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  1. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    My Daughter just graduated college to be an RN, today was a great day :-)
  2. Tint Slayer

    Facebook Groups

    Been out of the FB groups for a bit. Seems like if you make a high quality video people think you're a guru. Have an opinion of your own in reply to a question in the groups? Hahahaha Have a technique you've used for decades and mention it? Hahahaha Any idiot can start a group and they'll get followers. In the end the trolls always take over and destroy the groups. That aside i've lost count of how many of my friends have split up in their personal life over something FB related. It's more like anti-social media.
  3. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Just reiterating my disdain for mornings Good morning all yall
  4. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Probably filtered, the water vending machines are starting to pop up at other places also.
  5. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    The Walmart out here has a self service thing where you refill your water bottle for i think it said 37 cents a gallon. Just FYI
  6. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Check in PA, gotta be cheaper than NJ, and they have the "buy here/pay here" kind of places
  7. Ugh i can almost feel that frustrating anxiety feeling you have right now trying to get it done
  8. Tint Slayer

    Word Association..

  9. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    fiesta rice or grilled corn on cobb. my GF usually does a bean salad or a corn salad
  10. Tint Slayer

    Word Association..

  11. Tint Slayer

    Word Association..