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  1. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Dude i don't feel anything anymore lol
  2. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Sell it soon then wait for the economy to tank then afterwards buy another house much cheaper, wait for same cycle to happen in the future, repeat
  3. Tint Slayer

    Solar FX buyer beware.

    I put the cheapest film SolarFX sells on my beater pickup truck to check it out about 4 years ago and it's a 5 year warranty film (so i installed it around same time as original poster), it's sits in direct sunlight all day long. Classic Series black nr 1-ply. Zero fade or change of color, when i roll the window down to see the hidden top edge there's no difference from the direct sunlight portion below. I'd hate to be the person to have to remove this film someday, zero signs of glue failure. It's actually a really nice looking film, still super clear and it looks better than a lot of 2 ply. I recommend it if you're into a 1 ply that lasts. My 2 cents on it
  4. Tint Slayer


    Seriously? I love tf out of them. Only in NJ or everywhere?
  5. Tint Slayer


    GF made Vegan Potato Leek soup for dinner, was amazing, leftovers for lunch!
  6. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Trick is to hold it in until the door closes, then press top floor lol #hotboxexpress
  7. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    My Girlfriends Daughter, she has a new Boyfriend, his Mercedes has a real clean tint job, and by the hue it looked just like they used SolarFX CarbonFX so i really wanted to ask him who did the job and when i finally do he's like some guy a mile down the road by the storage place and i'm like, wait, that's me. So i tinted the car but can barely remember him lol. Also had a guy at DMV come up to me saying "yo Tint Slayer whattup" and in my head i'm like who are you lol, But of course I'm like "oh yeah that guy with the car, i put tint on the glass, i remember you", but i didn't lol. Anybody have that where people are saying Hi to you like they've known you their whole life but you can't remember a thing about them? #oldage
  8. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Trust me bud, when people search your company and see this, you'll lose more potential customers than that post was worth. There are other ways to get paid, none of us should've heard about it. You continue by saying how far behind it was, dude, just let it go. You got paid. At this point you're just whining.
  9. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Yeah and you go above and beyond to get paid. Noted.
  10. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Little tacky, right or wrong, PF's not going to gain customers doing that, kinda cringy when you see posts like that. I reported the post with the reason "inappropriate in my opinion".
  11. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Not sick but damn this infected back molar sucks, pain went from tooth to ear, started antibiotics and they do a number on my stomach so right now the cure sucks more than the malady.
  12. Tint Slayer

    How Has 2019 Been For Your Tinting

    I was gonna say, gotta watch that sudden good surge, typically before a market crash you get a surge like that
  13. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    I wonder if the trade war with China will result in the cheap film not being so cheap priced
  14. Tint Slayer

    Cut software users

    What's the success rate on the cuts with DAP?