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  1. BigRuski

    PPF on Natural Stone

    I had people ask me to ppf expensive tables and counters. Even elevators. Haven't followed through with 1 yet
  2. Will never happen. I am not even phased. No car manufacturer will give it as base. Why? 1. They increase the value of their vehicle in their target market, if competitors don't then they will be at a major disadvantage. Not cost effective. 2. All striping / decals are currently installed AT the dealership. 3. They will be taking money away from dealerships who offer it as an aftermarket accessory from the F&I side. 4. I hate doing dealer work, they want it for dirt cheap but the highest quality in the shortest time. 5. If factory starts installing, my market will only increase and my prices will too because now they will want it like factory *BY HAND* So to replicate instead of now charging $6500 for full car I will bump it up to $8000. Only person that loses is the one that focuses on only dealers and uses strictly precut kits. 6. How will a dealership replicate that install if most of dealership installers slap on precut partial hood and fenders all day? They will call an outside installer and that's when we make them bend over.
  3. BigRuski

    2020 Toyota Supra

    Lol click on the picture it will enlarge and you can zoom in. @JoshVette Thanks bro, it was a tough cookie.
  4. BigRuski

    2020 Toyota Supra

    She is done boys
  5. By hand, solo installing. 0 precuts, tucking all edges. Easy car 28 - 30 hours. Difficult car 36 hours. Gwagon 50 - 60 hours.
  6. BigRuski

    2020 Toyota Supra

    LOL bumper from another planet. Soon it starts ahhahah I will post progress pics
  7. BigRuski

    2020 Toyota Supra

    Lol that's going last ahhahah I am leaving an entire day just for that. I sat there envisioning how it will go on for quiet a bit. I got a pretty good plan
  8. BigRuski

    2020 Toyota Supra

    @JoshVette it's going Satin. Here is XPEL Stealth at work
  9. If I am not mistaken, they just buy Hexis and rename it. Alot of companies are doing that in the middle east and Asia. Some of my clients brought me some from Dubai to look at and test. Not a fan. Like the Ceramic Pro deal where I heard they are buying the film from XPEL and they made Fusion for the trade. I like IGL Kenzo in coatings. I may be wrong.
  10. Regarding people bashing XPEL for support (big guy little guy thing). To succeed in any business, dont rely on someone else, build a strong foundation yourself. It's harder but end result is so much better. When i started, I had a partner (we had a falling out) I had to start from scratch. Now at a point, I cant do any sales what so ever because too busy. I help other smaller shops giving them a bit better deals so they survive the winter, then they end up pumping out so many cars for me to do that I am overloaded and they grow. Owning a PPF install shop matches very well with a Ceramic Coater / BodyShop repair. Your profits only go up when you can offer to repair a person's car or give them a cheaper option over just wrapping a full car. Full paint correction + Full front ppf + entire car ceramic coated. Providing Quality Work, with a no hassle guarantee of any repair if there are issues, offering more options then just ppf. You can easily get $40k a month gross for a solo installer. Only issue I am running into now is working too much. I went 3 days straight with support of Redbulls to wrap a Corvette Z06 brand new all custom including all trim pieces. (He wanted every inch covered) And finding helpers (but that's with everyone.) The only thing I need from XPEL, is on time delivery of material and no issues with material.
  11. I am loyal to XPEL, have converted all my clients to it. I literally do 0 sales, got to a point where people just call me. From March until November, I barely have a day off. Some days I go 20+ hours straight just to keep up. Had 3 2019 Gwagons this year that were back to back full custom by hand wraps. They consume ALOT of time. Suntek Ultra i noticed doesnt like alcohol. I use very little but one of my clients tried to convince me and I showed him all the burn marks in the ppf from alcohol. For me personally XPEL works great and I came from 3M Venture Shield (was not a fan of ProSeries when it came out). Alot of top quality installers I know in the area all switched to XPEL. Just finished this bad boy. He came in mid wrap with his brother (I wrapped his Maserati full front and Ceramic coated the rest) he got jealous how good the Mustang looked so now he is bringing the Maserati to get coating stripped and wrap the rest of the Masi. I just wish XPEL had a distribution centre in Toronto, so I can pick up rolls on demand. Since I go through 1 full 60" every 2-3 days or so
  12. BigRuski

    2020 Toyota Supra

    @ppfdistributing I am SO against precut it's not even funny. I see it as a money loss in my type of service. By hand it comes out so much better.
  13. Has anyone got their hands on one yet? (to wrap) i had a buddy at another shop wrap just full front in gloss and says it was a nightmare. *i have to do it in matte the entire car* Customer picked it up today and just drove it straight to me from dealer 2020 Toyota Supra GR (White color). I now have to wrap it in XPEL Stealth. It looks pretty tough. I've done some crazy jobs so far. The hood is oversized, the front bumper looks like an alien for a ppf installer. *I do all installs by hand* 0 precuts. Just as a heads up.
  14. BigRuski

    Avoid it happening

    I see this every so often customers come to me from other install shops (most recent Ferrari 488GTB). Majority of the time (it doesn't matter what type of car the person owns), some people think if 1 person charges $6500 to wrap a full car, then the next guy charges $4000 (that means the expensive guy is just gouging the price) and they want a deal so they go with the cheaper option, then end up getting a lemon of an install. That $6500 has now become $4000 + removal (which can get very pricey) + $6500