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  1. ErieTint

    Window tinter needed in top 5 shop in USA

    Shoot. Gonna have to order me some of that Carbon Fiber!
  2. ErieTint

    Prestige CeraLuxe Quantum Ceramic Or F1

    What is the vehicle?
  3. ErieTint

    3M Ceramic IR

    Is this a step above or below Crystalline?
  4. ErieTint

    Torching glass on matrix?

    Did you try torching here or just saying that it is what it is and there is no need to torch?
  5. ErieTint

    New Llumar IRX

    I was told by my rep that it is essentially "our" (by our I mean non-Formula One dealers) version of Stratos. Stratos still points out a little bit higher but the IRX line is very close.
  6. ErieTint

    New Llumar IRX

    What do you know here that we don't @TomTint...? Please tell us. Don't be that "Oh did I tell you about..." and then not finish the story. I'm thinking of ordering a few rolls of this here next week.
  7. ErieTint

    Rent or lease garage

    I agree with this as its the direction I am trying to go. I am not mobile currently and do rent a non-traditional space to keep my overhead low. I keep feelers out with some real estate friends and am always looking for something I could buy. Even a good location with a nice amount of space on a rent-to-own lease or land contract would be better than flat out renting.
  8. ErieTint

    Best Squeegee To Clean

    I do my cleaning solution with a razor and scrubby then squeegee it off with my Unger black. Then I do a second pass with my slip solution and squeegee it off with a Fusion Black Turbo. I use my Gold EZ Reach to make a pass over side seals in both cases. May not be perfect but seems to work pretty well for me.
  9. ErieTint

    What did you tint today?

    Couple days late sharing this but better late than never right? Shoutout to @OverLord for the help. Always nice to learn from someone with a real knowledge of the trade.
  10. ErieTint

    Llumar CTX vs Autobahn i3

    Either LLumar's new IRX or their FormulaOne Stratos, they are very similar. Those are their two top performing automotive films currently.
  11. ErieTint

    New Llumar IRX

    Wanting to try some of this myself. Talked to one of the trainers, he spoke highly of it and says it should be the new top dog. Considering my rep doesn't even bother to talk to me, I'll have to call Support and get pricing and see about getting a roll in for my truck.
  12. ErieTint

    Llumar CTX vs Autobahn i3

    Very one sided reply here because we are a LLumar shop and do not have any experience with Autobahn or Huper Optik. We stock CTX and the customers that have chosen it have been pleased with its heat rejection performance. LLumar did just introduce a new line that has higher IR rejection numbers called IRX, maybe that would be something to look into.
  13. ErieTint

    Tinting a Full Semi

    But if he is being contracted as a 1099 employee, does that law still apply?
  14. I've got a 2006 GMC Sierra crew cab that's got who knows what in 35% over everything. It was done a week after I bought the truck in 2010, well before I started tinting. The woman has a 2006 Pontiac Torrent that has 50% over everything and had a sun strip that was so purple I had to pull it. They will both be getting either LLumar CTX or XPEL Prime XR+ over everything. Likely 50% windshields, 35% fronts and 5% over factory rears. Problem is, our vehicles don't put any cash in my pocket so I'm dragging my feet on doing either of them. She's antsy, I'm not. 😂
  15. ErieTint

    What did you tint today?

    This was how my Monday started..... 1995 Corvette