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  1. Toxic dryer sheets anti static back glass

    Is this your method?
  2. So I currently work at the Audi dealership tinting for almost a year. Then I got a job offer working at one of the best tint shops in the state, they do vinyl, tint, clear and detail. Which would u pick
  3. Gasket wizard help

    So I was given the gasket wizard from my trainer as a gift to somewhat help me on my work. I wasn’t given the bungee straps tho because they are only used when you bottom feed. My trainer said just keep top feeding but use the gasket wizard. He said he will show me how to bottom feed after summer for now just keep doing what I do. I want to bottom feed tho because of the quality I’ve heard it helps with, do i need the bungee straps for the gasket wizard to bottom feed?
  4. Peel Board Ideas

  5. Peel Board Ideas

    Will a dry erase board work as a peel board? just because it’s more lightweight then glass I thought maybe it was a good idea.
  6. I’ve always done the top load/2 stage technique. I bottom loaded once on a infinity qx80 where I had no problems with gaskets. Do you need a gasket wizard to bottom load or is there a certain technique?