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  1. Finally mastered shaving framless roll ups !

    Same here, I have one knife with a thin carbon blade just for top cut.
  2. Xpel window tint who makes it ???

    That's kinda my point, if someone is selling a different composition of film in a branded box that's different than in other branded boxes, but all made by Garware (or whoever), then why not say who makes it? To use your example, people who like Nutella also check out their other products because it's made by Nutella and they know Nutella makes some really good stuff, it's all made by Nutella but different recipes, just like many films being made by Garware just different recipes. Saying your getting something manufactured by Garware may be more appealing than not knowing where it's from, it's kinda what everyone wants to know with each brand, nobody wants to get the bad film and most know where most of the bad stuff is made. It's almost a bad idea buying film not knowing where it's manufactured. I'd want the Nutella products rather than the soupy cheap store brand made elsewhere.
  3. Cut without adding extra

    Watching some tint videos I see a couple people that sometimes don't shift the film when doing vertical cuts on side glass, they just cut it in place with no extra on each side. Doesn't that show the edges of the film from the outside?
  4. Xpel window tint who makes it ???

    If XPEL is made by Garware then i'd be more likely to try it, i don't know why people hide the manufacturers, I tend to seek out Garware made products for my own reasons, but it doesn't mean everyone's selling QDP in a box with their own name on it, at least i hope not. I will also say I haven't tried a ton of brands, but if you're selling a different kind of film that's not like the other films that are made by the same manufacturer, why wouldn't you say where it's made? It may be a good selling point.
  5. Best way to ship a plotter ?

    UPS stores can pack it for you when you ship, may cost a few bucks for packing but you can blame them for any issues, can also keep the UPS packaging for next time. Years back when i had a pen plotter for drawings i asked the people i bought it from to send me a box to ship it in, they gave me the box but i paid to ship it.
  6. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    Damn you're a dick here just like on the FB forums you ruin with your dumbass crap.
  7. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    I was sent small samples of 5 or 6 of their products from the company when i called and asked about the products, haven't touched them or used them yet. They're in my sample pile lol.
  8. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    Apparently you missed the post that said i have experience with it and watched Ironworkers get ill from it, I've had someone from OSHA explain it's hazards, along with many other chemicals when i was an Ironworker. I know it well and i'm not stupid enough to use it inside a car. I'm gonna go with my own lengthy experience and training about it and what OSHA explained to me and warned that i'd be written up if i didn't follow OSHA's Exposure Monitoring procedure. You really sound like you have no clue what you're using in an enclosed car and/or garage. But by all means, use it til you drop and recommend it to everybody just so you can feel vindicated. Facts are that people have died from exposure to methyl and methylene chloride, the main ingredient in your product. Don't have to believe me, juts read the OSHA warnings like smart people do.
  9. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    Ever use the Rapid Tac? Wondering about if it's good on back glass, mostly for uncooperative dot matrix and defrosters. Called the manufacturer up and he said to use it alone as a slip when installing back glass, i haven't had a chance to test it.
  10. Once again i think we have what looks like the "i'll redo it if they complain about it". Tell the shop you're not satisfied.
  11. Guinness World Record for Auto Window Tinting Set!

    Is about an hour a car really that mind blowing? Not trying to be negative but can anything be a world record if you get enough people to do it all at once? It's like we're all breaking a World Record just not standing in the same garage. But i will say it's a great way to get local coverage.
  12. Seventh generation dishsoap ???

    It sounds like the problem is the Armolan, not the slip. Why use a film that is problematic with a slip that you (and a lot of us) have used for years?
  13. I know they have a mechanic book that gives the hours for each repair you do to a car. Is there an actual stated time for different window tint installs? I don't mean like "i can do it in 20 min" i mean like is there a written time to do a tint install somewhere?
  14. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    Using that Aircraft stuff on the defrosters will slowly soften and degrade them (and also the rubber and adhesive holding the glass in. It takes paint off of cars i can't see how those defrosters would be any match for it. I almost feel like this is a bad prank video. In my opinion this video is horrible advice, my kid has major health issues and i would f'n lose it on the dude that used these respiratory incapacitating and cancer causing chemicals in my enclosed car right where my kid sits. This video is flat out stupid advice, there are plenty of non-deadly adhesive removal choices out there, you don't need to risk peoples health or damage a vehicle.
  15. Stubborn fingers on window

    The factory edges are the 2 edges/ends of the roll. What made you choose that film? Did you do a good search on it?