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  1. Favorite rolling work chair?

    I had one with the broken back i had set aside, it was kinda not broke looking until you sat back and did a roll over. It somehow kept appearing from where i kept it and getting used and almost breaking someones neck. Now i take the backs off the second i get them lol.
  2. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Dannnnggg How do you even start to get that off? Ice scraper ain't gonna do jack I wonder if it is thick enough to shrink/contract enough to break glass
  3. Off Topic Chat Thread

    i used to work in Cinnaminson for a couple years. Expensive to live there.
  4. Off Topic Chat Thread

    You in South Jersey?
  5. Off Topic Chat Thread

    That the new addition?
  6. Off Topic Chat Thread

    F this weather. -4 degrees (realfeel of -26) foot of snow with the top being an inch of ice. Must be getting old, my ankles don't like this cold.
  7. Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    I agree, worth a shot. I think that's the basis of most non-competes, kind of the hail mary pass of agreements. I will add, contracts can be a double edged sword that can backfire.
  8. Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    Non-competes are useless and unenforceable and also bs. I worked for a very large high end construction firm in top administration and they wanted me to sign one, my Lawyer said it was a joke and couldn't be enforced and if i couldn't get work because of it i could possibly sue them to continue to pay me for the remainder of the agreement. Also, you're a tint shop, what trade secrets are there that you can't find on youtube or facebook? Waste of time and money. They also don't keep the employee from working for your tint shop competition a block away as a janitor or front desk person or whatever else they'll say they're working there as to keep them putting tint on windows. They happily signed it knowing it won't do anything. Anyone considering a non-compete may want to check state laws, especially CA.
  9. Green turbo

    Was it the Fusion green turbo or the old style green turbo? The Fusion seem a little more consistent and keep the edge. I've used the orange crush but kept getting a skipping type of thing on the film, even with the newest version, so i've used it for cleaning. I cut a Orange crush down to about 2" and modified one of those extended blade handles to put the orange crush in it, it worked great until i lost it
  10. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Body by pizza, soda and chocolate
  11. All the new tools lately, i have a ton of them, multiple tools that all do the same job well, tools i didn't really need but you know you gotta try them out. I also see people on youtube doing complete jobs with just a yellow turbo. If you could only pick 2 or 3 tools to do everything, what would you pick?
  12. Best way to remove film?

    I was looking to try this product, and follow up with ATR for remaining adhesive -
  13. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Pizza for breakfast
  14. Aluminum Glass Stand

    I also do steel construction and we've used alum mullion like that as framing around the glass in those big buildings in NYC that have a glass facade, so i'll agree that's the good shiz you got there, and not cheap. Just a tip if ever needed, the L shaped angle piece at the base, if it doesn't give you the needed bracing i've used a piece of square tube like a 6x6 tube and it restrains that bend that may cause sway at the inside corner of the L, in your case if you replaced those L's with a same length piece of 6x6 tube or bigger, the tube will have a bracing action. Also you can lay a piece of wood or alum channel across from tube to tube to act as a shelf under the glass, or light tubing all the way across. Just my input in case there's a 7th mod ;-)
  15. Aluminum Glass Stand

    The base seems like it would need some sort of bracing, i picture the glass moving back and forth when pressing against it. Is it rigid?
  16. Off Topic Chat Thread

    I tried telling her her hair looked delicious, she did always smell like soup though so it was a hard sell
  17. Upgrading your brand

    Back in the day when i had a towing and repo company it was always giving away shirts shirts shirts.. the customers and mechanics wore them like walking billboards. Shirts are the best bang for the buck imo. But has to be simple and real easy to read, i've seen shirts that had small black writing on green shirts and you'd have to stop and stare up close to a stranger to actually read them lol, just name, service and number in big letters is what i did.
  18. Blade disposal

    Just to mention, i keep this in my tool bag or on my cart to dispose of all my spent blades safely. I have cats so i re-use these. Was never a fan of breaking my blades on the floor or even in the garbage pale. Just FYI in case you're a safe but cheap f'r like me.
  19. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Saw one of the Moms from my kids school in the store and she asked me how her blonde hair looked with it's new style, it was pin straight before but now had really small curls, told her it looked like Ramen and she started crying. i was the 3rd person to tell her that. Todays lesson: Never say what you're thinking.
  20. Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    I follow you on youtube, you gotta make more vids bro
  21. Upgrading your brand

    I was thinking of giving the pizza warmers (or that battery, etc etc) to people who aren't sure of the big upsell price, "i'll give you a free pizza warmer, don't make me have to put a pizza in it" lol you'd be surprised of that magic power that pizza has lol. Just a thought, i've been toying with free gifts with the upsell.
  22. Closed Shop, Film & Tools Must Go

    Where you located?
  23. Upgrading your brand

    Not to nitpick but you can get those slow charging 5000mah ones on Amazon for about $10 and they're ok. You can get 10000mah and 2.1A (fast charge for todays phones) output on Amazon for about $15. I gave them to a bunch of people for Christmas. They all liked them, one failed already, just to mention. I gave away about 20 bluetooth earbuds about 2 years ago, Amazon had them as an add-on for $5 per, got the best feedback about them. Best give away imo? I gave away pizza warmers like the delivery guys use, held 2 large pies, $20 each on Amazon, about 4 years ago and people still loving them.
  24. What other hobbies do you have?

    Kick ass ride, one of my fav's
  25. No blades on glass

    I keep trying to get away from using cutting blades on glass. I stopped cutting the patterns on the car long ago and that part wasn't hard, i actually prefer not cutting the pattern on the car. But using a blade to clean windows i get away from but come back, it just seems like nothing cleans as good and fast as a blade. What have you all been using to get that just scraped clean that's like scraping with a blade or better?