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  1. Anyone local to Salisbury pa, 15558. Let’s make a deal on this as a whole! Plotter is a vinyl express Q-42, comes with media basket. It’s 9.5 months old, Teflon strip and blade was replaced 2 weeks ago. Comes with extra blades and a new back up Teflon strip. All factory paper work included. Tint keg is 5 gallons, dual sprayer set up with brass nozzles and swivels. Used for only a couple months, no leaks. Soak ropes and gasket wizard 5’X7’ peel board on rollers Global QDP film Fulls 1-5% 40” 1-15% 40” 2-20% 40” 1-30% 40” 2-5% 20” 1-5% 12” Half’s 1-5% 40” 1-15% 40” 1-20% 40” 1-30% 40” 1-50% 40” 2 5% 12” 2 rolls of dotrix 1- half 1-brand new
  2. redgar826

    No more black turbo or black unger channel

    I use the pink clean (softest squeegee available) and never had any issues with it...
  3. Remove them, I’ve tried shrinking over certain back glass decals and it’s only ever screwed me. If there is any decal in the way, I simply let the customer know and I remove them.
  4. redgar826

    New redline squeegee any body tried them ?

    Orange crush, pink clean and the redline.
  5. redgar826

    New redline squeegee any body tried them ?

    The redline squeegee beveled version has a thicker bevel than any of the other fusion blades to begin with which does help. I’d say it’s maybe 1/8”-3/16” thicker, I’ve compared brand new orange crushes to a new redline.
  6. redgar826

    New redline squeegee any body tried them ?

    Yes sir, 44 tools has them
  7. redgar826

    New redline squeegee any body tried them ?

    I have both generations of the blue max and the first gen is harder than the second. With that being said the redline is stiffer than both gens of the bluemax. The blue maxes are inconsistent and that’s my biggest complaint with them. It removes a considerably larger amount of moisture then the bluemax for sure. I used to use the blue max before switching to the redline. I use the 1/4 cropped version as well. Order one and give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed I can assure you.
  8. redgar826

    New redline squeegee any body tried them ?

    Best damn squeegee blade for auto hands down. Love mine. They glide across the film and remove ridiculous amounts of water as well. Take your current squeegee and do an initial pass then follow up with the redline and see for yourself! I used to use a little softer squeegee for rear windows but have the redline a shot for the last few I have done and it’s awesome!!
  9. redgar826

    Best tint software??!!

    Film vinyl designs, tried Tint Tek and suntek TruCut’s and film vinyl designs have them beat by far.
  10. redgar826

    Global qdp 5-20% hue how’s it look? Haze?

    5% is black, 15% is my favorite! It has a slight dark gray hue to it but it’s by far the best looking film I have ever seen! 20% has a very very slight gray/brown kinda hue. Nothing dramatic but I’ve found it matches a lot better to factory tinted glass than any previous films I’ve used in the past.
  11. redgar826

    Tint slime

    I love tint slime. Switched to slime after starting with baby shampoo, then switched to fusion which didn’t offer enough slip no matter how little or more I added. Slime was my last resort and I fell in love. Everyone has their preference and reasoning for other options which I respect but I no longer have to deal with the gunk build up like shampoo. Slime seems to work better than anything else for the back windows as well. Knock on wood but no more fighting peanuts and random fingers either. I did switch to global QDP as soon as o switched to tint slime as well so maybe those problems weren’t resolved by only switching to slime. I like to believe it does play a role though!
  12. redgar826

    Puffy paint question ???

    Leave it and let it dry. Turns out great!!
  13. redgar826

    Global and Fading

    QDP (quick dry plus) is definitely top notch stuff! Switched completely over to global now.!
  14. redgar826

    Fusion 5 handle

    Grind that ring off? Fusion now offers the shorty handles with and without that if I recall.
  15. redgar826

    Am I being too picky?

    Take it back and politely ask them to fix the issue but I will warn you, once you get that spec fixed or replaced, you will find another somewhere else and so on and so forth.