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  1. PRatx

    Applying PPF profitable?

    took me about 20 cars to get a hold of it , been doing it for 5 years and i still learn, mobile install is not my favorite , you will need a shop or a clean bay , with good lighting. add to that that lately everybody wants perfect install, some think it takes 30minutes for a full front and they can wait till is installed ...and the list goes on keep in mind initial investment: training , plotter , fees for software, fees for cuts, material , than more material , material , did i say material? my cc goes skyrocket when i get rolls.....
  2. PRatx

    2018 Porsche 911 turbo S

    we use a pressure on demand steamer and steam it 3-4 times before any install , also we use soft cloth with thin car wrap squeegee for edges. but flushing them with steam does great.
  3. what film was used? also the best way on bigger projects is to keep the car overnight , that way you can have a second look for this areas that have tendency to open and address it before delivery. you can do some proactive steps to prevent opening: good prep , de-grease , use some adhesive promoter, heat gun the edges, steam edges, on some film alcohol help to increase bonding.
  4. the designer may think different from installer ... is always good to be open for trimming , also a helper to line up the sensors etc. i think kits gets a lot of test before getting them on the software , but maybe should be tested by different installers... from what i have read is used an different film to mark the shape , than scan into computer than tested....
  5. i bulk hood and on occasion fenders, mirrors. but bumpers and doors i use kits. you guys are right , kits doesnt fit perfect , but with a light trim it can fit nicely. i do wrap edges where possible.
  6. PRatx


    if you know anyone in texas, let me know.
  7. update: **SOLD Slightly used. Asking 5400$ , austin tx Any questions , contact
  8. PRatx

    Pay Scale for Tinters

    i give you double and commission , come work for me
  9. PRatx

    Wrapping the hood

    Is not just the tack, is the stretching. A light stretch will eliminate the fingers. Also is important what film and temp you work with
  10. Looking to add window tint to our detail & ppf install service , we hire a window tinter, must have experience! We are a growing business, focus on luxury and exotic cars , looking to add tint service. Base pay plus commission. For more info, feel free to msg Cosmin or call/text 972.834 .9150 , Or come by for a face to face interview. 501 w powell ln #208 , Austin TX 78753
  11. i hear you... they remove me from their dealer locator and i remove their material from my shop! after 3 years of loyal customer and exclusively selling and inslall their film
  12. except the mid scoop , similar hood , and no fingers , or minimum. stretch the material and tack the film before you squeegee . if you work a partial kit , than bulk it , so you are not limited to options.... 7 is a light pull and squeegee that area.
  13. PRatx

    18 Ferrari 488 spider

    full fenders are easy , mirrors has 5 or 6 pieces each , e bit tricky , front bumper may need some trimming , the hood - bulk start with the V , than closed the valley from the windshield down , than tackle the sides. you can extend the fenders to wrap edges by the door. the porsche , remove badge from hood if any , bulk the hood , easy. fenders can be bulk too , the new models does not remove headlights like before , but you can wrap between headlight rubber and paint. the porsche bumper may be challenging by the vents , the sides of the bumper. i price everything same , more when extra pieces in the kits involved or panels with difficulty.
  14. PRatx

    ferrari F12 hood

    3 piece here.... edged wrapped too... done in bulk the hood corners by the windshield have a small piece , what i usually do , i use a scrap piece that has the straight line from the roll , so it matches with the straight line from the main hood piece. i try line them up so is no gap...