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  1. Last one to post #876

    Had to replace the evaporater coil at the house yesterday, got over 90 in the house while they were working on it. It took forever to cool the house off again, I thought maybe they messed up something. But today she’s holding strong at 72-73!
  2. Last one to post #876

    I put a clear-plex on that thing a while back, something’s fishy with that shield! Peeled every time, and rain water would leak inside/under the film weeks later. Thought is was coated so I polished the whole thing and used acetone before the 3rd install. Didn’t work, same thing happened. Also, you could squeegee the water out 3-5 weeks later.
  3. Pic of the Week #583 Winner

    Congrats on the win @OverLord
  4. What did you tint today?

    It goes in 1, I’ve never gotten to try personally, but the tinter that trained me to shrink did quite a few. And that was years ago, film shrinks way better now.
  5. Custom Channel Squeegee for Backglass

    @pbalentine I did almost the same thing with my orange one, I cut my Chanel a bit longer and angled it like a cropped one. Love that thing.
  6. Tesla Model 3

    Did u get a 40” to fit? When I put a tape measure on it, looked to be 43” wide.
  7. Imperfections in ‘18 charger bg

    You’ve got me stumped then @TintLady! Ive run across a bunch of weird stuff, but this might be a new one. Also, isn’t it such a relief when you get the peanut thing completely controlled. I happen to get a walk in 300 after my last post- no worries not 1 peanut!
  8. Imperfections in ‘18 charger bg

    @TintLady Your not talking about (peanuts, footballs, line fingers) right?
  9. Last one to post # 875

    @Bham hate that conversation! just say “man, that sounds like a great deal- you should totally get it” oh and by the way, “why are you here?”
  10. Imperfections in ‘18 charger bg

    Are they raised? Can you feel them?
  11. Imperfections in ‘18 charger bg

    I’ve come across little marks on the outside of glass, at first looks like small air/adhesive marks, but looking closely it’s on the outside. Almost like a burn mark.
  12. Last one to post # 875

    @jh812 I pretty much eat like crap all the time, I really should do better before it catches up to me! Just turned 37, so I’m lucky it hasn’t already happened. I do always eat something for lunch, but I try to keep it small and quick. It’s the sit down meals at a restaurant that get me.
  13. Last one to post # 875

    Just went to lunch with the bosses, now I remember why I never go!
  14. Are these quotes from different shops? The reason I ask is they all sound pretty low based on the car. These guys are going to need to special order film for the rear window. It sounds to me like they don’t realize what they are getting into.