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  1. Avoid it happening

    Agree with Jeff if I were in Texas. I installed in Vegas for a number of years and one day installs were standard but when you get near St. Louis or up in the Chicago with 10 below, the vehicle needs to sit a couple days. Frozen snow and rain are a shops nightmare Cheers
  2. 2017 civic hatchback

    Buy the glass. It’s 140 and you always have it, in the mean time use it for a display Cheers
  3. Bad job or normal issue?

    Oops, wrong window
  4. Bad job or normal issue?

    Looks like this thread is closed Cheers
  5. Taillight/headlight tint

    Vividd is a nice product for taillights. Done a number of them can’t say anything about putting it on headlights I have only used Laminex for those as well as xpell
  6. Avoid it happening

    No compressor necessary. Prior to install, you need to visualize the air movement and impact zone as that particular vehicle would be moving down the road (as a wind tunnel demonstration) and what will be the affects. That particular install was plotted and prolly not setting for a couple days afterwards. Sometimes you have to bulk install as you would a tint on a vehicle without software patterns. Plotters are amazing but not always the best way to go. Cheers
  7. Yes. Have installed it on a number of vehicles. Even installed it 10 years ago on my Audi wagon and is doing great Cheers
  8. Bad job or normal issue?

    Have them redo it Cheers
  9. Actually give those small ones a little sun time and pull them to the side and you should be fine.
  10. need advice

    Dot of black touch up paint and you will never know it was there. As Roach told you, it will be fine....watch where you put your pole next time. Cheers
  11. Been using this one for years along with the blue for shrinking only, heat doesn’t affect it. Cheers
  12. Casper Cloaking Film

    https://www.decorativefilm.com/mm5/graphics/00000001/PF001-801_Spec.pdf found this, maybe it will help. Haven’t installed any of this material sounds like a learning curve with the orientation of the material. Good luck
  13. BMW E90

    I like when they call and ask how much to tint a little four door, I ask if you drive a BMW and the answer is usually yes. It’s always a little four door with BMW drivers🤣
  14. Never install over fresh paint. The finish has gasses that need to expel naturally or you could risk spots lifting at time of install or down the road if it ever has to be removed. If it is a fresh spray single pass with clear, two to four weeks will be fine. If it is three or more coats of spray and clear, give it a good 30 days.