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  1. I am interested in the product to mainly for dot matrix. I've seen Dotrix and would go that route but if anyone can vouch for this on top matrix dots I wanna try it.
  2. Also glue has been mentioned. What kind?
  3. So are you torching the matrix dots or the film?
  4. Ok, I'm assuming heat gun would work fine?
  5. Hey all, did the BG on wife's car the other day (Ford Fusion) and ended up with this. It isn't as bad now since it has dried a little, but still hideous. I used 800 grit sand paper on it to before install. What did I do wrong?
  6. I finally got the chance to use the moisture guard that was sent to me. And to be honest, I would just use the pre taped paper everyone has talked about. However if I were doing a higher end car, or knew someone was going to be in the shop and see my work, I would recommend it just for the professional touch that it gives. In my opinion it's one of those things where if a customer saw it, it would definitely give the look of professionalism and would prove that you really use good products or really care to do the best job possible. All in all, if you're interested in the product, by all means stock up on some. I'm half tempted to just for the reasons said above. Great product!
  7. No I understand. I would just assume if you issued a warranty card no matter the shade if you did have a person come back if it were legal then the films covered. If not then your eating the cost of the reinstallation. Only thing I could assume is some freak BS situation where your customer got in trouble for having illegal tint and had proof you installed it. That's the only reason I could say maybe I wouldn't want paperwork going along with the sale. And at that point I'd just do a receipt that didn't state the % on it. Or cash no receipt
  8. Sounds like giving a card no matter the legality is the way to go that way you have a simple system of keeping track. I think that is what I will do! Thanks for the info.
  9. Do you keep track of your "honor system" in any sort of way? I can't imagine anyone would care enough but i could just see someone coming back saying something is wrong wanting something replaced and you've never done business with that person in your life haha.
  10. That's the input I was looking for! Cause I would like to offer it to everyone on everything knowing I'm using a good film. Not only does it gain business IMO but it's only gonna attract repeat customers. And just know that your putting a guarantee on the quality of your work. Seems like a pretty good business practice to me!
  11. Just so long as your using a high quality film I'd say that wouldn't be an issue. But if you did have people come back you'd really just be screwing yourself. I could also be completely wrong. IMO I would be kinda mad if something advertised warranty on everything, then you show up and it's only for one thing. Starting tomorrow I will full swing be scheduling vehicles for tint and was curious as to what I should and should not do. So basically anything that's legal go for it.
  12. Ok, I ask because a shop north of me offers a warranty on every single purchase. I'm guessing anything that is under 35% (Indiana state law) he is putting a "warranty" on it, but is really just guaranteeing his work. So if he ever had a customer come back maybe they are just biting the bullet on cost to be able to up sell a warranty on everything.
  13. That is not what I mean.... I mean the film I use comes with a lifetime warranty. So if you did a job that small, would you still offer them a warranty. Now if you tint an entire car yeah I'm offering them the warranty. The broken window here doesn't matter. It's the fact of only tinting one glass. What about tinting the fronts and a windshield strip, would your offer/tell your customer about the warranty on that? Just a matter of personal opionion I'm sure, but just wanted to get others input or what they offer on smaller jobs.
  14. Do you guys put a warranty on every single job you do? For example If you did 2 front roll ups and a windshield strip, would you tell your customer it came with a lifetime warranty? I even have a customer that only needs his driver door done, would you tell them it comes with a warranty? Or do you only say so on bigger jobs?
  15. You guys know if they were just random cars or jobs that were done elsewhere?