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  1. another aspect would be if the paint is heal enough to put the ppf on it , if not... than who will replace it can end up with some bare metal on their hands.... the car i see was done with template , and other than 2-3 small fingers (mirror and lower lip) was a good install , no stretch lines or miss aligns or impurities . the car was silver. any repairs or replacements may take a toll on local dealers ....
  2. why you don`t talk about xpel loyalty to their dealers.... because is NONE! i been 3 years exclusive dap and xpel ppf , than you guys decide to wipe me down from your dealer list because some greed decisions , to force me to buy a minimum , now after 5 years of dap fees and credit payed for cuts , new rules, keep your rules Jeff , is America and is an competitive market! i will always have options , but the way you treat your dealers/ customers just turn people off to deal with you guys..... take that to your boss! yes, Suntek has better customer service and a good line of products , tell them that too
  3. yup.... some porsches will be delivered in US with ppf already installed at the factory, see the delivery tag , full hood, full front fenders, front bumper and mirrors 2700$... most likely other manufacturer ( benz, bmw, audi , vw start with ) may have that option too....
  4. xpel did me a favor today so i can save some good 5-600$ a month. xpel new rules, if you don`t buy film , no more dap , even if you had monthly dap subscription (325$) and you buy credits 1$/ more , greed is at their door again. Trucut here i come, my real divorce with Xpel is happening , i did damp their film 1.5 years ago now is time to stop paying for their software. In my shop SUNTEK wins!
  5. depends a lot of your area , also full car? full front ? full car , the material can take between 1000-2000$ , take that out from what other shops in town charges and you have your price .....
  6. i usually allow 5-7 days for a full car , i do think 3-4 days works too, also i install hybrid ( bulk and pre-cut) . with big projects i like to spend a bit more time after the install so i can address any issues.
  7. few things that can be try.... leave it in the sun, light pass with heat gun , boiling water, light polish if none of this works than replace. it may be the top coat hazed from when the film is rolled or if has been "bend" - handle improperly when the hood was installed
  8. if only moisture and no air in the bubble , than leave alone , no touch. it will go away. if air inside than depends how skill you are it will leave a mark smaller or bigger when attempted with a syringe. an insulin syringe in an angle is preferred
  9. sounds like overspray..... you must find a middle , any paint issues should be addressed before install. you may not be a detailer and the paint "supposed" to be ready for film ......but we all know how cars come in. * let client know what` s there and decide if film has to be reapply or not , if you reapply charge for overspray removal and absorb some of that lost material..... go in details with the client so he knows his options.
  10. xpel don`t value your loyalty , end of story i had an slow time with rain years ago and you guys erase me from your locator because i didn`t buy the "quota" Surprisingly your company spends so much in marketing and to get new clients and so little to keep the old clients, that were loyal once....
  11. after 3 years of exclusive xpel i switch to suntek , xpel don`t value your loyalty , you end up be another number for them.
  12. each to his own, if you are not comfortable to remove a badge than don`t , i do not refer to you , but in general. each case with badges is different , you can strip the whole car if your time is payed and you have the knowledge to do it. with decals , if are provided the replacement than why not put a new one , if not just leave the car in original state , some owners prefer to have all original, plus you have to take in account the surprise element once you take something apart. i pre-cut bumpers and no need to cut the sensors, but i did cut out a few. i bulk hoods , so mostly i remove badges where possible. youtube university teach you all , i do not remove any decals , i do wrap on top of it , i do multiple passes with the squeegee , on some occasions i may use alcohol or steam to force the bond tighter to the edge of the decals. do your best , chase perfection if you have time , but keep in mind it will always be someone who will object , or not like your work.
  13. PRatx

    Let's See Your Websites ppf-ceramic coating-auto detail
  14. PRatx

    Applying PPF profitable?

    took me about 20 cars to get a hold of it , been doing it for 5 years and i still learn, mobile install is not my favorite , you will need a shop or a clean bay , with good lighting. add to that that lately everybody wants perfect install, some think it takes 30minutes for a full front and they can wait till is installed ...and the list goes on keep in mind initial investment: training , plotter , fees for software, fees for cuts, material , than more material , material , did i say material? my cc goes skyrocket when i get rolls.....
  15. PRatx

    2018 Porsche 911 turbo S

    we use a pressure on demand steamer and steam it 3-4 times before any install , also we use soft cloth with thin car wrap squeegee for edges. but flushing them with steam does great.