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  1. Pic of the Week #525 Winner

    Thanks. I put a lot of thought and time (and money) into creating something different. I hope it pays off. I'll try to post some other pics of it in the future.
  2. Pic of the Week #525 Winner

    Thanks. It was a beast. I have gotten a lot of interest from others wanting that done. If your not scared to take stuff apart, its really good $$$$!
  3. Pic of the Week #525 Submissions

    2016 John Deere 5100E with FX Premium 15% all the way around and 5% sun strip butt jointed. (Windshield was 46" tall)
  4. Pic of the Week #524 Submissions

    Has got to be one of the funniest but saddest things I have ever seen.
  5. Missouri and third brake light

    Just a heads up for anybody in MO. A lot, and I mean a lot of people have been coming in saying they failed a safety due to the third brake light being tinted over. Has not been an issue in years past. There is a new audit system in place in Missouri and inspectors have to take pics of the car and upload them (so I have heard). We have always tried to follow the law and make a small cut out for them but I guess others are not. Really strange that on most of these cars the front doors are illegal and the inspectors aren't batting an eye at them.
  6. The Tint Guy

    We offer auto, commercial, residential, aviation, heavy equipment and marine tinting. Best films and installations in the St. Louis area. O'Fallon, MO 636-385-6334 2693 Highway K St. Charles, MO 636-447-1881 4011 Old Highway 94 South
  7. Eastman Chemical Accused Of Selling Faulty Window Tint

    I have had no issues with the flat glass film. Only auto with the "mold" issue.
  8. Eastman Chemical Accused Of Selling Faulty Window Tint

    I have been using this forum as a resource for a few years but not participated. This thread made me want to chime in. We were loyal to the SunTek brand for years but things started going south when Eastman took over. We received several (10-15) rolls that were fine at first. But after some time on the shelf, small dots started to show between the liner and the film. As time passed they grew and became more prevalent. This probably would not have been noticed except we took on another line of film and it was selling well. The SunTek sat for a while and viola. I will add that SunTek has been very good about taking the film back and crediting us.