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  1. CaptainSpod

    To all shop callers! How would you handle this situation?

    I personally have seen MANY new vehicles come from the dealer with flaws, and these are vehicles without even a few hundred miles on them. Unfortunately most consumers don't start to notice imperfections until after they have had some type of after market work done to it, in our case being window tinting.
  2. I have Madico's nano-ceramic Black Pearl 5% on my sides and back window with Black Pearl 75% on the front windshield and love it! Wish i would have done 50% on the front windshield but the install is perfect so don't want to redo until I have to 😊
  3. CaptainSpod

    Let's See Your Websites

    This is our website that we are continuously trying to improve on! Been in business for over 30+ years now and family owned and operated!
  4. CaptainSpod

    New windshield, time for tint. 50% vs 70%

    I always put 70% on my windshields only due to the fact I tint the sides and back windows dark, so I have plenty of privacy. Not to mention I still get 18% glare reduction from my 70% which is plenty for me. No reason to go darker for me personally unless you're not trying to be seen for whatever reason, or you legitimately have a medical reason to go darker.
  5. CaptainSpod

    White specs BG. Help!

    More than likely it's some contamination that is occurring due to dirt or even some carpet fibers, depending on the vehicle. Always be careful when squeeging the bottom portion of the back window, cause if you drag your tool incorrectly and have your tool dragging along the carpet, you could be causing little particles to resurface in the air and back onto the glass. Never hurts to clean twice!
  6. CaptainSpod

    Is 5% tint on the windshield reasonable?

    We know someone who has been tinting as a side job for extra cash. He recently installed 35% on a younger guys windshield. Well unfortunately the young man did not see a girl at night time who was walking, he hit her and killed her. I don't care how good your eyes are, or how you adjust them to fit something that isn't needed. When you start going to such dark percentages, you are risking not only your safety, but the safety and LIVES of others.
  7. CaptainSpod

    Puzzled at this request

    Very impressed with how the car is turning out! Shouts out to your professionalism and art in the craft!