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  1. Theory of targeting and squeegee

    Lmao! I sing that in my head at certain times lol
  2. Can i get a 24inch or 30 inch plotter for sides only???

    Have you checked out Xpels DAP cutting program yet? I'm looking for feedback about it. FVD is my choice of the moment as i research, would like to use a plotter for more than just tint/ppf.
  3. I use 409 on all that, but it's just my preference. I agree with @redneckj about using the water alone, no soap on the market will tell you to rinse with more soap, be it dish liquid or shampoo, the soap catches the dirt and is to be wiped or rinsed away with water. So he made a great point and i'm going to start doing what he said.
  4. Sedan vs Crossover pricing

    I just searched looking for it after you said that but couldn't find it. I was thinking of side windows as one price per, then back glass is that side glass price times 2 because it's double the size, but quarter glass is tricky to price it's half the size but can be twice the PIA of the sides. The quarters are tricky to price too, i'm thinking of a higher price for difficult small triangular or odd shaped quarters and another price for easier large fairly square quarters, they're 2 different animals that get priced the same. I don't know how to make it work because the price of just 2 or 4 sides with a rear glass using the system i just mentioned is about the price of the whole car and it feels like the quarter glass is free doing it like that. I overthink the crap out of this stuff sometimes lol
  5. Sedan vs Crossover pricing

    Anybody ever use a per window price system on autos? Like a price for every piece of glass relating to it's size/location/difficulty. I also work in Steel construction, when i price out whole buildings and bridges i have to estimate every piece of steel and every cut, hole, weld and coating thickness for every piece, then estimate time for all phases of the job and how to erect it. The whole tint pricing system has always seemed very very generalized to me. But i also get that it's simple for the public, still seems like not enough pricing detail. Like how come we all don't say front side is $XX per, back glass is $XX per and quarter glass is $XX per etc etc then add it up for a price.
  6. Sedan vs Crossover pricing

    If none of the Crossover customers are complaining then your just shooting yourself in the foot, if they complain then offer the complainers your sedan price. Unless it's going to bring a ton of Crossover in and you need to be competitive.
  7. Can i get a 24inch or 30 inch plotter for sides only???

    My first thoughts always are, how is the quality of the cut compared to using an olfa? Is their any weirdness or jaggedness in the cuts? Like are they clean enough to peel and stick with no worries? Because i'll buy this seeing as any machine i've bought has had to be "finessed" or have some special needs, whether top name or low grade i always have to do some compensating for the machine.
  8. Shaving edges with a file

    You said it way better than me lol I started using a longer file so i follow thru with the same motion/position better with the one long movement
  9. Shaving edges with a file

    Rotate the file so the cut on the file is going in the direction of the sideways cut. If i said that right. Like if you want to go sideways you can aim the cut on the file into it.
  10. Theory of targeting and squeegee

    I've used the Gasket Wizard, there's a new product like the Gasket Wizard but better called the EZ-Tint tool and you can get it on the Xpel website. If i can't simply pull the top of door panel back and pull the rubber out easily, i use the EZ-Tint tool. But it's all bottom loading. If you'tr going to top load you only need one of the short gasket wizard pieces.
  11. streaks and fog

    Sounds like they Armor-all'd the windows
  12. ATR adhesive remover vs fusion epic orange

    I'm still liking the ATR, also not sure why i don't hear about more people using ATR the stuff is amazing.
  13. Fusion all type slip solution?

    It's highly concentrated, so you get more gallons of slip per bottle of All Type. I'm not sure why adding more sucks but that seems to be a common problem. In my opinion, if you want more slip after using the req'd amount of All Type i'd just add your regular slip. But it should work at the recommended dosage, works great, Tint Slime works great too. They all work great whe you find that sweet spot, but the Fusion people cut out all the legwork of finding the right amount for you.
  14. Fusion all type slip solution?

    She's no longer with us
  15. High Quality Film? Not A Dealer? Not A Problem Anymore

    My Saab isn't on there, actually no Saabs and only 5 recent years up there to.