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  1. WL Tint

    Global and Fading

    I have a question. I tried regular QD and I noticed with that film if I got a piece of dirt or a little crease in it I could not heat it up from outside after applying it to smoothen it out so it's harder to see, it always stayed white. Is QDP the same in terms of not being able to hide creases and dirt specs with heat?
  2. Came across somebody shaving with a ruler and it looks quick and easier than anything else I've tried. I want to give it a go but I'm assuming you need an insanely sharp ruler which will be kinda hard to find
  3. WL Tint

    Last One To Post #881

    Anyone tinted a Bentayga before? I have one coming next week and was wondering if they are challenging? Are the rubber seals tight?
  4. WL Tint

    Anyone tried XPEL Prime?

    Do you ever crease the film and find it impossible to get out? Never seen this issue before with tint but with Xpel if a crease is there it stays white, no heat can blend it in
  5. WL Tint

    Anyone tried XPEL Prime?

    Been using it for about 2 months now and I have to agree with the scratch coat, probably the best I've seen. What Prime tint are you using though because I've tried GL and it looks a little purple to me and my employees from inside?
  6. WL Tint

    Back windows causing peanuts?

    I've tried this a few times but can't seem to get it to work. When I use the heat gun to blow the hot air under the film it shrinks the edge of the film and lays flat on the glass rather than lifting up and blowing the air underneath. Than i have an issue of trying to shrink the fingers when the edge of the film is pretty much locked down. It only happens on the bottom half though, I can do it fine on the top half.
  7. WL Tint

    Anyone tried XPEL Prime?

    Yeah I can imagine the fitment being perfect after what I've seen with their PPF kits, but I hand cut everything anyway. How much is the monthly fee anyway for DAP? I've been looking to invest in a plotter when I move to a larger unit I'm in the UK and it's always cold here so that's good to hear. I'm currently using Global as well, have been for about 2 months now but I do feel like trying another film.
  8. So I just discovered that XPEL sell window film. I've known about them for quite some time but thought they just sold PPF which I know that they are one of the best at doing, so now I'm really interested in trying their window film to see if they're just as brilliant . Going through their window films now and they sound great but I cant seem to find anyone thats given feedback on it or anything. Anyone of you guys used it?
  9. WL Tint

    Does anybody double cut and double shrink?

    I was taught by somebody that double cut so it's a thing I've been doing since then. I don't really see why you wouldn't double cut? I guess if you make a mistake you wouldn't need to waste 2 pieces of tint but it's very very rare a mistake is made when cutting so it's worth it with the time it saves imo. If I ever do make a mistake its usually the top cut that I mess up but it's fine since I can just file it
  10. WL Tint

    Need new tint !!!!

    Out of those 2 go for QDP. I'm also in the UK and tried both and Suntek is just horrible. The film scratches unbelievably easy plus the adhesive is weak. I'd get peanuts on a lot of back windows with Suntek. I personally don't like the greenish hue it has either. From experience Global is better in every aspect Another film I've been using for about 9 months now is ASWF. It hasn't got a good reputation on this site at all but so far from experience it has the best adhesive and scratch coat I've used. The only downside with ASWF is that it has a blue colour to it which looks a bit tacky imo.
  11. WL Tint

    ?????? What ??????

    Is factory tint not common in the states? It's almost on every new car here in the UK
  12. WL Tint

    2017 Audi R8 rear window

    Havent specifically done an Audi R8 but have done a few Ferraris and Lambos that also have the small window youre talking about. I've tinted every single one of them and havent had an issue.
  13. I just recently made the switch to Global QDP, and boy they really were not lying about it being a quick dry film. For those that use the QDP, do you put in more slip than you usually would compared to another film like Llumar I use a 32oz bottle and put in about 3 pea sized drops of baby shampoo in each bottle and that worked perfectly fine with all other films I've used. I was thinking of doubling that so I can move the film around more when putting in place. Would that be too much shampoo?
  14. If its the Ultravision I'm thinking of then its actually a film commonly used in Russia. If you desperately want to try it out I'd say give Ultravision a go, I doubt they're horrible...They give lifetime guarantee. Nexfil also have a film called FIRST CLASS, you have to ask them about it but I believe it does have a blue hue to it
  15. WL Tint

    Anyone in the UK use Global?

    I did e-mail Global via their website...2 weeks ago, still no response unfortunately. I'll give pmxcoatings a try though thanks Not sure how I missed that my bad lol If there are any more suppliers I'd love to know