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  1. DennisJR

    China made film?

    I think even Chinese wouldn't use those films. It's really just for some cheap shirt and rips you off
  2. Guys, I saw some photos online today. Seems like Xpel has built its own manufacturer of PPF? Couldn't find any information online about it. Wonder if they will low the price of their PPF since they start manufacturing by themselves. Any comments?
  3. Someone send me email to sell below pressurized tank. $150 Has anyone had experience for using this. Not sure if below one works well, since the nozzle seems too long
  4. DennisJR

    New Rayno PPF

    Brett I learned a lot in last 6 month with Korean and Chinese made PPF. We used to install Suntek and never had a problem. Then KDX, STek and Rayno distributor contacted me. Tried their film, looked good at first glance (Hydrophobic, instant healing, all those amazing features). Then used more than 200 rolls of their film next couple month. Customers start coming back and asking for warranty after 3 month. Contacted distributor and China office from those brand. was told there is No warranty !!! WTF !!!!! sales rep start blocking my phone call !!!!! ...... Eventually, I have to buy new US made film by myself and replace for my customer..... That was a bloody lesson. And from now on, I will only use US made PPF and window films....... because other film are shit and business model is gross. Will swing by at SEMA this year and chat with you.
  5. Stek claims hydrophobic coating, which will start failing in 2-3 month. Check your film to see if it still hydrophobic, I bet it's already failed if it's over three month.
  6. Howard You will eventually see those issues in states like Florida and Texas in one year, Heavy sunlight and rain is the problem. We are in business over 8 years. I guess Korea manufacturer didn't tell you the truth behind it. Send the picture to STek and I am sure they wouldn't be surprised to see it. It might be a little bit slow failure process in United States. but after top coating got old and failure, eventually, the film will have water spot and stain that can't be removed. it should happen less than a year. You can check that your film surface get sticky in few month after installation. The top coating Korean manufacturer developed is a joke, which was used on the phone screen film and never been tested as PPF on car body in the real world. Warning for everyone from my own experience of Korean made PPF.
  7. DennisJR


    Go to Commonwealth, Saint Gobain, Matrix Films, Reflek Technologies, Sharpline Converting. Those are real manufactures of PPF. You will find the good deal with them. Xpel just resell.
  8. DennisJR

    New Rayno PPF

    You really should know how many cars you guys screwed up in mainland China market. Your private labeling brand UPPF now is dead !!! because 70% your product was failure after 3 month......... Over 1000 cars !!!
  9. This is how it looked after 3-6 month. I had over 10 cars came back and ask for replacement. Stay away.........
  10. DennisJR

    XPEL - TITAN pro

    I saw Xpel fake products which produced by Korean Manufacturer in China, the box looks identical, That's pretty insane.