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  1. Tractor

    Maybe a couple things. Don’t know what equipment you are working with, but if the pto shaft isn’t telescoping you either have a stuck shaft inside the tube housing (attachment side) or something binding it. Are the splines lined up correctly? I know it sound lame but I have seen it. Has the unit been sitting? There are a few variables here. The pto on the tractor isn’t usually the issue.
  2. Best way to ship a plotter ?

    You buy an item for 50 bucks you throw the packaging away, you buy an item for 3 or 4 grand, you keep the packaging Cheers
  3. Have metalized tint and notice interference?

    Generally when the interference was happening was with the glass that had the antenna mounted in with the defroster in rear window and being covered with the defroster at the same time, low voltage would give a hum causing interference from the metal films. Years ago we cut the film below the antenna and that is how we discovered it.
  4. Small Miscut, update photos.

    Misread location
  5. Tint graphics on hair salon

    Bad ass
  6. Tractor

    What Kabota are you working on
  7. Tractor

    I always turn film sideways when I do them unless they are flat Case or John Deere
  8. Small Miscut, update photos.

    Just plain horrible. Where are you located
  9. Can’t stick a piece of film you cut for a Youkon on a Ford, just doesn’t line up nice.
  10. I wouldn’t think a fellow installer at a high end shop would have a hand cut edge come out like that. The pattern doesn’t even match the edge of the glass...either way that is horrible. Looks like a bad plotter pattern
  11. Work orders, waivers

    I am not going to argue either. A long time friend of mine (whom I worked for 12 years) made everyone sign a waiver. He has been in business since 1979. While I was there, a 19 yr old girl had her vehicle done and got into an accident. She injured the other party, they sued her and her insurance company sued the shop along with her mother initiating the ordeal. He fought it and lost because she said she couldn’t see the car coming when she pulled out because of the tint being too dark. He had to pay the claim on her car and her insurance had to pay the claim on the injured guy. If you look up and read some some of the different state laws, it is illegal for a window tinting company to tint illegal applications. Companies can be fined up to 10 grand for installing it, even though it isn’t pushed. Here it is for my location; HOUSE BILL RESTORES GEORGIA’S WINDOW TINT LAW (ATLANTA) - Governor Sonny Perdue has signed House Bill 20 which reinstates Georgia's window tint law on motor vehicles. Colonel Bill Hitchens, commander of the Georgia State Patrol, said the law became effective Monday, May 2, with the signature of Governor Perdue. The Georgia State Patrol will be issuing educational warnings during the month of May. He said troopers will begin issuing citations on June 1. Georgia's window tinting law was struck down as unconstitutional last year because the provisions applied only to vehicles registered in Georgia. "House Bill 20 corrected the language so the law applies to all vehicles, whether registered in Georgia or another state," Colonel Hitchens said. "The window tint law is a safety issue, not only for law enforcement officers as they approach a vehicle during a traffic stop, but also for drivers so they can better see approaching vehicles while they drive." The law allows for the same light transmission standards as the previous law. It is now illegal for window tinting material to be applied to the rear, side and door windows of motor vehicles that does not allow for more than 32 percent of light transmission (plus or minus three percent). It is also illegal for materials to be applied to the windows that increase the level of light reflected to more than 20 percent. Additionally, except for the top six inches of the windshield, no material or glazing can be applied that would reduce the light transmission through the windshield. Among the exemptions to the window tint law are: adjustable sun visors not attached to the glass; signs or stickers displayed in a seven-inch square in the lower corner of the passenger side of the windshield or in a five-inch square in the lower corner of the driver's side of the windshield; law enforcement vehicles; and any federal, state or local sticker or certificate which is required by law to be placed on any windshield or window. Also exempted under the law are the rear windshields and side windows, except the windows to the left and right of the driver, on multipurpose passengers vehicles; school buses and buses used for public transportation; buses and vans owned or leased by any religious or non-profit organization; limousines; and any other vehicle where the windows or windshields have been tinted or darkened before factory delivery or permitted by federal law or regulation. Violation of the law by either driving a vehicle with illegal window tint or installing the illegal material is a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine up to $1,000 and/or up to 12 months imprisonment. we are at risk as the installer. Cheers
  12. Stubborn fingers on window

    That’s the other half of his issue....
  13. Cherry picking is the managers decide what cars they want tinted and preload is tinting every vehicle on the lot and every vehicle that comes in off the truck. If they want to pay you as an employee, either way you are getting used. there is just too much shady 💩 the management team pulls... If you preload you will be used up (mentally and physically) quick from figuring out how they are using you, and if you do their pick and choose vehicles, they will have you doing other things like seeeping, cleaning, detailing, jumping dead batteries or moving cars because you are on the clock. see how the interview goes and exactly what they want to do with you and what the responsibilities will be.... in the end, hit em up with a salary you can appreciate and then it doesn’t matter what you do...cherry pick and at times you have nothing to do, you still get paid....preload and you work at your own pace, you still get paid. cheers
  14. Accepting a job at the local dealership. Are you working independently or for a dealership program? Are they preloading or cherry picking? Are they wanting to pay you through the dealership as an employee? A number of variables exist here. If you can spit the details, I could tell you exactly how to approach it. I actually helped several installers get their own gig and placement in Georgia dealerships. Don’t get boned.... Cheers