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  1. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    Thats the thing, I have done a handful of them with LLumar ATC and had very minimal to no issues with it. That Air just kicked my ass yesterday for whatever reason. I was not left with a good option either. Leave it with the crease and get it later, peel it and try round three for that day or peel it and don't try at all. Would rather steam it off later since the truck will be back, I don't feel like as much of a quitter that way.
  2. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    You wet shrink windshields and back glasses? I have done a wet check after dry shrinking but I am too nervous to apply a lot of heat to a windshield. Do you mix a special bottle of slip just for windshield installs? I may try the Joy route or possibly get some Tint Slime. My issue yesterday was lack of movement to position the film once I had it 99% on the window. I am already committed to doing the window over but what I don't want to do is waste any more ceramic film than I already have. I know I have to learn but damn does it hurt learning with the expensive stuff.
  3. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    I was taught to use dryer sheets and the glove. Like I said I have no issues with back windows and minimal issues with non-ceramic film on windshields. Hell I didn't have any other major issues with this window except that one corner. I stock ATC, limited CTX and Air. I've done a couple with ATC and no issues, although not a Ram truck... I don't believe the glass has been replaced but that could be.
  4. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    I don't know that technique. May have to do some searching on the forums and YouTube. Setting my "mid-point" higher may help too. I had zero issues shrinking the bottom half today. @DynamicATL - You do a decent amount of ceramic. How often do you guys to windshields?
  5. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    Good call. I think some of my literature still says blue. Today was windshield #2 with it and as you saw, did not go well.
  6. Is 5% tint on the windshield reasonable?

    This is my biggest fear with doing dark tint, windshield or otherwise. I haven't had anyone ask for anything darker than 50% on their windshield yet but I am sure the day will come and I will have to turn them away on morals alone.
  7. Had a customer today that was getting Air Blue 90 on the windshield of his 2005 Dodge Ram 3500. (I know I know, should have bought AB80 instead of AB90.) Shrinking didn't go too bad except for the passenger side top corner. Creased it on the first piece while shrinking. Did it again on the second try, basically the same problem. Smaller crease that he was ok with for the time being. I am not happy about leaving it though. It's a friend's (and multiple time customer) truck who is slowly doing ceramic over everything so he took it and I will be replacing it once he is ready to do his doors. Question is; do you guys have any secret tips or tricks for shrinking windshields? I usually treat them the same as I do back windows. I clean the outside of the windshield, use a Bounce dryer sheet for slip/stick and shrink as I would a back window. Please tell me it wasn't as much me as it was this truck being a problem child... As far as install goes; how do you mix your slip? I use Film On for my slip solution and usually run 3-4 pumps (7-10ml) in my Polyspray 2 pump sprayer for side and rear windows. I ran 6 pumps today and still had issues with enough slip on install. I moved the film to my peel board, trimmed the edges closer to my plotter cuts and did a reverse roll. Any and all advice would be appreciated. Don't really want to be throwing away 15+ square feet of film every time I try to do a windshield in Air Blue or CTX. (As usual, looking at you @jh812 and @TNTLady and maybe @Naples Tint Company knowing that you are knocking out ceramic windshields often enough.)
  8. Pic of the Week #580 Submissions

    I'd say that is another example of worth more than the vehicle like @jh812 submission. Although, in that kind of shape and running, that truck is likely worth twice or three times that ZX2.
  9. I currently have 35% over my factory windows on my 2006 GMC Sierra. They meter to either 7 or 8 on my Enforcer II. My most common request when going over factory has been 15%. I have had a small handful ask for 5% over their factory tinted windows. If you are just looking for a little extra and to still be a touch darker than the fronts you should be just fine adding the 30% over top.
  10. Insurance

    I am needing to get mine as well but the quote I received was mid-$500 for 12 months. If I remember correctly it was a $500 deductible with up to $500,000 max damages.
  11. Most annoying customers

    I tell everyone 6 hours with the explanation that I would rather tell them 6 and have it take 4 than the other way around. I just had a guy ask for that last week. Called twice nonetheless. I gave him a similar reason; brand, training, warranty, etc... Said he was going with his trailer to Alabama for a month or so, I kindly wished him luck finding someone down south to do an install with his film.
  12. Most annoying customers

    Stories like this make me happy I have a shop with no waiting area. Drop off only. That said, I have had a few friends hang out. Actually had one who tinted his own truck with a precut kit and wasn't happy with how it looked. Stripped it in my shop, very well I might add, and had me redo it.
  13. Stinky dirty cars!

    Thought I was gonna have one of those last week. Box even said Marijuana on the side of it. But, I confirmed when he came back to pick it up that he had already turned in his "testing material" for the K9 before bringing me his patrol car.
  14. Quick story need advice

    Hou don't have to rush or work fast to be a good tinter either. Just because this guy wants to have you tinting in his detail shop doesn't mean you have to be able to tint 10 cars a day on your own. Set realistic expectations for yourself and consequently for him. If it takes you 5 hours to do a car, thats what it takes. You will get faster and more confident, if you want to.
  15. Quick story need advice

    That is good advice @Whyme! I was interested in it and decided to take a class with LLumar. I watched every YouTube video I could before hand and decided that it was something I at least wanted to try and see if I could do to possibly make at least some side income if not a career out of. I never touched a knife or a piece of tint before class because my mindset was that I wanted to learn the correct way before developing any bad habits. Plus, I didn't want to screw up my vehicle (or anyone else's) with my personal learning process. It sounds like you have skills already if you have been doing it as side/friend work for 5 years, maybe all you need it a little reassurance to realize that. A class could help your confidence and maybe also help you decide if this is a part time thing or a potential career for you to continue doing. Either way, you'll make the decision that is right for you. Good luck in finding which answer fits you best!