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  1. New bottom reloader tool!

    I guess the Gasket Wizard people didn't renew their patent.
  2. Has anyone noticed streaks on final squeegee pass!!!

    You need a new squeegee
  3. @quality tintz This ties in with your other recent post: "Has anyone noticed streaks on final squeegee pass!!!" When you see those streaks, new squeegee time.
  4. Pricing Structure

    I do something similar to you but i count the back glass as 2 windows (it's twice the film, and more laborious), so using your prices the 4 door sedan would be $180 instead of $150. I offer some people the opportunity to do partial installs. Like one day just the sides then come back for the rear when they have more money.
  5. People Will Do Anything To Sell Film

    I like Rick too, but he's really coming across as Ralph2.0 lately. Everyone knows Tintclub is Ralph's company, they're feeding on newbies who like the youtube videos. Ralph reminds me of the old Snake Oil Salesman selling that magic elixir that will cure all but is really just oil. (He's holding a jar of Methyl Ethyl Ketone)
  6. People Will Do Anything To Sell Film

    What a self-serving scenario, "no film bashing" in a group that showcases the same film over and over.
  7. When the plotter is your friend

    You do it like a flat glass install?
  8. Cheap tints 😫

    I usually quote my mid range film which is Premium Lifetime Warranty, if they want to pay less i offer them the 5 yr film which is cheaper. I keep the 5 yr film for the "i just want my windows darker" people or for people not planning on having their cars for more than 5 years.
  9. What is your favor tool

    Red Go Doctor and the Stroke Doctor with Orange Fusion blade they just came out with. I'm also fond of the Quick Foot and Blue Little Foot for the edges.
  10. Side swiper for roll ups??

    I have to try it out, you use it on everything?
  11. Side swiper for roll ups??

    I have the new Orange Fusion Blade in both the Stroke Doctor and the Side Swiper, it's a little softer than the blue. I have the side swiper and used it for cleaning, but don't really care for it. I love the Stroke Doctor for back glass but never thought of using it on sides, i'll have to try it. I also just started using a "Ehdis Super Flex Water Blade" (i attached a pic) and put an Orange blade in that as well and will likely retire the side swiper for now. For me, the Stroke Doctor is superior to the Side Swiper, the "Doctor" series of products have better handles imo.
  12. People Will Do Anything To Sell Film

    Rick pushes Tintclub like it's the best and wants you to buy it so he makes money, but won't use it himself. That says a lot.
  13. People Will Do Anything To Sell Film

    Yeah so i was booted from the WFR/Tintclub group this morning because of my comments on the post with that image, it's my second time being booted from the WFR/Tintclub group. Not for cursing or being nasty, but for saying Carbon is just the name and not the composition. WFR group on FB is basically an every day commercial for Ralph's film Tintclub (when you have a ton of Flexfilm warranty complaints how do you get out of honoring warranties on film failures? start a new film company with no warranties!). They were going on about the "Carbon" in the name like it's some sort of fraud, well i'm pretty sure Madicos Black Pearl isn't made from Pearls and the Onyx isn't made from.. well anyway it got a little tiring watching all the Tintclub ass kissing posts. They may as well change the group name to Tintclub. I've lost respect for Rick, he played dumb like Ralph does to my comments when they know exactly what i'm talking about. I'm just going to stay here on Tintdude.
  14. I've made a YouTube channel on how to remove door panels

    Cool deal, i subscribed.
  15. Dodge charger

    Is Tint Slime intended for cleaning or just for slip? I haven't used it yet.