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  1. Does anybody know what this is

    Llumars PLatinum Plus was real popular down here, back then anyway. ( high school age kids in the 90’s) @redneckj then Madico came out with theirs called Cool Chrome, ended up being much easier to use than PP, but never caught on as much! It just wasn’t as mirrored as the PP.
  2. Last one to post #923

    Evening people’s, How are y’all doing?
  3. Last One To Post #916

    @highplains Body shops for sure bro! That way you can work on the cars only when you feel like it- keep it for months and no one can really even say anything about it.
  4. Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner

    Just got a bottle in today, can’t wait to try it! @no ma'am have you used it on a back glass? It sounds ridiculous but I’ve been having trouble with the 911 back glasses! Rolling, peanuts, etc.... Then, the other day, I picked one up from make ready at our dealer and noticed these guys are spraying cilajet all over the interior and not covering anything!
  5. Last One To Post #916

    Evening everyone! @Roach you gotta get a win every now and again!
  6. SFX knockoff

    @Roach There isn’t much recourse a company not based in China can take either! My understanding is that they just aren’t subject to the type of copyright and trademark laws that everyone else has to follow.
  7. Pic of the Week #599 Submissions

    2019 Lamborghini Uris 50% ceramic all the way
  8. Last one to post #902

    @jh812 I had one a couple months ago that we matched up pretty well, but had to put a layer of 70% over the back half. Worked out better because he originally came in for a tint 2.
  9. Tesla Model 3

    Model 3 just rolled in, I’ll try to keep track of how long it takes start to finish.
  10. Any tricks on reverse rolling windshields ???

    practice bro, I never reverse rolled till recently. Start with easier windows you normally wouldn’t RR, till you get more comfortable.
  11. Window feels tacky

    I finally got some Rapid Remover the other day and following the directions it actually worked as advertised! I literally wiped the glue off with a paper towel.
  12. Last one to post #900

    Still looking for help down here bro! @no ma'am just head south on 45, exit Richie Rd.
  13. Last one to post #900

    @no ma'am
  14. Last one to post #900

    Evening @highplains hows the little one? Isn’t sleep deprived window tinting the best?
  15. Tesla Model 3

    Most Tesla customers are more worried about the film and quality of install over the price, at least the ones I’ve done work for.