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  1. Newer Chrysler 200

    Ya I tucked the film under about 1/4 of an inch but the corners just gave me some trouble. All is well though, first car that rolled out of the new shop and customer was very pleased with the 5% nanocarbon. I’ll have to send u a pic of new shop.
  2. Newer Chrysler 200

    They were off but the seals were tight
  3. Newer Chrysler 200

    Yeah they were off but seals were still pretty tight lmao
  4. Newer Chrysler 200

    Anybody else thing that the newer Chrysler 200 side windows are somewhat difficult to tuck film on with door panels off?
  5. Tint slime

    Thanks for always giving your 2 cents, I’ll give it a shot
  6. Tint slime

    Hey guys, just curious, is tint slime still in business? I love their product and had just recently bought more as I haven’t been Tinting for almost a month due to the renovation of my little shop.
  7. Top Brand Window Film

    I’ve been using it and have liked it but considering switching but maybe not never had any problems with it. Just heard bad rumors about owner Ralph.
  8. Top Brand Window Film

    Ok so I know this has been covered before but I am thinking of switching up my film company from Flex film to Solargard. Does anybody currently use Solar Gard and if so has the quality been consistent with the film? Thanks everybody😎
  9. Cleaning

    Will do, always use distilled water straight from cvs😂
  10. Cleaning

    Will give this a shot, finally winter is making its way out back into the 60’s now haha
  11. Cleaning

    What solutions do you use on a day to day basis? Are u in cold weather?
  12. Cleaning

    On the outside but I never have trash only when it gets cold that I see trash
  13. Cleaning

    I always wipe top edge, spray out the vertical seals, scrape glass, then dry with microfiber, then squeegee twice befor install but now I’m getting trash only in the cold weather.
  14. Cleaning

    So the weather dropped way down into the 20s and 30s which means less soap in solution. Question is since it’s colder and i use less slip, should i have a separate bottle with more soap to clean. I have been using the same ratio tint slime solution for the 50-60 degree weather using it to clean and as my slip and my jobs turn out flawless every time. Just tinted a couple windows on an f250 in 35degree weather and had trash under film. No streaks in my clear crush squeegee, same cleaning process as always. Is this because there is less soap in solution?
  15. Dodge charger

    It’s for cleaning and slip great stuff! Hopefully i don’t come across any more fog coatings because it made install a pain in the ass lol