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  1. Wax pencils or sharpies???

    Does anyone know why it’s easier to draw on one side of the liner vs the other side? I was helping a design guy a while back and noticed that on particular side would be difficult to write/draw on with the was pencil. Just curious.
  2. Last one to post #896

    Morning everyone, just got a couple work days left, and I’m on a mini vacation! @TNTLady That’s me every Sunday morning, trying to get everything done before football starts.
  3. Last one to post #896

    I miss tinting Chevy trucks everyday ”Plus this job is totally easy to do hung over”
  4. Pic of the Week #593 Submissions

    2017 Model X 20% ceramic all the way 50% ceramic shield - 1 piece Clear-Plex - impact area
  5. Last One To Post #895

    @jh812 Glad you guys made it back ok! Hopefully no water in the house?
  6. Last One To Post #893

    I wish I knew why it does that though, I used to think that it had something to do with WIFI connection- at home if I walk to far away in the back yard, it’ll switch in and out of WiFi. But I’m working now and pretty much on top of the dang wireless router.
  7. Last One To Post #893

    @TintDude @jh812 Just hit submit 1 time! I learned my lesson on hitting it twice, because if I hit it a 2nd time and that happenes- it’ll go like 5-6 pages long
  8. Last One To Post #893

    GD! I hate when that happens sry guys @Roach @TintDude
  9. Last One To Post #893

    I can’t remember which storm it was, but some years back we got one, right after another pretty bad one hit elsewhere. So when it came time to get water,gas, etc. It all ran out quick, with no new stock coming in, because everything had been diverted to the other storm site. I hate it here before a storm, the news scares the hell out of everyone to go out and buy water and gas. What do you need a full take of gas in a Honda for, if your staying put? The Honda ends up being completely submerged, or at best unable to be driven for a week while the water subsides!
  10. Last One To Post #893

    @jh812 Man, I understand that! I’ve evacuated for 1 and stayed for a couple- really both ways suck! Are you on the dirty side of the storm ( as forecasted )? Im far enough inland that the biggest concern really is the flooding, but man does it flood!
  11. Last One To Post #893

    Be Careful @jh812 I was fortunate during Harvey, hopefully you and yours are as well! I feel like I remember you saying the wife was a nurse? Or something similar? I was about to say you can always get another job, but when your job is helping others it makes it a tough call
  12. Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    I’d say windshields are harder to Frankie than back glasses, most of the time. On a back glass you can generally be in the middle of the window, so the reach is the same on both sides. Windshield’s can be a pretty far stretch to the opposite side you come in on. All it takes is one little stuck spot and you’ll get little kinks or handling creases.
  13. Last One To Post #893

    Man, recently had to put my dog “Shadow” down. SAD But she was black as night and always under my feet-hence the name
  14. Last one to post #892 You Know what to do

    Man, I could go for that and a beer right about now!
  15. Last one to post #892 You Know what to do

    evening everyone