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  1. ErieTint

    Facebook is soooo behind

    The (lack of) deep pockets is one of the things that steered me away from them. I greatly appreciate the content that Ralph creates and the openness he has had toward some parts of our industry but I also understand that he is one major issue away from potentially disappearing or being forced to close his doors. Brands like LLumar, 3M and XPEL have larger backings and in turn should have less issues with warranty claims, stock, etc...
  2. ErieTint

    Tint school?

    I don't think @Midtown Houston is out of line. I also agree with @florida tinter with what that training could ultimately set you up for. But, as @highplains is saying, what are the chances of you retaining all of that information in a two week period? Install, sales and general business training. That's a crash course at best time line wise. I would like to see someone offer a more industry focused business training program. Something more geared toward our industry. That would be valuable to me. I'm a firm believer that the best way to gain speed and quality on your installs, within reason, is repetition. The business side however, you could make some small adjustments that could turn into huge profits and never "stumble across" them no matter how long you're in business.
  3. ErieTint

    What did you tint today?

    What is the preferred film choice and darkness for a Texas based shop van? 20% sides and 50% windshield? (I agree on the windshield. Watched @OverLord get upset with his the day we tinted it.)
  4. ErieTint

    New windshield tint- dash cam install

    Can you replace the tape out mount with something suction cup style? I recommend to my customers to use suction cup mounts for their EZ-Pass and radar detectors. Less chance of damage from the suction cup removal than there is with tape.
  5. ErieTint

    Tint school?

    I would say, depending on how deep he wants to get into it, to look toward the brand he is choosing and how they recommend handling training a newbie. I'm a LLumar guy and went through their training program at their facility in Virginia. Automotive was a four day course. Went back a year later and took Architectural which was only a two day course. The thing I liked most was that you receive a certificate for completion of each course. Not that it necessarily means anything but to some customers it is comforting. Its kind of like walking into the car audio shop back in the day and the guys had Rockford Fosgate or Pioneer or Alpine certificates all over the walls. (My local shop did at least.) Big down side to it, with LLumar at least, was the initial buy in. You have to be pretty committed to sticking with tinting. I had to order a good amount of film and become listed as a dealer to even be eligible to take the course, which also cost money. It is good and bad because it weeds out the fly by night guys that aren't serious about doing it and sticking with it to make some real money. Does he live near you? When I was shopping around, before I had picked a brand, I was leaning toward SunTek purchased through a distributor in PA. They offered up a one-on-one training program that I believe was at their facility. I can see if I still have that info if you would like to pass it along. Although, I think it would be tough to pass up training with @flat rock stan from everything I have read. I don't think training with @Midtown Houston would be bad either from what I have seen from him. Price is a little steep but I'm sure you go very thoroughly over a wide range of things.
  6. ErieTint

    Rain x

    Do you have to remove it? Depending on how dark you tint it and which windows you choose, maybe just leave it on...? Could always ask and see what the rental company thinks. May get lucky simply peeling the fronts and windshield as needed.
  7. ErieTint

    New Llumar IRX

    I got a heat box from @Midtown Houston and put 35% samples of ATC, CTX and IRX in it. The drop in felt heat between ATC and CTX is honestly incredible to me. The drop from CTX to IRX isn't nearly as drastic but you can still tell a difference. It has already swayed a few customers for me and has me fully convinced that when mine gets redone it will be getting IRX.
  8. ErieTint

    New Llumar IRX

    Install on the IRX went smooth this morning. Didn't even think about it before I started running patterns, I didn't make any setting changes on the plotter. Half way through I thought abut it and got afraid with it being a thicker film that it may cause some issues and not cut through far enough. None to be had so that was a plus. Film went on smooth and with little to no issues. I do mostly ATC and treated it as such, felt pretty much the same to me. Now the AIR90 on the windshield, well that is a different story. If only I could get better at those damn things and start knocking more of them out. Suppose those two factors kind of tie together, huh?
  9. ErieTint

    New Llumar IRX

    Hey @Sunbreakers is that the new board offered through the dealer portal or is that something you had made for you? Side note; doing my first install with it tomorrow. Regular cab F150 getting IRX 35 on doors and rear window, AIR 90 on the windshield.
  10. ErieTint

    YOUR Thoughts on flexfilm

    I appreciate the effort the man has put into building a brand. His videos are (mostly) informative and his general tips and techniques gave me a lot of direction when I was beginning. I have ZERO experience with the film itself though so I can't comment on that.
  11. ErieTint

    New Llumar IRX

    It boasts pretty high numbers for IR rejection but that equation is so much more than just that. They are having trouble keeping up with demand right now. I finally got my hands on some and should be slapping it on a truck this weekend. Not gonna lie, kinda excited to see how much of a difference it makes.
  12. ErieTint

    What did you tint today?

    Nothing when you have issues like this. Not sure if you can see the track lines in the film or not. (That's a lie, @OverLord and I were semi productive today.)
  13. ErieTint

    Window tinter needed in top 5 shop in USA

    Shoot. Gonna have to order me some of that Carbon Fiber!
  14. ErieTint

    Prestige CeraLuxe Quantum Ceramic Or F1

    What is the vehicle?
  15. ErieTint

    3M Ceramic IR

    Is this a step above or below Crystalline?