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  1. K13evin

    Pinnacle tint seems kind of light for 30%

    Yes sir it's PiPi 25%. But it's the only line that will meter darker for some reason
  2. They should have the same. I have Pinnacle on the lady's car and Stratos on mine. Can't tell a difference.
  3. K13evin

    Pinnacle tint seems kind of light for 30%

    Our Pinnacle in 25% will meter 22 on the glass. But AFC 20% will hit at 22 to 23 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. K13evin

    stratos vs crystalline

    To have Stratos you have to be a FormulaOne Dealer. Stratos is super thick but heats easy and goes on nice. The performance of the film is super nice too.
  5. K13evin

    Facebook is soooo behind

    It's all noobs that use his film. Pluse they Control the group, so anyone that says anything gets kicked out.
  6. Go with Pinnacle. Its got a nice look to it. Or jump up to Stratos,