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  1. Plotter advice

    So far the software seems very easy to use, really surprised me how simple it is!
  2. Plotter advice

    I just got my free trial for computercut so I'm going to play around with it today so far they have been great to deal with!
  3. Plotter advice

    They are sending me a sample roll, so I'll give it a try
  4. Plotter advice

    I don't think I'll switch films unless they just make me a great offer!
  5. Plotter advice

    I've narrowed it down to the q42 with tint tek or the jaguar with computer cut, the solar gard rep claims I can use my Mac with computer cut, going to try it out and see.
  6. Plotter advice

    I never thought about that and I own a Ford! Lol
  7. Plotter advice

    What software are you using?
  8. Plotter advice

    Thanks for all the info
  9. Plotter advice

    Unfortunately my supplier does not carry them. One last question, what size rolls are most efficient with a 40" plotter? I currently only stock 40 but am considering switching to 60's cut 38 & 22.
  10. Plotter advice

    Best place to buy? I'm more interested in best customer service, seems to be a lost art these days! Lol
  11. Plotter advice

    I appreciate the advice!
  12. Plotter advice

    What brand/model plotter do you use? Looking for ease of use, reliability and cost
  13. Saga Contour Stepper 1350i

    Thanks for the info, it sounded too good to be true but it was appealing for the price. Think I'll stick with the name brands.
  14. need info on hand cutting

    Looks like a nice set up
  15. need info on hand cutting

    What plotter and software do you use? Nice fit!