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  1. Tint slime

    I love tint slime. Switched to slime after starting with baby shampoo, then switched to fusion which didn’t offer enough slip no matter how little or more I added. Slime was my last resort and I fell in love. Everyone has their preference and reasoning for other options which I respect but I no longer have to deal with the gunk build up like shampoo. Slime seems to work better than anything else for the back windows as well. Knock on wood but no more fighting peanuts and random fingers either. I did switch to global QDP as soon as o switched to tint slime as well so maybe those problems weren’t resolved by only switching to slime. I like to believe it does play a role though!
  2. Puffy paint question ???

    Leave it and let it dry. Turns out great!!
  3. Global and Fading

    QDP (quick dry plus) is definitely top notch stuff! Switched completely over to global now.!
  4. Fusion 5 handle

    Grind that ring off? Fusion now offers the shorty handles with and without that if I recall.
  5. Am I being too picky?

    Take it back and politely ask them to fix the issue but I will warn you, once you get that spec fixed or replaced, you will find another somewhere else and so on and so forth.
  6. Top Brand Window Film

    Global QDP. Switched from suntek carbon and love the global so much better!!!
  7. New Body 2019 Ram 1500

    All is good, I haven’t had a chance to tint one of these back windows, this truck just came for matching fronts so I peeked at the rest. When I do get to do one, I’m going to do my best to bump it up far as I can and see what it looks like. At least there is a dot matrix there but still that may make things better or worse! I will try to see if that plastic piece can be moved at all to tuck but it sure didn’t feel or look like it would when I checked it out the first time.
  8. New Body 2019 Ram 1500

    Here’s the top edge of a rear back sliding glass. As stated above, absolutely no room to tuck or overlap the film. The small spot you may see in these pics looks like a boarder but it’s just a reflection off the plastic piece.
  9. Fusion hybrid, blue max, or orange crush???

    I started with blue max, went to the orange crush, then tried the hybrid, now I only use the orange crush. First pass antske it light then I do a second and apply more pressure. I love it.
  10. Blue max tools on ebay ???

    Orange crush! I’ve tried the blue max when I started, didn’t like it. Then it tried the fusion hybrid and it was pretty good but I like the cropped style, so I stuck with the orange crush and I love it. Removes all the moisture I need it to just by pressing a tad harder with it on my second passes.
  11. Greasy film on defroster lines ???

    SOS pads for rear windows/defrosters. They would work just as well for any window that has a greasy film. A blue scotch pad would work as well I’m sure.
  12. Using cleaning and a slip solution???

    I use fusion all type slip solution and usually just wipe the windows once I make the final pass. Sometimes I may need to mist it first but it works. Beats the bell out of buying a bunch of cans of cleaner as well.
  13. Slip Solution

    Sorry for the confusion haha, when I said I lay the tint with the doors closed I meant my garage doors, not the vehicles. Haha sorry once again for the confusion, I actually never thought about doing it that way though if I was mobile but it’s a good idea in theory.
  14. Soap chunks??

    I have had good luck with 1oz. Fusion to a gallon of distilled water. Just measure it out, dump it in and shake it up good. I then use that gallon jug all day for my spray bottles.
  15. Soap chunks??

    But...are they really all that dirty with all the extra soap that was in them!?😂😂😂 nah but for real I did learn that it only take a few extra minutes to empty them out at the end of the day and rinse every few days. I have always used distilled water and I’m currently switching from Johnson’s baby shampoo to fusion all type. I really like that stuff since I got my ratio figured out and in that case, more isn’t always better for providing more slip.