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  1. Looking for an experienced Tinter for a high volume Tint shop that is busy year round. Commission is 30% for each job making average pay a week around $1200. Must have transportation and be clean cut. If interested text me. (682) 226-9623
  2. RMFTbro

    Dirt and marks in film

    Whoever did this must have done a rush job. Everything in the pics could have been fixed while at the shop the first time. Now they just don't wanna redo it lol. But if they told you lifetime warranty just make them take it off and redo it. Who cares if they get an attitude about it. It's your car.
  3. Looking for professional window film installer. Must have ten years experience on installing automotive film. We are a well organized company that is willing to pay a high commission per vehicle. We will pay transportation to the job site, and will accommodate with a place to stay if needed. Please reply to email address if interested - boro9@me.com
  4. If interested in working in a clean shop with fellow workers who are very experienced then give me a call at 251-348-9563. We will have tons of work ready for you year round. There will also be a sign on bonus of $500 after working 60 days.