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  1. That's good question. I Wanna know the same, maybe some experience from Jeff from Xpel. can it make small bubbles of moisture / water disappear after installation?
  2. Hello, I need and info. We need to make a template for a special car (one off). We need to know which material we can use in order to create a pattern. Off corse we cannot use regular PPF to create the pattern. (too expensive). I saw some video on youtube, do you know which material is that (pic) ? Looks like PPF but lighter Thanks
  3. Matteo

    Avoid it happening

    "prolly not setting for a couple days afterwards" that could be a cause. Always wait a couple of day after the installation before delivery.
  4. I tried but when I try to log in I get this error (pic). I tried to contact 3M but nobody answered
  5. Matteo

    Avoid it happening

    Thanks Jeff for the answer ! So the main point is : leave the ends on a flatter surface ! We use air compressor on all edges before sending the car on its way. After that, if we found a "lifted part" it's ok to heated the part with hairdryer or heatgun ? Anyway, in the case of the picture, the only solution is to replace the panel ? I think is impossible to clean that film... Thanks
  6. Matteo

    Avoid it happening

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I know the "delamination" problem. This is not a delamination, the PPF just comes off in that point and I want to understand why. In order to avoid that problem, do you suggest to heated the edge, the corner and the areo-parts after the installation of the PPF? Thanks
  7. Matteo

    Avoid it happening

    I don't know what film was used. I only saw the car and I wondered why it happened. I want to understand how to avoid the problem;)
  8. Matteo

    Avoid it happening

    Thanks for the reply! I want to understand why the PPF comes off in that point and how to avoid this kind of problem. It never happened to us but I do not want to deliver a car that presents a problem like this after 2 months! Thanks
  9. Hi guys this weekend I was at a car meeting and I saw a Ferrari F12 TDF in in these conditions (pic Attached). Now, it's not the first time that I see this kind of problem with PPF, especially in some areas like this one. Do you know what is the cause of this problem (why the PPF comes off in that point) ?? How can you be 100% sure before delivering the car? Thanks
  10. Why you suggest to spray carnauba wax on the panel before install the film ?
  11. Hi guys I'm looking online and I found a few companies that offer paint protection film spray. What do you think about this product compare to regular PPF ? Durability against scratch, stone chip ... ? Orange peel effect ? Thanks
  12. Matteo

    Water bubbles In PPF

    You mean this one? Fusion You don't have bubble using this one? Mark?
  13. Matteo

    Water bubbles In PPF

    Jeff question. It's possibile that some water bubbles appear 1 hour after the installation ?
  14. Hi Jeff Thanks for the reply. The PPF is the Xpel Ultimate. I don't think is because of the defect. The PPF it's on the entire front of the car, and only two o tre little point we have these lines. I think is because of the squeegee stopped on the film. EDIT: What do you mean for Wrinkles/kinks in the film ?? Thanks again