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  1. Suntek's new 72" rolls

    I agree with Supreme, the way you came across was sour grapes. Funny you say why market it when there's still 3 months to go, well it's called marketing, you have to get the word out and build and gage interesting in the product especially on a new product you want it to have a successful launch but you've been doing this for 18+ years and know all the senior members of all the major brands so you already knew that, I'm actually surprised you didn't know about the 72 coming out long before they announced it. ...... an no I haven't had my coffee this morning yet either.... ;)
  2. No matter how good you are installing the film you will still get a tiny bubble or two around edges and sometimes on angled curves with sharp angles. Air bubbles do not go away so a tiny syringe can be poked in at a 30-45 degree angle and then just push down with your thumb over the tip of the needle and pull it out. If it's a water bubble or water pocket I would let it evaporate over a 24 hour period and usually it's completely gone the next day, but if there's a tiny bit of air in it, the air bubble will reveal itself after the water evaporates and then you can pop it. This technique can cause a slight mark to appear but if you do it right it will not be noticeable.
  3. Suntek's new 72" rolls

    I'm hearing this will be released early January. Can't wait to get my hands on some.... Got a call the other day for a F12 right after Suntek announced the 72 and I was like "you're in luck".... lol Josh
  4. Llumar PPF Question

    I respectfully agree and disagree with Jeff.... Yes you have to improve your skills and tweak you skills no matter what film you use. I have used multiple different films and consider myself a good installer and some are more difficult to install then other due to variations of adhesive being more or less aggressive as well as some films being able to stretch better then others. I would not want to have to learn and tweak my skills based on what brand of film I'm using. Imagine doing 3 installs with 3 different brands and having to do them each slightly differently.... I say find the film you like the best and use it all the time. You'll be a better installer and your installs will come out more clean with less flaws. You don't need to offer multiple brands to your clients, just explain to them why you use one over another and what the pro's and con's are of each brand.
  5. Suntek's new 72" rolls

    That Viper hood is 80 wide and 80 long??
  6. Also try spraying extra slip in those areas before the install and also right before you push out the air, that should help.
  7. Dry application of PPF

    Dry is not a good way to install PPF for anything, I would suggest using a tiny bit of slip sol at least mist it on or whatever, you need some moisture. Also you can wrap your squeegy in a MF towel or a paper towel and slowly press the PPF down which should allow it to slide across the PPF without marking it up. Josh
  8. You can cut the paint with a kit just the same. If one practices their cutting technique and learns to do it correctly it should not be a problem, doesn't matter whether bulk or kit, you will end up having to trim something. First thing you should learn as a new installer is how to properly score the film. I learned to do bulk from day 1 and do not have any issues with cutting through the film.
  9. One piece on the black area in the center should not be a problem but the bumper itself will be two pieces. The very top shelf of the bumper will have to be separate but the rest should be able to get in one piece if you stretch it from side to side, make sure it's nice and stuck down before you start trimming things away. That's a lot of tension to remove when you take out the whole middle area. I do bumpers in bulk and that's how I'd do it. Josh
  10. Thanks for all the feedback. He hasn't put any film on his car, he was just asking me about the weirdness when his glasses were on and I just honestly didn't know what to tell him. He did say if the film does it he'd rather not have the film on his car. I prob won't do his car since it bugs him so much. Everyone's different about these sorts of things. Thanks for all the insight. Josh

    Most hoods can be installed without ever putting a blade to the paint. You can easily cut half inch off the panel and tuck it all with most hoods.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. He told me some cars with PPF on them did not look weird with his glasses on but then some cars with PPF on them did look weird with his glasses on?? I wasn't sure if it was a certain type of film that does this or all films in general or just films with hydrophobic top coats or what? He said he wears his glasses all the time so if this is the case he just won't put the film on at all???? ugh..... He also mentioned a car in a garage that had film over it that did not look weird with the glasses on but this was in the garage and not direct sunlight. Is it a sunlight thing with the glasses on? if there's cloud cover will it look weird? TIA Josh
  13. Got a call today from a prospective client asking if the Suntek Ultra film I use looks weird with his sunglasses on? He said some cars with clear bras look normal and just like the paint but other cars with clear bras looks all prism like and horrible with his glasses on? Anyone have an answer to this?
  14. Not worth the liability IMO. yes you could do it if you follow these instructions from this video but ask yourself if it's worth the risk. Imagine trying to open it with wet film on it... You don't want to be the one making that phone call to the owner that something went wrong and he's got to get a new hood or whatever....
  15. Long term lifting issues

    3M rep gave me a couple samples of the new Pro Series and I used it on my mirrors which are very round so it required a pretty aggressive stretch and they look like crap, none of the edges that were stretched against have stayed down after a day. I'm not impressed. I've stretched other films just the same and even though there's stretch marks at least they stayed down and in place.