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  1. Trouble Finding Film

    The way his family room is laid out, the TV is directly across from the window. Can't see it in the afternoon sun, that's the main issue. He wants to be able to leave the curtains open more than anything but the added privacy would be a big bonus. From talking to him it sounded like the "limo" idea was simply the darker the less glare mindset.
  2. Had a customer call and wants to put "limo" on his windows. Long story short, another guy in town blew him off so I went over and looked at things. According to LLumar's Film to Glass chart, I don't think there is much of anything I can put on the windows. Old dual pane, not tempered, heavy winter curtains currently to block sun. He wants something dark but not super reflective. Said he is worried about blinding the neighbors. What I saw didn't really give any good options to get toward the dark end of the scale. Any ideas or help? Buying from LLumar so limited to their lineup. Thanks!
  3. Pic of the Week #588 Submissions

    Should just close it now and make @Super Dave and @Tint Artist co-winners. The 944 in one piece is pretty damn impressive but that graphic.....
  4. Best way to ship a plotter ?

    I purchased one from a friend back in November. Thankfully, he still had the original box and all of the original packaging so it was shipped in that. That being said, FedEx still managed to find a way to damage the box, break some of the styrofoam inside and crack the housing on the right side. (Its a Graphtec 7000 series.) Everything functions as it should though so I didn't even bother with a complaint or claim.
  5. Tint graphics on hair salon

    That looks awesome! Nice work!
  6. Small Miscut, update photos.

    Hopefully he can help out the OP and get him all fixed up!
  7. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    What method do you guys use? The first few I did were just with a steamer and worked pretty well. Tried the ammonia trick this last time and it went even better with the steamer as some additional help once I pulled the truck back in. Also, what is your pricing based on, full removal? I usually charge half of install if they are doing a reinstall. Example being front doors; I charge $100 so removal would be an additional $50 on top.
  8. Pic of the Week #587 Submissions

    I have one of those in my shop!
  9. If you're getting two hours for a set of front roll ups I would say a sun roof would be about an hour.
  10. Those sound like fair numbers to me. Not pushing the installer super hard and as you grow and learn cars your speed will progress similar to a mechanic.
  11. 2018 Regal

    Nevermind. Literally right in front of my face that whole time... (Its the logo on the back of the car. Push the bottom edge down, the release button is hidden under the logo itself.)
  12. 2018 Regal

    Ok @highplains, where in the hell did they hide the switch for the hatch? 😂
  13. Porsch 944

    Well hell yea to the chain, wouldn't want someone stealing it!
  14. 2018 Regal

    I believe it is just a sedan but that is good to know for future reference or for anyone that pops in here and sees this thread. Pop the screw behind the handle then standard GM top edge clips, similar to how the Silverado trucks are now? I like those...
  15. 2018 Regal

    Have one of these coming in tomorrow. Any one done one yet? Any tips on bottom sweep removal or things to look out for with quarter windows or the back glass? Thanks in advance!