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  1. moveitsmike

    3M Crystalline Window Tint

    Thanks for that I went with the 20%. Will see how it looks tomorrow morning when I pick it up
  2. moveitsmike

    3M Crystalline Window Tint

    2013 bmw 135i, having 3M crystalline film installed in 20%. Anyone else here using that film? Are you happy with it? Any complaints?
  3. Loving it so far. Thank you.
  4. Thanks dude. Me too.
  5. That's supposed to say lay of the film... Damn lol
  6. Thanks. Lifetime warranty. He did pretty good. Was rather pricey though at 560. I also got a 10% discount. He even removed the window moulding strips behind the door panel thus not cutting any corners to have a nice lat of the film.
  7. No worries. I ended up getting the Huper optic nano ceramic 40%
  8. Awesome. Thanks for the quick response and feedback. I appreciate it.
  9. There isn't one. I just looked. Locations are sparce..
  10. Found it. Looks like closest headquarters is in los Angeles. Seems like a small niche company. That would be an issue for me, being that i dont tint for a living, nor feel comfortable doing so. Also don't know anyone that would be able to apply it for me...
  11. Shoot, my apologies. This is a 2014 Mazda 6. I live in arizona. Was also just looking at the global dual reflective but not sure what the heat reaistence factor is on that. Seems like Howard is a straight up professional guy to deal with.. Seems fairly well known here as well.
  12. Hey all. I'm trying to find myself a nice long lasting super durable film that has a high heat rejection like the Madico Wincos IR film. I used to own a 7 series and I had the wincos on it. I was very happy with it. It really held up to the hot sunny Southwest where I live. So my question is how does the CTX and the Huper Optik hold up in comparison? Anyone on here have either of those window films? I got quoted 449.00 for the Wincos IR in 45%. Thats a bit absurd price if you ask me.. Any input is greatly appreciated. TIA.