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  1. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Watching German porn at 50% speed everyone sounds like Ahhhnold
  2. Tint Slayer

    side windows put on no shrink

    what is it about 2 staging that makes it more likely to produce fingers?
  3. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    They're just giving it to me now without asking lol i'm 54 but i'll take that 10% off my lunch
  4. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    The movie places out here have phone apps with a lot of cool discounts, just fyi because i'm a cheap f'r
  5. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    I've been watching on youtube about the people in small move-able homes and all these people that live in Vans or trucks, if i didn't have kids i'd probably be seriously thinking about it, getting sick of this housing crap, when i've rented it sucked, when i'd owned homes it sucked. Can even get a nice small pull behind mobile home to pull behind any vehicle for about a years rent. Instead of couch surfing i'll probably be driveway surfing lol.
  6. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Some hotels and motels offer monthly rates, might not be ideal but itll get you thru a few months
  7. Tint Slayer

    Cleaning windows

    @TintNerdz213 I feel scrubbing back glass with the straight 409 helps clean better to make the film stick a little better, then the Dawn 4x and scrub again, then i make sure it's all dry after cleaning. i use one of those 3M tub and tile handled scrubbers for leverage when scrubbing, i just slap a white scrubby over the existing blue scrubber so i can re-use the handle, certain back glass i use 3M 000 synthetic steel wool instead of white scrubby. i always use the 000 synthetic steel wool and 409 to scrub the dot matrix. I use the Joy Non Ultra and Dawn Simple clean for slip because they're the gentlest dish liquid meaning less chance of adhesive abuse and that Dawn Simple Clean is amazing slip, i wouldn't use Dawn 4x for slip because of it's higher acidic cleaner content, but most pro glass cleaners use it for window cleaning, it works well for side glass, i don't use 409 on side glass.I'm not sure what exactly that i do is good or bad, i know it works for me.
  8. Tint Slayer

    Cleaning windows

    I use Joy Non-Ultra or Dawn Simple Clean for my slip, and Dawn 4x to clean windows, i also use Formula 409 on back glass then Dawn 4x. I also use different knives for different cuts. I'm sure someone can do an install with one of everything but i tend to overthink the chit out of everything.
  9. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    PB on bread with coffee Good morning!
  10. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    "Oh you're self employed you must love the freedom you have" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That "freedom" is directly linked to my bank account, the more "freedom" i have the less money is in it.
  11. Tint Slayer

    Need advice on few questions(newbee)

    i agree on the bulldozer. Also, the softness of the rubber on the end of the bulldozer pushes the film between the raised dot matrix dots a little better than a harder squeegee, or wrap a paper towel around a hard card and squeegee it so you get down between the dots good and dry it good.
  12. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    No effin way! wow
  13. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    I always thought he was the cowboy looking Marlboro man from the old ads, but he's not, i also read that 5 of the actors that played that Marlboro cowboy part died of lung cancer. Good morning!
  14. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Sounds good! Anyone remember Koogle? It was peanut butter with banana blended in, it was my favorite so of course they discontinued it in the 80s. Think i'll make my own now that i'm thinking about it lol
  15. Tint Slayer

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    2 x poached egg on toast for breakfast, both came out perfect, just runny enough with salt and pepper