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  1. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Do both, until you see which one makes you more money. Even if you go with construction the tint is a good side gig.
  2. Tint Slayer

    Roughest grit sandpaper on glass

    Why not back and forth?
  3. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Verizon has something to help it, since i signed up for it the calls slowly started reducing as they identify more numbers and what calls i accept. Doesn't get 100% of them but it's not nonstop like before, i'm sure ATT and the other carriers have something similar https://www.verizonwireless.com/solutions-and-services/call-filter/ ever feel like the phone companies allow it so they can sell a filter?
  4. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    what year was the forum created?
  5. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Morning all y'all Just broke my 1000th post, i feel special lol. I see some of you with thousands of posts, How long have you all been on this forum?
  6. Tint Slayer

    First Time

    Ratio is usually 1 oz per gallon which comes out to about 8 mls per quart/liter. I'm usually within 8 mls up to about 12 mls (12 when i need extra slip) of Dawn Simple Clean per quart or liter.
  7. You either gotta cut bait or fish, your boss is staying focused on his main moneymaker, and ideas like yours could leave him open for liability. You may have better luck asking him to rent the booth after closing time each night, but in his head he'll picture people walking around his place when he's not there. Also, if you're as good as you claim, he's not going to help you build what he may perceive as your new business and lose his painter. Some people like to stay in that comfortable "if it ain't broke so don't fix it" thought train.
  8. Tint Slayer

    Roughest grit sandpaper on glass

    flexible sandpaper wrapped around an old squeegee or wrapped around a hard card wrapped with a towel works decent https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LIXEKZ4/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_3BAsDbDBXFBGT
  9. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Good morning all yall
  10. Tint Slayer

    For those who use KEG sprayers

    I'll give you an actual answer instead of trying to sell you something else, no that tank won't work, having a top like this is the easiest to work with and modify:
  11. Anybody test out and determine what grit you can use on the glass without scratching or blemishing in any way? I see people using less than 1500 grit and wonder how it's not scratching the glass or doing something to it somehow. One guy on FB a while back said he uses 400 grit on the whole back glass using a drill attachment. What's the roughest grit you've used successfully that won't scratch the glass?
  12. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Morning all yall
  13. Tint Slayer

    The Chat Thread

    Morning all yall
  14. Tint Slayer

    Cool Tips--Tools--Hacks

    and good for drying up some dot matrix on the inside of glass i feel like you'd like the item in this link with some heat tape wrapped around the end: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0752Z4165/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_YAeqDbX16PR0T
  15. Tint Slayer

    Micro scratches

    if it's scratched looking could be glass that was scraped with the wrong blade, or a dull blade, or a blade that caught something while scraping that made the edge bad and they kept scraping maybe the edge progressively worse, or a blade used when the glass has a coating a blade shouldn't be used on.