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    The Chat Thread

    Morning all yall!
  2. How did you clean the window before install?
  3. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Morning all yall
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    Is it time to move on?

    This is what runs through my head when i hear that
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    The Chat Thread

    Oh yeah digital, i was thinking of back in 1993 when i made my big mistake i'm sorry i mean marriage. They had the album right there back then.
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    The Chat Thread

    How long do they keep those albums? They may want a storage fee
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    Is it time to move on?

    "People don't quit jobs, they quit bosses" sounds like you won't be happy with the situation no matter what. If there's more money out there get it, that's your ultimate goal really, so find it there or elsewhere.
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    Pic/Vid of the day (not tint related)

    I can fab that out of steel or aluminum for less than $100-150 tops including labor, just have a fab shop make you one, knockoffs are going rack up. What a scam, especially considering where they're made. Kinda disgusting and price gouging if you ask me.
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    The Chat Thread

    tempus fugit Morning all yall
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    Torching glass on matrix?

    ok that's what i thought, that's what i do too also on the inside a bit
  11. Tint Slayer

    Torching glass on matrix?

    Can you elaborate on what you do when you torch the matrix? Just curious
  12. Tint Slayer

    Heat shrink pattern cut for windshield

    Agree with above i heat a large area and first try to shrink it all as flat as possible by pulling the film and also spreading my fingers wide thru the fingers on the film while i heat making them smaller and flatter until all the film is a little bumpy but shaped to the glass but not totally flat yet. Then i spray water under the film and flatten it out then wet shrink it with a gold hard card and make it flat. (Wet shrink is shrinking with the water under it, some people regardless of whether they shrink with powder, dryer sheets, soap, etc, will still do a final wet shrink before install so they can see any potential imperfections or little fingers at the edges, if it lays flat and wet on the outside it will on the inside, and you can also do your final cuts for anything in the way like defroster contacts, etc). Also, when people first start shrinking some focus on short robotic straight up and down strokes and just looking at the film while they shrink, after a while you get a little more artistic and focus on the shape of the glass and adjust your strokes and sweeping motions to conform to the shape of the glass. And take your time, my advice is never geared towards the 30 min full tint job, slow and steady wins the race.
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    The Chat Thread

    Never take your health for granted, listen to your body. Morning all yall
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    The Chat Thread

    i'm pickle Ricccck ! Can't get enough of Rick and Morty, binge watch on Hulu all the time, want my szechuan sauce!
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    The Chat Thread

    My Niece did one of those 23andme genetic tests and it's connected to some genealogy link thing and last week found out my father had a kid in the 1940's and it was before he married my Mother, so at 54 i find out i have a half sister who is around 72. So after hearing this my Sister does the test because it would somehow be a good idea and now another half sister popped up, 71. My oldest Brother (so far lol) is 67, i'm hoping nobody younger than him pops up. I gotta say i'm not happy, not so much about them or my Father, but their families who are going to find out the person they've been calling Dad or Grandpa their whole life isn't a blood relative, there's a reason these people kept these things quiet back then. I realize in the end it doesn't really matter because it's their Father who raised them (assuming the Father that raised them even knows they're not his). My Father is probably happy he's dead right now, let me post this quick before another sibling pops up lol. Just a heads up if you plan on doing this kind of chit, may find out that wild night with that girl whose name you forgot back in the day produced a kid, can't wait to see all the Moms trying to get back child support. Good fn morning all yall
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    2016 Dodge Charger Rear Window mess

    One hopes for the uniformity you have in the way it looks
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    I bet i know who told you that
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    The Chat Thread

    The smoked beef brisket is haunting me, making a run this weekend for sure
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    The Chat Thread

    I used to have an Irish Wolfhound, loved the dog but the food bill was insane and he constantly farted to where you always kinda smelt a hint of it lingering around the house.
  20. Tint Slayer

    Lighting do you use cordless lights????

    stick that in a white pool noodle and you can sell it for $80 on the internet
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    The Chat Thread

    Been eating healthy lately but i think the first day of 80+ degree weather yesterday got me wanting some smoked fatty end of beef brisket, with some slaw and pork and beans heavy on the pork, corn on cobb yada yada yada. One place in NY nearby has some kick ass smoked foods, im on a mission
  22. Tint Slayer

    Rear window

    I had a Terraflex "bad batch" . Don't get me started, and i know there's people biting their tongues right now. Go with SolarFX or Express/Global.
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    The Chat Thread

    My Daughter just graduated college to be an RN, today was a great day :-)
  24. Tint Slayer

    Facebook Groups

    Been out of the FB groups for a bit. Seems like if you make a high quality video people think you're a guru. Have an opinion of your own in reply to a question in the groups? Hahahaha Have a technique you've used for decades and mention it? Hahahaha Any idiot can start a group and they'll get followers. In the end the trolls always take over and destroy the groups. That aside i've lost count of how many of my friends have split up in their personal life over something FB related. It's more like anti-social media.
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    Word Association..