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  1. pottsnpanz

    Range Rover PPF full hood

    What film are you using? We use Xpel PPF surface prep on the bottom corners or trouble spots.
  2. pottsnpanz

    2018 Porsche 911 turbo S

    As soon as you spray slip it will pull the dust out so blow out the crevices with an air compressor and then do a final wipe down before you install.
  3. pottsnpanz

    PPF Spit Juice

  4. pottsnpanz


    Thanks all, I will continue to keep shrinking.
  5. pottsnpanz


    Is it necessary to shrink sunroofs?
  6. pottsnpanz

    Back glass fix

    Do you leave the heat on defroster with the trashbag on or just the normal air vents?
  7. pottsnpanz

    Dry application of PPF

    Its probably mot worth it incase you get water into the electronics but you can try just spraying the film and not the actual pieces your going to install on.
  8. pottsnpanz

    Dry application of PPF

    what exactly did they want done in the car?
  9. pottsnpanz


    Thanks, glad its not just me
  10. pottsnpanz


    Ive done two of these and both times the patterns suck (I tried suntek and xpel patterns). Am I just installing wrong or are the patterns bad? I had to trim the round part on the top corner about 1/8 inch so it wouldn't hang over.
  11. pottsnpanz

    2018 acura rdx are they easy ???

    2 screws behind the handle and pop the top
  12. pottsnpanz

    2018 acura rdx are they easy ???

    All new Acura's are very easy. 2 screws behind the door handle and 2 screws behind the handle on the panel door panel and pop all the tabs. Some of them you just need to pop the top of the panel off of the seal.
  13. pottsnpanz

    PPF windshield

    That's what I wanted to know, thanks.
  14. Thoughts on putting ppf on a windshield to protect form rock chips/cracks? (this would be my own personal vehicle)
  15. pottsnpanz


    It was an Audi SQ5, 2 windows but all 4 sides need to be tucked. I tried reverse rolling on one window but when I stick one end on the glass, I couldn't get the sides tucked in without the liner rubbing on the glass. I tried tacoing it in which was better but because 4 sides have to go under the opening, I still had atleast one side rubbing on the headliner.