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  1. JoshVette

    Need help with Shelby GT350 R PPF

    I did a full body wrap on a black one with stripes as well and I just trimmed right down the edge. It is a pretty easy cut since that stripe gives you a perfect edge/groove to trim on.
  2. JoshVette

    2018 Porsche 911 turbo S

    I've just recently completed several wraps on new GT3RS's and they are indeed using double side tape. You can easily fix this though by using a flat pry tool and just slide it in to break the bond, do not pry with it as you can dent the thin body panel, you must slide it in and out not pry it but it will easily come off.
  3. Also the rear deck lid will have to have some seems and lines, the rest is pretty easy.
  4. First off I would not let the client decide what film to use. You should be the expert on which film you are better at using. Pick the film you feel will give you the best results and use it. Tesla M3 is a pretty simple job, you should be able to wrap it with out a kit, I would not stress over it.
  5. I purchased an old Chevy SSR 3 years ago from Green Bay and had to drive it back here to TX. One thing that sealed the deal for me was when the guy mentioned the full front end had clear bra on it. I knew it would be protected on the long road trip. You say it doesn't add value, but it's not supposed to add value, it adds protection from chips and bugs and other things that could damage your paint and in my case it added "desirability". Call it snake oil if you want too but it has saved my hood and bumper from certain debris as I drive it regularly and I'm grateful for that especially on a limited production vehicle where replacement parts are very hard to come by. BTW when i was ready to replace it, it peeled off with no issues and just a little adhesive to clean up.
  6. Go to walmart and buy some drop cloth in the paint section, it's like a clear garbage bag material. Use it to trace out your patter and take that template and put it over the PPF and cut it out. Should cost you all of $3 dollars. Josh
  7. JoshVette

    Help and advice needed please

    umm..... suntek
  8. So you want a full car wrap on a rover (big car) from a good shop with "fair" pricing?? What is fair pricing to you? I just did a full wrap on a rover and priced out every square inch was over $6300 plus tax. There's tons of little trim areas and lots of pieces on the roof and the rear deck is very difficult with that curve and trying to trim out around the letters... Do you want all the panels tucked and lines hidden that can be? or do you want a precut kit for less money but with more noticeable lines?
  9. Newer BMW headlights are tough even if you've done them 100's times. If it were me, I'd skip the pre-cut kits, they are too difficult on this type of headlight. Use a larger piece of film that's wider and much longer then the light, tack it to the inner part of the headlight near the grill, then stretch it around to the back and use the excess to stick and secure it to the fender and bumper, squeegee it all out and let it settle up for a bit then trim it all out. This should give you full coverage with just one piece.
  10. JoshVette

    2018 Porsche 911 turbo S

    remove the vent completely and flush and clean it out thoroughly then flush it out again and when you install the film go lighter with the slip solution around that area so it's not dripping.
  11. I agree with Jeff, also try wearing a hat and de lint yourself with a lint roller before you start the larger panels. Flush out all the seems and panel edges very well as that's the real issue most of the time.
  12. JoshVette

    Ferrari 488 Pista

    That hood looks like a nightmare.....
  13. JoshVette

    Suntek's new 72" rolls

    I agree with Supreme, the way you came across was sour grapes. Funny you say why market it when there's still 3 months to go, well it's called marketing, you have to get the word out and build and gage interesting in the product especially on a new product you want it to have a successful launch but you've been doing this for 18+ years and know all the senior members of all the major brands so you already knew that, I'm actually surprised you didn't know about the 72 coming out long before they announced it. ...... an no I haven't had my coffee this morning yet either.... ;)
  14. No matter how good you are installing the film you will still get a tiny bubble or two around edges and sometimes on angled curves with sharp angles. Air bubbles do not go away so a tiny syringe can be poked in at a 30-45 degree angle and then just push down with your thumb over the tip of the needle and pull it out. If it's a water bubble or water pocket I would let it evaporate over a 24 hour period and usually it's completely gone the next day, but if there's a tiny bit of air in it, the air bubble will reveal itself after the water evaporates and then you can pop it. This technique can cause a slight mark to appear but if you do it right it will not be noticeable.
  15. JoshVette

    Suntek's new 72" rolls

    I'm hearing this will be released early January. Can't wait to get my hands on some.... Got a call the other day for a F12 right after Suntek announced the 72 and I was like "you're in luck".... lol Josh