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  1. 2019 Volvo XC 40

    Thanks for the detailed pics. Just did one today and it was super easy to do.
  2. Its a 7 badge car dealership. This car in particular was a Jaguar F Pace which has 2 sunroofs but I got 2 hours for it. And I tried top loading my most recent Panamera which was a lot easier for those cars in particicular but I suck at top loading and kept creasing the sides but that's gonna be my strategy for those cars.
  3. 1 hour for windshield eye brows and 2 hours for a whole windshield as well. Anyone have recommendations for hours on a sunroof?
  4. My Dealership pays 2 hours for two front rollups and 4 hours for a whole car
  5. Hey James, We are located in boise and use XPEL CS and XR. Feel free to send me an email with any questions or concerns. We can show you around our shop and let you try out our heat displays. paintprotectionfilm@lylepearson.com
  6. Bottom edge above seal?

    Yea Ive tried pulling just the top and getting the seal out or taking the whole panel off but to get the seal out, you need to pull that plastic trim that holds the seal in which is a PITA and takes more time to remove than id care to admit. That's why I was thinking of doing a bottom load without pulling the seal and just leaving the edge above the seal.
  7. Bottom edge above seal?

    I work for a Porsche dealership and told them a while back to send out all of the tint on all the panameras cause I hate doing them so much. 11 windows right, like why do you need to see out of all these baby windows. So do you think I can still bottom load without pulling the panels and just leave the edge above the seal?
  8. Bottom edge above seal?

    Just finished a 2018 Panamera and it took forever after removing the doorpanels/seals. I only know how to bottom load and when I finished the window, I realized the films bottom edge sits above the seal on the front windows. Is that acceptable and if not, what is your approach to this car (top loading, gasket wizard, pull panels but use an extra long pattern?)
  9. Towels

    We use these towels and they are very tough. its very difficult to tear them even.
  10. Important lesson learned from bottom loading !

    I did this the other day, now I don't wear my ring at work.
  11. Double shrinking while bottom loading

    When I learned to top load I always double shrunk but now I pull all seals and bottom load and thought it might be a little redundant. I don't want to be fighting fingers once the film is installed but if I don't have to shrink the sides then that's one less thing I have to do.
  12. Is it overkill to double shrink while bottom loading?
  13. sprinter van

    I have a 2018 Sprinter van coming in for window tint. Anything I should look out for?
  14. What DR. Tint said... Most likely a wax/coating. Our dealership preloads every car with wax so when it comes time to install ppf, we use a surface prep/degreaser before install.
  15. Wrapping the hood

    Depends what film you use. Something I do is wipe the edges with 90% alcohol to make sure the edges are really cleaned. Try stretching the film and tacking it to the headlight/fenders before you start squeeging the slip out.