conversation I said sure. I came down off the ladder and approached the customer. In a calm voice I explained I have owned the shop for 24 years and we gave never done CS for 120.00. And, if our prices were too high for him to please go to another dealer to get his jaguar tinted. Well, the next thing out his his mouth was wait till you see the review I leave you on Yelp. This is where it all went bad, haha. He didn't expect the volly of in your face belligerent insults he was about to receive. Basically giving him a reason to write a bad review. This pic is a screen shot of the video I was recording explaining to my yelp customers of what a dirt bag yelp abuser looks like. It escalated from there to phones flying, hands in your face resolution. He then started bragging he was a lawyer and would sue me. Haha, I pointed at the surveillance system and told him I'm sure the Florida bar would like to see the way he treats people. He then got really nervous when I started to call the police. Upon their arrival he went from badass to slobbering crybaby. So, my question is how do you handle yelp abusers. Ps, it's entertaining video we watch it often.
  8. Dryshrinker

    Pic of the Week #513 Winner

    Thanks everyone, I humbly accept this award, noting the fierce competition it was no easy decision. DS
  9. Dryshrinker

    Pic of the Week #514 Submissions

    Standing on the #1 podium, F3D world champions. olomouc Czech Republic. Going back this July to dala-jarna sweeden to defend the world championship. 220mph 35Krpm.
  10. Dryshrinker

    Pic of the Week #513 Submissions

    The Stadium Hotel Miami Fl. 27K sf Johnsons Architectural Blue 20. 90 hour install.
  11. Dryshrinker

    Pic of the Week #511 Winner

    Yeah, it was pretty amazing to watch. The wife won't let me bring it to the shop.
  12. Dryshrinker


    15% on your windshield? Your playing with fire. We won't go darker than 50%. You don't see anything at night.
  13. Dryshrinker

    Pic of the Week #511 VOTE

    I see the pic of the week vote bar but no colum of numbers.
  14. Dryshrinker

    Pic of the Week #511 VOTE

    how do you vote.... I don't see any links.
  15. Dryshrinker

    Pic of the Week #512 Submissions

    Living on the knuckles.