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  1. Wax pencils or sharpies???

    I may have to look into those then if it keeps from buying sharpies. I’ve never needed to erase, just roll with it, but it would be nice if you needed to.
  2. Peelboard Size

    Damn that’s a sweet setup @Stewy
  3. Wax pencils or sharpies???

    I had a white wax pencil I tried and it didn’t work very well. So I stick to the silver sharpie.
  4. Top loading question ???

    @quality tintz those suction cups work great. Really helps on tight seals.
  5. Peelboard Size

    I was going to sell all my tint stuff, tried removing my old glass from wall and broke it. Have had a lot change in the last 6 months and have decided to keep at it with tinting. Enjoyed it a lot and am way more confident in myself than I ever was. So I’m ready for a new glass and to get back to learning!
  6. Peelboard Size

    I can fit that size, I was just trying to re-arrange house a little bit more to my liking but I’ll just have to deal. Thanks for the input. Having a peelboard big enough to hold 4 roll ups plus more was very nice. I’ll prob just have to fork over the cash.
  7. Check out this video about flow on.

    Imagine cleaning all the mess up at the bottom of the window. Pretty cool though! Never knew that was a thing.
  8. Peelboard Size

    Went to glass shop today. $125 for 3/16” glass which was plenty thick enough. Not much more for 1/4”. Either one would work and that was for a 3ft X 5ft piece. Should be plenty big enough for most BG and strips. I might revisit the idea of getting door glasses but I think I’m gonna go 3/16” from the shop.
  9. Peelboard Size

    I want to get a piece of double strength glass for a new peelboard and I'm a little cramped for space. I want something big enough I can do strips/ backglass on. I was thinking 3 feet tall by 4.5 ft long. You guys think that would be big enough in most situations? That double strength glass is expensive I had a 4ft by 7ft single strength and it broke on me. I've seen several door glass and what not for sale on Facebook but i don't think they'd work out to well for me. Been a while since I've been on here hope everyone is doing well.
  10. Is 5% tint on the windshield reasonable?

    I’ve got 5% on my windshield and honestly it’s great. I drop my kids off for school in the morning and no one can even tell I just got done slamming down a dirty 30 for breakfast. With or without little billy, whatever.
  11. How many times have you "quit"

    I try and do everything in steps and in line. get all the film on the vehicle, cut it all, shrink it all, then ill lay everything on my board then pop panels, clean glass, then do my installs but it either takes forever or something happens. Light gaps, creases.... I just run into stupid things non stop. dog hair or something else. some sort of learning curve struggle. Also I've tried to get more organized but still find myself looking for misplaced tools or running laps around the car for whatever reason.
  12. Business Name ideas

    IDK if the guy has an account on here but a shop 40 miles north of me (very popular) is named Ace of Shades and in my opinion that's probably one of the best names I've ever seen for a shop. Of course uses an ace of spades or just the spade symbol on all of his advertising and what not.
  13. How many times have you "quit"

    I think that's my whole problem... I get to stressed out trying to move fast and it just doesn't work out for me. I just see guys complain about it take 4 hours to do a car and im over here taking almost 8 on every car.
  14. Most annoying customers

    I've never got anyone that wants to hang out but if I had a dollar for everytime I heard "I already got the tint" And not once have I ever scored any of those jobs lol. " I'm only allowed to use film supplied from my distributor."
  15. Got hustle on Yelp

    If you can comment on there I would just explain what JH said that it meters differently and give a simple apology. That way if people see that review they'll see it was a misunderstanding. People like that are just out to cry and complain anyways.