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  1. Struggle

    I always give it a quick pass with razor then flush it down with solution and yellow turbo. Always get clean results.
  2. j&jhead to toe baby soap or j&j baby shampoo?

    100%. I kept having tack problems with J&J and with the Fusion mount solution I have slip for days and no tack problems.
  3. 2018 Tahoe door panels seals???

    @jh812 have you ever ran into one of these you couldn’t get to pop off? I did an 18’ Silverado Saturday with only 600 miles on it and it was so damn tight I pulled the whole panel because I was affraid I was going to destroy it from pulling at the top. And then it was a total PITA to put it back on. I guess maybe I should put my purse down too but I really thought something was going to break.
  4. Top cut issues

    I will keep that in mind. I also realize I’ve been rolling the window down way to far when I do my top cut and haven’t been letting the excess kind of tack to the top of the door. Which really seems to help
  5. Top cut issues

    You only use one click of your blade? If I don't have like half the blade out I accidentally push against the glass too hard slip and then screw up my cut. That or the blade goes dull halfway and leaves a really choppy, perforated cut.
  6. Top cut issues

    I tried holding like a pen for a while and was having the same problems. I personally like starting from the top and go towards the mirror when you can do maybe I will start doing my patterns on one side of the car as well.
  7. Light

    I have the under hood work like from Eastwood.com it’s a nice light and it even folds in half to get into tighter areas. i also have a LED construction style spotlight that plugs into 12v outlets in the vehicle as a back up light purchased from Lowe’s.
  8. Best way to deal with peanuts

    I just saw a Mustang last night with one right in the middle of the back glass whole car looked great and then that haha.
  9. Top cut issues

    Lately I’ve been having a lot of top cut issues. Film will snag on me, pattern will turn out choppy, you name it I’ve had it happen. I always use a fresh carbon blade and haven’t switched film brands or anything. I always see people mention keeping your blade at a certain angle or degree and I always think I’m doing it right any good advice or videos on this? Thanks guys
  10. Last One To Post #825

    I’m just gonna leave this here.... carry on.
  11. Favorite homemade tool

    What is your favorite tint or shop tool you have made yourself and not purchased? Or one that you would like to make? Example my day job has a sheet metal department so I have a good selection of self made gasket tools. Thinking about making one to fit an Unger handle. I also had a very....VERY budget friendly peel board. Piece of glass and a couple 2x4's did the job until I was able to afford a nice 7ftx4ft wall glass. 30 bucks Couple things I would like to build would be a mobile peel board and a shelf/tool wall to keep everything in one place.
  12. 2007 VW Passat

    Yeah I don't know why but it was saying framless on an old VW thread on here. Google images were showing me otherwise lol.
  13. 2007 VW Passat

    Cool thanks for the info!
  14. 2007 VW Passat

    Judging from pictures backglass looks pretty easy to shrink.
  15. 2007 VW Passat

    Panels pop at the top?