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  1. Been using this one for years along with the blue for shrinking only, heat doesn’t affect it. Cheers
  2. Casper Cloaking Film

    https://www.decorativefilm.com/mm5/graphics/00000001/PF001-801_Spec.pdf found this, maybe it will help. Haven’t installed any of this material sounds like a learning curve with the orientation of the material. Good luck
  3. BMW E90

    I like when they call and ask how much to tint a little four door, I ask if you drive a BMW and the answer is usually yes. It’s always a little four door with BMW drivers🤣
  4. Never install over fresh paint. The finish has gasses that need to expel naturally or you could risk spots lifting at time of install or down the road if it ever has to be removed. If it is a fresh spray single pass with clear, two to four weeks will be fine. If it is three or more coats of spray and clear, give it a good 30 days.
  5. window film inventory

    Depending on what you consider waste. If cutting a 17 inch door off a 20 inch roll, that is just part of the process. If cutting a 17 inch door off a bigger roll, then you have a reason to keep track of it. You question is really gray as to waste.
  6. Door panels marks

    Constantly wipe panels when spraying, prior to install and after. Problem solved. What are you using for application spray? Corny tank or spray bottle? Either way you need to keep the water off those panels regardless
  7. No wrinkly stuff. Seal the top and bottom and once installed no fingers to deal with. cheers
  8. Just sent this to Stigliano have a great day
  9. Noobie can't get fingers away!

    As far as factory edge, shrink only the sides that come out of the box. The grain is the part in your hand when you pull the film out. If you shrink (against the grain) you will get a spheres that won’t lay down. Reason you shrink factory edge (sides) is because they pull together and seal. With the grain makes them separate and shrink like cutting timber, timber splits up and down, if you cut it with the grain, it doesn’t do that
  10. Noobie can't get fingers away!

    No one hates the question. Since you are overseas you may want to google rolls of tint for your area and learn with that. You actually have a couple of vendors over there with fair pricing and able to burn up film learning.
  11. No seams period. Model 3 Tesla all around is 1,000$ all day long here
  12. X-zacto knifes

    I use the 30 degree snap offs for PPF and shaving the top corners of framed windows. works great for rear window sliders and latches to get around. Called olfa art knife.
  13. Need advice regarding shaving

    I use the 30 degree olfa blades and run them into the corner sil
  14. Cuts on glass

    I apologize tools, must have missed something. And octavefunction, glad you figured it wasn’t your installer. Cheers