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  1. What did you tint today?

    My own patio doors with LLumar DR15 since the roll was already in the film handler for another job. Fiancé is happy, that's what counts, right?
  2. Visor strip trick with fat sharpie !!!

    This is how I have done the ones that customers have asked for extra length on. Wax pencil marks at equal lengths on the sides. I then run a piece of masking tape as straight as I can (with the curve of course) and shrink as needed. This gives me a full length reference for setting things in place.
  3. Ceramic films

    Been there twice now. Very friendly people and more than willing to share information. Joe at the front gate is a super nice and understanding guy too!
  4. Hardest roll ups to bottom load

    I just spent the last week fighting with Ford Transit front roll up doors. Not the smaller Transit Connect but the full size Transit vans like U-Haul has for rent. Can't bottom load them because its all part of the same seal/sweep. Hole. Lee. Hell. Pain in the rear but after 6 vans I got a little quicker. @jh812 is right though, the body style Jetta before the new ones (13-18 maybe?) has some deep sides.
  5. Keep options simple

    I don't know if it would work 100% of the time with my customers but I figured it would be worth a try. Worst case, we swap words for numbers. Still doesn't change the inventory though.
  6. Keep options simple

    True. Had someone ask "What do you carry?" so I tell them what shades I stock. Then flat out asked for something I didn't have. Hence my thoughts on moving to the Legal, Light, Medium and Dark scale. Don't even talk numbers with them. Makes it safer.
  7. Keep options simple

    Two options, four shades in each. Really its ATC or CTX then a couple options on darkness. There is AIR too but thats mostly reserved for windshields. Thinking of doing up sample boards with Legal, Light, Medium and Dark to avoid the whole number situation. Correspond Legal, Light, Medium and Dark as 50, 35, 15 or 20 and 5. I can't stand the "Do you have like a 26?" question.
  8. window film inventory

    This is what I do. I plotter cut so I use the smallest roll possible for each corresponding window. There is some loss associated with everything obviously because nothing is square. For inventory I write the date I "opened" the roll, then I write how many feet were pulled off and the date again each time I use that roll. Say I do a car, my box top would look something like; Opened 10/1 -12 10/1 -15 10/2 etc... This way, when I get past ~55-65 feet, I know its time to restock that roll so I don't cut myself short.
  9. Need Opinion on Windshields Tint

    I agree with the couple posts from above. I have yet to do mine but when the time comes I am thinking 50% top to bottom. I've done a handful in 50% for people already. Have a close friend asking me to do 35% on his and I'm dragging my feet.
  10. Best tint software??!!

    I like some things about it and other things I think PrecisionCut does better. For example; with PCS there is (what I would call) a "cut table" where your patterns get loaded to. In DAP there isn't anything like that. Just a matter of adjusting and figuring the differences out. It did save my butt two weeks ago however. Had a 2011 BMW 328i in the shop and DAP had patterns that PCS did not. Full ceramic treatment too, would have been a big job to not be able to complete cleanly. If it weren't so expensive and/or business was better, I would honestly consider running both pieces of software. The kicker with both of them is film. Kind of a "buy film from us for cheaper software operation" type deal.
  11. Best tint software??!!

    I subscribe to PrecisionCut through LLumar. Also currently testing out DAP from Xpel on a short trial.
  12. What did you tint today?

    What did you use for film? I've had a couple requests to look at and price RVs but no one has followed through yet. Been wondering if I should go the Auto route or the Architectural route. Obviously the windshield would have to be Auto.
  13. Pic of the Week #594 Submissions

    I'll play this week. This was my truck the morning of my birthday. Crew cab truck, back looked the same. Fiancé thought she was funny.
  14. enforcer ii tint meter question

    You can do it. Just need to keep the film taught and trip the lever. An extra hand wouldn't hurt. Easiest way would be a small piece of glass that you could put samples on of your film.