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  1. TQtinting

    Fusion all type slip solution?

    I went thru about a whole bottle of the fusion solution now and it never seemed any different than Johnson’s baby shampoo. And you’re right def have to use a lot of it. I’ve heard quite a few people mention 7th Generation brand dish soap my wife buys it all the time but I’ve never tried it.
  2. TQtinting

    Inspection routine/Damage waiver

    Yeah when it comes to covering your ass or worrying about someone being embarrassed pretty sure I’ll cover my own self first.
  3. TQtinting

    Inspection routine/Damage waiver

    ^ Exaxtly. Which is why I was thinking only have them sign one if you found something and do not state specifics. Just like a general form that says there is damage to the vehicle and said customer is aware before performing service.
  4. That van windshield I tinted yesterday had rock chips all over it and had a crack in one spot. Customer was happy with my work and asked if I had noticed the small crack. Did not accuse me of anything but had asked if I saw it. keep in mind this vehicle was so dirty that I didn’t notice it when inspecting. Did notice the few rock chips though. I always do a a walk around and inspect before I tint but do you guys have any sort of waiver you have people sign? Maybe you find something wrong with a window, would you have them sign something acknowledging they’re aware of it? Just curious.
  5. TQtinting

    Sensor on Town and Country windshield?

    Boi ain’t that van purdy? Thank you guys! I was sure it was double tape or something removable but you know how it goes. Cannot be too careful! Turned out great! Very clean cut job.
  6. TQtinting

    Sensor on Town and Country windshield?

    You guys are right. I’m just super nervous about breaking ppls stuff lol. Thanks guys. I hope Autozone has it. Napa is the best place to get it where I’m located and they’re closed today
  7. TQtinting

    Sensor on Town and Country windshield?

    Pretty sure that’s exactly what it is. And I’m sure it would be no problem to re attach after tinting is there any concern with putting on film? I don’t have any sticky tape may have to go get some. Or would you have customer re apply?
  8. Do you guys know if this can be removed? I figured out how to get the casing of it off but it revealed no black border. It looks like it’s glued onto the windshield anyone ever removed them or know how to re-attach them? Thank you!
  9. TQtinting

    Tinting friends and coworkers rides

    I started on junkyard car doors in my utility room at my house. Bought a 100ft roll of some cheap film did about 4 or 5 family cars. Watched more YouTube videos than I can think of and away I went. I won’t do anything I know I can’t tackle and I’ve prob got about 50 cars under my belt now. More than likely will attend a training course this coming summer. Just go for it but be smart.
  10. TQtinting

    Misting the air for cleaner work ?

    You make a good point. I could see that happening. I’ve always gotten super clean work this way. If it ever back fired on me I wouldn’t know it yet. But it makes sense.
  11. TQtinting

    “Adverising” film removal

    Agree with both you guys. And just a little update... I posted my ad and got a ton of calls. Not a single one being a removal I’ll take it!
  12. TQtinting

    Last one to post #911

    Felt like sharing this ridiculous picture of my dog. Cheeseburger shaming the dog lol.
  13. TQtinting

    Misting the air for cleaner work ?

    One time I tinted a Jeep Renegade or as I liked to call it at the time the “ dog hair Jeep from hell” and i misted the air, the cab of vehicle, and myself lightly and I could see dog hair floating in the air fall straight to the ground. I do all of these things before I ever even peel my liner I know for fact it’s made my work cleaner with less F ups.
  14. TQtinting

    “Adverising” film removal

    Those both look like good professional business boosters. I thought about wording mine “stay away from the auto parts tint jobs!” Because I know a few guys around screwing people. Charging shop rates to tint someone’s car with Gila. Maybe they should do some research first I guess
  15. TQtinting

    “Adverising” film removal

    Classic Black 20% did this thing some serious justice though.