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  1. Best tools for back glass

    That's how i was going to cut it, trying to just cut the plastic and not the rubber and leave the rubber end how it was. But does the pointy end of the rubber round out after use? Obviously i have to play around with them a bit. Was looking at Jim's photo, i'm wondering if leaving it square like how we'll say will wear the rubber down and the plastic will scratch -
  2. Those back glass redo's are a heartbreaker
  3. Handjob!!!!

    Congrats on your first Handjob lol (i had to). I wish they made a handjob handle for the turbo squeegees.
  4. Bedroom tinting

    What's the most common household shade and type of film (Dual reflective, etc) that you all use?
  5. Best tools for back glass

    Got 2 pieces 12" long, trying to figure best way to cut them up, does the rubber stay attached well?
  6. Towels

    How long does a towel last? One window or more? Like how many of them do you go thru on a car?
  7. You may want to do a few freebies for practice at your own expense, your questions don't sound like you'll do a high quality job but it's good that's what you're working towards. As far as afraid of new customers, this means you should be an employee and not a business owner until you are comfortable. Watch youtube videos until you get that training. Search on youtube for users like Tintstuff, Rob Forbes, Rodney McClure, Window Tinting Business, Becomeawindowtinter.com, and my favorite because he's a good example of fast and furious tint without the bs Window Tint Warriors. I've never taken a back window off, please elaborate on that.
  8. I agree about multiple knifes, but in my case i use a knife with a carbon blade just for top edge of glass and only out 2 segments of blade extended (nothing wrong with more if you like), another knife with a stainless steel blade for cuts using the point and a third knife with SS blade that i use extended about 6+ segments for scraping the glass inside the gaskets.
  9. Best tools for back glass

    I ordered a couple, want to make the one like you did for back glass. Was also thinking of cutting a small 2" piece for cleaning small glass. You use it for both cleaning and install?
  10. Stickers on windshield with tint

    Be careful to remind the mechanic at inspection time, i get a few people come in and the mechanic started destroying the tint to get the sticker off. Just a heads up, those guys remove stickers like they're on auto pilot and don't think to check for tint film.
  11. P&G makes both Joy and Dawn, the Dawn Non Concentrated/Simple Clean (used to be called Dawn Non Ultra) i imagine is close to Joy Non Ultra and i find the Dawn Simple Clean a little more slippery. Have you checked out the Dawn Simple Clean? Give it a shot, super slippery, i actually used a little less than usual. But Joy is my jam. I can only find the Joy Non Ultra in Dollar General or Dollar Tree kind of stores, before that i asked the front desk at the local supermarket to order me a case or 3 at a time. Still only a $1 a bottle, case of 24. Just mentioning in case you can't find Joy NU at some point.
  12. Seems like all the slip complaints are related to baby shampoo, never about dish liquid. Been using Joy Non Ultra as long as i can remember, only $1 a bottle at the dollar store. I tried and like Fusion All Type but for some reason my installs don't seem as clean as when i use Joy, and i would have to go thru a years worth of Joy if i were to switch lol
  13. Have any pics? @pbotz2000
  14. Cutting in DAP.

    How you liking that DAP?
  15. Next time remove just the glass instead of the whole door ;-)