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  1. Tesla Model 3

    Yes sir, i typically reverse roll all my windshields. Also use the soak shield rope and dash towel to minimize the water going behind the dash!
  2. Tesla Model 3

    Did my first Model 3 last week, we did the the whole thing including windshield in ceramic and also did the entire front end in PPF. Customer is loving it and i actually enjoyed working on this car. My helper did crunch a cut out while i was shrinking he opened a door on the other side and those shoot down quite a bit so had to re cut that door but it was hella funny seeing his reaction. Love this forum thanks for everyone's input .
  3. US Cutter SC Series

    I have a laserpoint ii from us cutter and it works great for cutting tint. As far as the pressure setting, each film is different and you need to figure it out by trial and error. I have mine set at 300mms and the pressure varies depending on thickness of film as well as how old the blade is 25 degree blade from roland i think is what i use. Hope that helps. Also due to this being a cheaper plotter you will have issues here and there where it gets a mind of its own but still gets the job done.
  4. 2018 Subaru cross trek, easy or hard?

    Actually pretty simple just ridiculous that all the suv subarus have so many windows lol