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  1. Curved Residential Window.

    Thanks for the seal failure Info @Ryker I will definitely add some type of disclaimer about this to my form. If you have any ideas on how I could word this I would appreciate it?. If not then no problem, i have google, lol. I’m not very good with coming up with professional wordings lol
  2. Curved Residential Window.

    @Roach thanks for your advice. I’ve read X100 shouldn’t be used with some films like copper or silver films but it should work fine with dual reflective I would think correct??..I’m sure something like rapid tac would work as well??
  3. Curved Residential Window.

    I went to go measure out some residential windows today, most of the windows are self explainatory except they had 4 curved windows. My question is will I have any problems with installation with it being curved. I wouldn’t think I need to shrink since it’s only curved 1 direction. My concern is I dont want it to bubble where the curve is and end up being a nightmare. Does anyone have any experience with these. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Film that will be used is 5% ceramic dual reflective from Global
  4. Tool longer than bulldozer?

    @drtint they should have made it that long in the first place lmao...cool tool btw...thanks for sharing
  5. Tool longer than bulldozer?

    @Super Dave really!..ima have to give it a try if I have issues..thanks for info
  6. Tool longer than bulldozer?

    @TNTLady already purchased and ready to give it a try
  7. Tool longer than bulldozer?

    @Tint Slayer true that..
  8. Tool longer than bulldozer?

    @no ma'am wish I had the reach in my arsenal lol..ordering it now, I’ve heard lots of good things about it
  9. Tool longer than bulldozer?

    @jh812 lol ...ok I’m gonna give it a try if I have a hard time getting it to stick..thanks for the info
  10. Tool longer than bulldozer?

    @jh812 like a plastic clipboard?..sounds interesting..
  11. Tool longer than bulldozer?

    @highplains I’m gonna have to look into that tool.. thanks for the info
  12. Tool longer than bulldozer?

    @pbalentine yeah I have the titan tool..for some reason I can’t get used to it lol..I must not use it enough..ima give it a try on this Window for sure
  13. Tool longer than bulldozer?

    @Ryker yes I do..the problem is my arms and hands are too big for the small gap I pretty much just hold the bulldozer with my fingers lol..but it did the job last time.
  14. Tool longer than bulldozer?

    Any tools out there for back windows longer than the bulldozer?.. I have a 2016 Camaro coming and last time I tinted one it was a pain pushing the water out the bottom. Any thoughts will be appreciated.
  15. GCC Jaguar V LX Plotter 40”

    Thankyou @jh812 for the information..I was going to start out with Film and Vinyl designs so let me know how First Cut goes for you after a little while...