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  1. Water bubbles In PPF

    You mean this one? Fusion You don't have bubble using this one? Mark?
  2. Water bubbles In PPF

    Jeff question. It's possibile that some water bubbles appear 1 hour after the installation ?
  3. hardest some parts of Mclaren 720s
  4. Hi Jeff Thanks for the reply. The PPF is the Xpel Ultimate. I don't think is because of the defect. The PPF it's on the entire front of the car, and only two o tre little point we have these lines. I think is because of the squeegee stopped on the film. EDIT: What do you mean for Wrinkles/kinks in the film ?? Thanks again
  5. Hi guys I have one question. Do you know why there is this little line like marks on PPF? How we can avoid it during installation? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the answer and the support. I have another question, it's a problem if I'm going to drive my car under the rain, one or two days after the installation? Couse I read online that you have to wait one week after installation, before washing the car. Could I have some problem of using the car when it rains the day after the installation? Thanks
  7. Hello from Switzerland, I'm Italian !!
  8. Hello guys I have a question. Does the PPF hides damage like stone chips and light scratches? If I install the PPF on a car with light (micro) stone chips, after installation, will I continue to see them or will they be covered slightly? Same for the light scratches. Thank you all !