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  1. how often are you replacing the blade ? also as it dulls are you adjusting the speed and cutting force ?
  2. New to PPF - my latest install

    Hi Larry, pleasure. Technology these days has certainly come a long ways and films are more advanced than they have ever been. Thank you for the additional write up and photos of your weekend project. That is certainly a noticeable difference from start from finish!! I hope they appreciated your efforts and enjoy the water run-off, rock chip and scratch resistance of their restored headlights. Reach out any time if we can further support you! Best, Michael
  3. New PPFs of Summer 2018

    Our DYNOblack carries a 7 year warranty, please email michael@stek-usa.com for shipping details!
  4. New to PPF - my latest install

    Hey Larry, thank you for the thoughtful right-up. I think you have taken a very responsible approach to further develop your skills, your photos are great. We would encourage you to give your film options a good stretch test when nailing down which you decide to install. Best, STEK Michael
  5. Recently at STEK USA we introduced DYNOshades, a line of Paint Protection Film designed to protect automotive lights and enhance their aesthetics. Using our unique manufacturing process, this 8mil thick puncture resistant film offers a hydrophobic, anti-contaminate, and self-healing top coat while being extremely comfortable. These products allow your customer to further customize and protect their vehicle by using a 30%vlt (DYNOsmoke), 45%vlt (DYNOshade), or DYNOyellow PPF on headlights, taillights, and chrome pieces. We also introduced DYNOblack earlier this summer, our high-gloss black Paint Protection Film. This film is the go-to upgrade for popular vinyl roof and hood services being more durable than traditional substitutes. This product also shares our HYDROphobe® top-coat technology making for a long lasting and easy to maintain high gloss black PPF. To find out more about these products and our company comment below, shoot us an email to info@stek-usa.com or check out our website at www.stek-usa.com. Thank you for reading!
  6. How to element getting dirt nibs!

    make sure you are also spraying down the floor and surrounding area with water to keep that dust down. when stripping film keep any unnecessary people away, fans off, doors closed....

    Are you willing to relocate? I speak to shops across the country who are looking for a high quality tinter.
  8. DYNOblack ppf is here!

    Actually it's in development. Stay tuned for more in the near future. Thanks Howard
  9. DYNOblack ppf is here!

    Hi Josh, This is a true PPF, and like the rest of our DYNO line of films it's hydrophobic, self healing, and extremely low texture. There is not a worry of paint showing through but it's not solid black either, how I describe it is if you take a piece and hold it up to your eyes and look at a bright light it's like looking thru welding goggles. Let me know if you have any other questions. We sell this film in 2 sizes 60x50 foot rolls and 60 by 10 foot sheets. Thank you Howard
  10. DYNOblack ppf is here!

    DYNOblack vent on this 812 Superfast.
  11. It's my pleasure to introduce another amazing ppf from the DYNO line. DYNOblack is a high gloss black ppf that is 8 mil thick, self healing, and hydrophobic. Check out the quick teaser video and inquire about pricing with michael@stek-usa.com. More innovations coming soon! Thank you Howard
  12. Water bubbles In PPF

    You definitely should not be using a needle to pop water bubbles, this will only create a permanent defect that will most likely haunt you and the customer down the road.
  13. masking countertops

    There is a slow growing trend of installers doing ppf inside the home, stainless steel appliances, back splashes, counter tops... as these appliances get better looking and more expensive the market to protect the looks will grow. Now is the time to look into this and get a large share of the local market, there are a lot of people out there who don't even know they need this yet!
  14. First time doing Paint Protection Film.

    on the side mirrors it looks like you brought the film over the edge just enough to peel, you either want to fully wrap the edge with enough film to get a good " bite" over the edge or not at all and bring the film to the edge but not slightly over it.
  15. ferrari F12 hood

    Thanks for sharing that Metropolitan Detail. Our film does have incredible stretch because of our unique manufacturing process, allows you to go further with a 60” than many think possible. Hood looks great!