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  1. Best slip solution ratio?

    8 mls per liter for sides, 12 mls per liter for back glass. that's using Joy Non-Ultra. 8 mls per liter is the same ratio as 1oz per gallon.
  2. Business name ideas??! Let’s hear them

    Yeah yellow pages friendly names! everyone found out the 1 came before A so every section started popping up with 1A.... or 123... for names lol Now it needs to be like you said search friendly and a name that gets into similar searches.
  3. New redline squeegee any body tried them ?

    Really sharp corners on that red, i wonder how long they stay that sharp, even if they wear a little still sharper corner than the other 2 in the pic. Gonna check one out. Thanks
  4. Can i get a 24inch or 30 inch plotter for sides only???

    Some dude in one of the other groups told me he had a 24" plotter that he had gotten for nothing and was using it but not much on back glass. So i called around assuming a 24" would be cheaper, oddly enough it's not much cheaper and not worth buying a 24" over a 40". I even called the people at FVD for some guidance on the 24" or 40" and it was the same, not big enough price difference to warrant buying a 24". the 40" is best bang for buck as it's also one of the more popular in other trades as well. Back when i was doing steel drawings in the 90's we plotted out our 24"x36" drawings on a 40" pen plotter. Maybe call a couple architectural firms and ask if they have an old plotter for sale as most have changed from plotters to large format printers and copiers in the past decade.
  5. Bulldozer fix when the blade falls off

    and also not wise to have just one of any important tool, i rarely buy one of anything, especially with shipping costs i try to get as much as i can into one shipment.
  6. Prices

    One of the other kinda local tint guys called me and asked why my price was X amount for X door car and don't i think that was a little too cheap? Yeah i guess it was, so a little communication raised my price and we're all happy.
  7. Arch Windows

    i've used a 24" wide inch roll of "carpet protection tape" (basically a wide roll of masking tape, Amazon has it) to place over the hard part to cut of the glass and mark it with a thin pen and use it as a template to make the cuts for the odd shapes, but i still do the straight cuts in place. I also have a beam compass to help with the round cuts. It also works good for templates on quarter glass and rear glass of old pickups etc.Also good for masking off parts of car interior for sloppy jobs.
  8. New redline squeegee any body tried them ?

    Hey Ryan, I see the redline is the same durometer/hardness as the blue max, how does it compare to the blue max? and what thickness redline are you using?
  9. Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    When you franky, head under or over? Which is cleaner? LoL I think whatever you do the most, franky or reverse roll, will be the cleanest after doing it for a bit. Just like the top or bottom load argument, if it's your daily deal it'll be your cleanest out of repetition because you're mindset is a clean install.
  10. Yeah i've seen those on Amazon, mostly Ehdis or Foshio, try those out, all 3 cards on Amazon Prime are cheaper than one card from a tint supplier. But over time test out other cards and methods. Or just use your white card, just fold a small rag or paper towel over the edge of the card. Try one fold, then 2 fold, get a feel for what works best for you, firmer or softer.
  11. No, you need a hard card, those are squeegees for pushing liquid and made for that purpose. Search for hard cards. Get a gold hard card if you like a very firm card with little resistance pushing on the film, or a softer blue hard card if you like it to have a slight grippy drag when pushing the card. The blue is less likely to scratch. If you have a scratching problem then most of the stuff you need will be blue colored. Just my 2 cents. Also. most in this group refer to water scrapers as squeegees, just FYI.
  12. Tint storage

    It should be able to withstand the same temps as on the car, but i'd make them room temp for install
  13. Visor strip trick with fat sharpie !!!

  14. Metrovac Sidekick

    Would kick up a bunch of contamination, if you use it do it outside your shop.
  15. Any tricks on reverse rolling windshields ???

    What's your opinion on it? Cleaner/better than frankenstein?