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  1. Do you have factory privacy tint on the rear. Maybe just go darker on the back window like 5% if you got a backup camera and at your own risk do 50% on the windshield. Most places your not even allowed clear IR film on the windshield. If you got dot matrix...it ll be obvious which is why I recently had to strip mine. A 5% AS1 line sunstrip on the windshield would help darker things up also. You can do one over the 50% if you get that done. I personally wouldnt go any darker on the front windows . Darken the vehicle elsewhere like the rear window. If it's an SUV, most states dont regulate the rear windows. Personally, I would just 5% the rear window if you have a backup camera. I could still see through the through the truck with 50% on the windshield. The windshield will make your front sides look slightly darker if you get it done though. I got 30% on mine and it made them look 20%. I'm in the same boat. I did my rear windows all the same shade and it seems the back window looks lighter than the rear sides. I think you can do just the back window a shade down and it'll look fine.
  2. I know. But I'm talking about adding another layer over what I have now of something light like 45%.....so factory tint+35%+?.
  3. Want to make the back window darker on my truck. Tinter said he can add another layer over the current layer rather than peel it. Says theres no reason to peel the current layer. I have a pickup truck and it's a solid back window and no rear defroster. I currently have 40% over the factory 20%. It is too light. 20% over the back was too dark. I want to bring the 40% down to 25-30% over the factory 20%. He says adding a layer of 45% will get it there.
  4. Should I get this redone?

    I think it maybe fine. I was just wondering about the edge of the tint adhering to the dots and starting to peel down the road versus adhering to the grey material beyond it. As you can see in the grey/black area...you can see light through it. There is an area in the factory center visor (with the dots)...there is a row of dots the tint just barely covers but not completely. Dont know if its gonna be noticable or not. Thanks-
  5. Had a windshield strip done on my truck and wondering if I should ask to get it redone. They plotted the strip with a digital plotter since I asked for a "straight" one. When they showed it to me, it was too low. So, I guess to "raise" it, they had to recut the top profile....since the bottom edge cant be hand cut since it's a curve to lay flat. So, they only cut to the edge of the dot matrix. They is a grey area beyond the dot matrix that light is able to shine through and tint isnt covering that. With all the rain here, it hasn't been sunny to see if this is really noticeable. My other concern is can the edge of the tint rest on the dot matrix like this or should it have been tinted beyond the dot matrix? Just wondering if it will stay stuck there. So what do you think?
  6. 17 F-250

    I had my done. They just notched around the top of the mirror mount unless your doing one really low below the mirror mount.
  7. Measuring Tint Strip?

    So starting at the edge of the dot matrix at the top? Just wondering in general where they measure from.
  8. Measuring Tint Strip?

    So when they say 5" from the top of the windshield in the laws regarding the Windshield As1 line strips, where at the top do you measure from? I have a new F150 and the roof is tiered in the middle at the top of the glass. I'm also running a contoured strip (straight). So is the measurement of 5" taken from the outside of the vehicle or the inside? And does the non clear part of the windshield count behind the molding? It's only a 3" strip in the center from the inside and 5.5" on the edges due to the tiered roofline.
  9. Air 80 on Windshield?

    My original reason for tinting the windshield was to knock down glare and I dont think Air 80 does much with that. The IR blocking is nice but not my main concern. 50% tint helps but what I'm gonna do is do what I said with the glare strip then go back and tint the back window darker. I find I get more glare coming from behind than head on actually. My front sides need to be darker too due to the glare from the side mirrors but I dont want to go any darker there. Being a truck/SUV though, the back window can be like 5% if I like. Plus to get the full benefits of the ceramic front window tint...I'd have to tint the entire vehicle ceramic which the current tint is not. And if I'm dishing that amount of money, might as well get the vehicle ceramic coated, PPF, etc.
  10. Air 80 on Windshield?

    I think I'm just going to pass on getting the entire windshield done and just remove the 50% and replace with just the strip.
  11. Had 50% on the windshield but got pulled over for it. Got a warning for it. Dont have to pull it but I think I am. He said the dot matrix border gave it away plus it has a rainbow effect to it in some light. Now if I pull it and have Air 80 applied, how noticable will it be? I'm concerned about the blue color of the Air 80 and it creating a border around the dot matrix even though its lighter. Also concerned about the same rainbow effect that the 50% had on the outside. Without sunglasses on. How clear is the Air 80? Is it grainy? The last option would be to pull the 50% and just go with a 5% AS1 line visor which is allowed here. The Air Blue is Not legal. I have a 2017 F150 and the dot matrix on the windshield does not play kindly with tint. Thanks-
  12. Then it'll be a waste of money if it makes little difference. I was told by a guy that does tint that it would make little difference between 35/40% down to 30%. 20% over the factory 20% did not allow me to see out back at night and 35% over the factory 20% still allows glare from headlights behind me. So maybe theres no happy medium here....one or the other I guess. I wish I couldve seen samples of different shades of film over the factory privacy glass from the get go. I've had a hard time finding examples online of different shades of tint over privacy glass like people have done examples over clear glass.
  13. So 40 over 40 over the 20 factory comes out the same as 20% over factory tint? 5%? Then what does 30% over factory tint come out to?....my tinter says doing his lightest film 45% over the 35-40% on there already will net the same as a single piece of 30% film over the back or at least somewhere in the 25-30% range over the factory tint. Dont know if 30% from 35-40% over factory 20% will make at least a 5% difference? If its gonna make a 1% difference or something like that, then it's not even worth it. Thanks-
  14. Update: The 35% my tinter used which is on the back window currently is more like a 40% (38-39%) I think the idea to net a legal 35% when applied to the front windows. His 30% on the other hand is actually a 30%. So going to 30% would be 10% darker over the rear. And I suspect once you start approaching those low VLT numbers....5 and 10% start to make a MUCH bigger difference.
  15. Very true. But it was also hard seeing to back up at night....however I have since added a backup camera which works well. All three blacked out made the backseat noticeably darker than the rest of the truck....maybe just blacking out the rear window will be okay. I have 50% on the windshield but it is pretty clear and lets in a lot of light. Thanks-