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  1. Hi guys, how long does it take a novice to intermediate tinter to install the film? I dont konw what im doing wrong. Before I installed on a dodge caravan or a jeep cherokee in 40mins each. Now any car, im taking 1-6 hours. What the heck am i doing wrong and how can I adjust to improve to make more profit? It would be great if you list the steps of what you do while approaching the vehicle and pictures of your tools/equipment beside you. My work area is a mess, i barely use an apron to carry my tools so theyre scatttered and always have to waste time looking. Also how do you make or buy those film roll holders to place on the walls so I dont have to open a tint box everytime? THANKS!
  2. Hey guys, so I couldnt handle my bodyshop job anymore. quit on monday and have my tinting, detailing, wrap business open. Whats the best way to gain clients fast? I have all the supplies, materials, permits ready to go.
  3. without my trainer beside me i lose focus and panic and forget my steps he taught me. Rear windows are way easier. For roll up windows, I only need to pull film down for tuck and to the side when cutting only if the window shfits right? if its just a window that goes down and up and doesnt shift then just leave enough slack at the bottom only for tuck correct?
  4. are you guys familiar with 2006 accord sedan rear pass door small windows? I had issues today...I didnt know how to tuck into such tight sprace, so othter tinters suggested to cut as far as I can to that window and tuck a bit. The thing is, I also cant reach up into the very narrow part of that rear tiny door window. My contour card wont do it so I have bubbles. Also what is the cause of small white pinholes in the tint after being applied? is that a case of not cleaning all the dust off?
  5. bpbv6-6

    tinting classes in vancouver BC?

    i know..now I just need to know how to properly tint cars with wiper arms or diff shape of things attached to the windows inside since that was not really covered. How do I go about doing that? did you have to figure out yourself when you started?
  6. bpbv6-6

    Ordered Orange 4x tint slime today !

    where can I order that?
  7. Hey guys, I finally have training down. Just wondering, how did you start off? were you afraid of accepting customers cars to work on? How did you overcome certain vehicles that had really difficult windows to work on? My issues as of now is that I am scared because I dont know how to take off a rear window and if It needs to be cut around things attached on the inside of the window. Also, how do you tint windows with window visors? What are the biggest concerns when cutting patterns and How can I avoid them or learn them?
  8. bpbv6-6

    Benz no start and now air bag light.

    is this an issue tinting mercedes usually? I am new and I am afraid of what cars to take in to work on.
  9. bpbv6-6

    tinting classes in vancouver BC?

    found someone 3 day course 1,500 cad including 2 rolls 24x100 and 36x100 including all the tools and belt =D
  10. anyone have step by step how to tint this or how do i take rear window out? The guy trained me in tinting but never told me about these difficult windows...
  11. Hello guys, I am desperately seeking for tinting training classes in vancouver BC if theres anyone that know of any that can help me. I know how to tint but I really believe I want more knowledge on the subject such as tips and tricks from guys that have done it for a long time. I got frustrated trying to tint a rear window this weekend and wasted $100 of tint film. I was trying to get wrinkles out when heat shrinking but sometimes the film would snag and leave a crease line and some "fingers" would go to the sides and I have no idea how to save it. Anyways, I would love to take tinting classes because the area I live brings in quite good income doing so as there are not many guys around here that does it. I hope I can get some help regarding this subject. Thanks guys
  12. bpbv6-6

    Need a affordable plotter!

    hmm thanks guys, can someone probably give me a list of all the most popular plotters and software from best to worst quality and cheapest to most expensive? Are most softwares the exact same? are there subscriptions or is it a one time fee?
  13. bpbv6-6

    Need help with career choice change.

    how much money can you bring in from tinting realistically monthly?
  14. Hey guys, Can anyone suggest me a affordable cheap plotter that wont break the bank? even an amazon one would work. Where would I get the software?
  15. bpbv6-6

    Need help with career choice change.

    thank you for honest answers all of you. I do enjoy everything from detailing, tinting, to anything that relates with cars. I have decided to go with the PDR for now because the boss had me come in for hands on experience and I learned alot during the two hours, it didnt even feel like work. I enjoyed it so much because at the same time you learn to use diff stages of polish, wax so almost similar to detailing auto body. I actually accepted both jobs part time each right now so I can learn more detailing from the dealership and I can implement that all into my work later on.