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  1. jsylva

    How did you get your start?

    Growing up my dad tinted and ran a shop for years but never would show me the ropes because he said never tint you are better than this. Well he moved on from tint as he got older and i always would bring up the idea lets open a shop because i love cars and working around them. Again he turned me down lol . So i had a great career as a petroleum engineer but was never home so the idea of opening a shop just kept sounding better and better to stay in town and close to my family. Dad got sick and passed away from leukemia, that caused a lot of issues so long story short i needed to have a job in town to take care of my mother and my own family better. Got a bright idea looked up at the heavens and said dad im gonna do it, so make sure you watch over me haha . Quit my badass job, paid some money for a tinting class to teach me how to tint. Took the 4 day class ordered a crap ton of film way more than i needed and started tinting on a leap of faith. Got a few dealerships on board within the first month and have been tinting non stop since for the past year or so. Shop is doing great and love what i do! The class helped me get going but all the cars i have tinted over the past year has really been the best learning experience, every day i learn something new. I am a problem solver by nature so it has been a fun ride learning this trade and solving my own issues while tinting. This forum has been a huge help and thanks to everyone that has brought value to this forum and continually is trying to innovate our industry! Also its baddass that im tinting and feel dad is here with me everyday, another reason why i chose tinting was just to embrace all those memories we made as a kid hanging out at the shop with him lol! he started in the 80's in a storefront directly across the street from where my shop is now. Crazy
  2. i have not cut ppf with it since xpel is local to me they cut it out for me ready to go if were not bulk cutting. These machines are all picky and can be frustrating at times , even the expensive ones. Once you figure out its quirks and do's and dont's , its pretty easy to use and maintain but i always babysit the plotter as its running. I was actually looking into the titan 68" for my next one because its large enough to do ppf and still reasonably priced under 2k. Don't want to lead you down the wrong road but may be worth a shot to save some money
  3. i use suntek for the program and the patterns are ok sometimes they are wrong , as far as patterns go i have seen xpel to be spot on. It took some playing around to figure out the plotter to cut the tint correctly. Too much pressure you cut all the way through and too little you don't cut enough. Honestly have to mess with it till you dial it in to your liking. Blades i think and don't quote me on this but a pack of 4 25 degree roland blades is $60 maybe. i change mine out every 4 months it seems. The suntek pattern program is a monthly fee and not sure if we are allowed to discuss those prices on here. To me it seems reasonable for the volume i cut out.
  4. Take this for what it is. We have a US Cutter 50" Laserpoint II plotter that brand new costs maybe $800. When going from hand cutting to plotting i already owned this plotter for vinyl sign purposes as a side gig. So far it has been cutting out about 60 cars a month (give or take) for over a year. Is it as awesome as a Roland or GCC, probably not. I will say that even though the cost of the machine was cheap, it has done a fantastic job cutting tint. Being that it is a budget plotter, it has some quirks every now and then but im ok with that. For as cheap as it was new and the amount of use i have gotten out of it i have no problem recommending this plotter to people looking to make that jump without wanting to spend thousands. Buy some roland blades, replace the cutting strip every so often, and play with the speed and pressure settings and it will cut everything you want. Hope this was somewhat helpful.
  5. jsylva

    Tesla Model 3

    Yes sir, i typically reverse roll all my windshields. Also use the soak shield rope and dash towel to minimize the water going behind the dash!
  6. jsylva

    Tesla Model 3

    Did my first Model 3 last week, we did the the whole thing including windshield in ceramic and also did the entire front end in PPF. Customer is loving it and i actually enjoyed working on this car. My helper did crunch a cut out while i was shrinking he opened a door on the other side and those shoot down quite a bit so had to re cut that door but it was hella funny seeing his reaction. Love this forum thanks for everyone's input .
  7. jsylva

    US Cutter SC Series

    I have a laserpoint ii from us cutter and it works great for cutting tint. As far as the pressure setting, each film is different and you need to figure it out by trial and error. I have mine set at 300mms and the pressure varies depending on thickness of film as well as how old the blade is 25 degree blade from roland i think is what i use. Hope that helps. Also due to this being a cheaper plotter you will have issues here and there where it gets a mind of its own but still gets the job done.
  8. jsylva

    2018 Subaru cross trek, easy or hard?

    Actually pretty simple just ridiculous that all the suv subarus have so many windows lol