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  1. Thanks for the kind words and excellent suggestions guys. I have decided to not bother with the white dirt on the low edge of the bumper, it's very small and it's not worth risking the texture and structure of the film just for that. About the flapping part, I managed to trim a part of it. It's not perfect, but much better than before. Overall, I'm satisfied with the end result. It looks good, and it was a valuable experience that has prepared me for a better installation on my next car (whenever that happens).
  2. I was hoping to exhaust all other options before ending up redoing that part with a new film.
  3. Also, the second issue for the same part of the film is that, apparently, the film was moved without me noticing (kind of weird how, since it's only that part) and dirt (from driving around) is stuck to the adhesive at the part that is exposed. Check the picture. I was thinking of maybe cutting this exposed edge with a razor, so that I at least get rid of that dirty part. It's been already 48h since the installation (with a lot of hours of sun exposure), and counting, so I don't know if I can still do the same "lift, spray, clean, apply" trick to sort it out. Do you have any other suggestions? I really don't know how I managed to screw up this particular part, since the rest of the car is done nicely.
  4. Is that still doable, 48 hours after the installation?
  5. And this is how the overall job looks like. All those white spots and marks are dust and dirt from driving after the installation had been completed, and the car hasn't been washed yet, so they are above the film surface.
  6. Hi all, first of all, kudos for the good information that is being exchanged in this forum. It's really helpful for both professionals and amateurs (such as myself). I'll cut to the chase. For reasons that have mostly to do with the overall cost, I decided to order a pre-cut Xpel Ultimate kit for my car and install it myself. Even though it's not a 10/10 job, it turned out quite good, especially if you consider the fact that I've never done such a thing before. I do have two issues, though, on the right side of the bumper with one of the film parts. This was probably a result of being tired and frustrated when working the bumper, with all the curves and indents in that area. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the issue right after the installation, but only the next day. The first issue has to do with dirt being trapped under the film. I have no idea what kind of dirt it is (dust, rocks?), and frankly I could swear there was nothing there when I wiped the baby shampoo off the film after installing. Anyway, I've uploaded a picture for this: My question is: any chance, trick or technique to remove the dirt (or at least part of it) without having to remove the entire film piece and install a new one? I would consider some mini-puncturing a reasonable compromise, if that could help remove. About the second issue, I will get back to it later since I don't have a picture to show at the moment. thanks in advance for your suggestions. Alex.