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  1. ErieTint

    Upgrading your brand

    I have been thinking along the same lines. I had shirts and koozies made for a local car show back in September. Gave some shirts to close friends and early customers. Put koozies in the grab bag for all the pre-registered car show cars. Thinking of giving away my remaining koozies to the first X vehicles this year. Had a lot of inquires about shirts too. Next run I think I am going to sell some and get some extras for people who do a ceramic install or something. Like @Naples Tint Company said, its about keeping them talking. Everyone wears a free shirt, even if its just for yard work and their neighbors see it.
  2. ErieTint

    19 Ram changes

    I've done a handful of these so far, Limited's at that. They are very nice trucks. I am a bottom loader personally and don't mind these trucks at all. I don't even bother with the bolt. I pop that back edge of the panel and sneak the sweep out. Then slip up the bottom of it to slide it back in.
  3. ErieTint

    Pic of the Week #604 Submissions

    Wowza! Just out of curiosity, what's something like this pay? (Can chat through PM if you don't want to post it here.) We don't have anything with that much glass near us. This is the kind of thing dreams are made of in our town.
  4. ErieTint

    Fusion all type slip solution?

    I buy it right from LLumar when I order film and other supplies. I spray from a Poly II pump sprayer. They sell a pump that screws onto the bottle of Film On. Can't remember the exact volume but I usually use 6-7 pumps in the summer, 4-5 in the winter in a full sprayer.
  5. Just to cover my ass so I didn't get yelled at for driving a rebranded Chevrolet Silverado, it isn't on there either. Just saying.........
  6. ErieTint

    Fusion all type slip solution?

    I stick with regular ole Film On. Used Johnson's on the very first truck I tinted, nothing but Film On since. I can't really see switching from something I know works. For what, $2 over a bottle that lasts for 20+ cars. Nah, I'm happy where I am.
  7. Had to go check it out for myself. I drive a 2006 GMC Sierra. Not on their site for tint. Hell of a lot of help that was....
  8. ErieTint

    Learning from dvd

    Shouldn't need a bulldozer for that window. Did one of those a month or so ago, not bad at all. Only thing with them is the defrost lines are THICK.
  9. ErieTint

    What did you tint today?

    My own patio doors with LLumar DR15 since the roll was already in the film handler for another job. Fiancé is happy, that's what counts, right?
  10. ErieTint

    Visor strip trick with fat sharpie !!!

    This is how I have done the ones that customers have asked for extra length on. Wax pencil marks at equal lengths on the sides. I then run a piece of masking tape as straight as I can (with the curve of course) and shrink as needed. This gives me a full length reference for setting things in place.
  11. ErieTint

    Ceramic films

    Been there twice now. Very friendly people and more than willing to share information. Joe at the front gate is a super nice and understanding guy too!
  12. ErieTint

    Hardest roll ups to bottom load

    I just spent the last week fighting with Ford Transit front roll up doors. Not the smaller Transit Connect but the full size Transit vans like U-Haul has for rent. Can't bottom load them because its all part of the same seal/sweep. Hole. Lee. Hell. Pain in the rear but after 6 vans I got a little quicker. @jh812 is right though, the body style Jetta before the new ones (13-18 maybe?) has some deep sides.
  13. ErieTint

    Keep options simple

    I don't know if it would work 100% of the time with my customers but I figured it would be worth a try. Worst case, we swap words for numbers. Still doesn't change the inventory though.
  14. ErieTint

    Keep options simple

    True. Had someone ask "What do you carry?" so I tell them what shades I stock. Then flat out asked for something I didn't have. Hence my thoughts on moving to the Legal, Light, Medium and Dark scale. Don't even talk numbers with them. Makes it safer.
  15. ErieTint

    Keep options simple

    Two options, four shades in each. Really its ATC or CTX then a couple options on darkness. There is AIR too but thats mostly reserved for windshields. Thinking of doing up sample boards with Legal, Light, Medium and Dark to avoid the whole number situation. Correspond Legal, Light, Medium and Dark as 50, 35, 15 or 20 and 5. I can't stand the "Do you have like a 26?" question.