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  1. Need a affordable plotter!

    Thanks. I kinda thought that...Mine is an FC7000 graphtec
  2. Need a affordable plotter!

    So what about a wider pattern set? I use a 60" plotter. Do I use just 2 pinch rollers? Not the 3 that are provided?
  3. Need a affordable plotter!

    That's what I was looking for! Thank you.
  4. Need a affordable plotter!

    Since there are a few people looking at this post, I would like to ask what blade type and angle works best for tint? I mean, I use my plotter almost entirely for Ppf. I would like to expand into tint in a productive way. I tried cutting a brow with a narrow piece of film and noticed 2 things. 1 was that I was laying down a stripe in the tint from the rollers. Mine are little micro needle points and that does not matter for Ppf, but concerned will show on the install. I tried decreasing the pressure and no more stripes. 2. The next problem was the narrow piece(8" wide and 5ft long) would now missfeed. Maybe not a problem with a wider piece of material.
  5. Window Car tint

    Yes, and when you do the blue max, sometimes you miss some. Can't put the same pressure with the lines raising up the squeegee....
  6. Window Car tint

    I always explain this to people and they don't quite understand. Tint is installed as a wet method. It is necessary to facilitate the install. It would be like watering your yard and waking outside after and saying my yard is wet. I see some puddles. Should I re-water?
  7. Window Car tint

    I say, can you take a picture of it from the outside? Then if you can't, just wait before jumping to conclusions. I am certain the tinter will re-do it if necessary.
  8. Window Car tint

    No! Relax. It takes time to dry out. Especially in winter. Typically the sides get more attention than the rear for a particular squeegee that pushes out more water. It is NOT necessary for the overall quality. It only accelerates the drying/adhesion time. It has no effect on overall quality. It just freaks people out.
  9. Need a affordable plotter!

    Mine came with nothing for software. It only came with the stand. Like I said, I found a re-possessed unit. It was well used, too. At the time it was worth it for me.
  10. Need a affordable plotter!

    If I did it again, and I am not going to, I would consider the fc8000
  11. Need a affordable plotter!

    Vinyl Express q160. It the same as a Graphtec. In fact, I gave it an electrical static electricity shock and fried the mother board. I replaced it with and FC7000 Graphtec mother board. That's how I know. I use it for paint protection film. I have played around with tint, but I find as a one man show, it's just a distraction. It's required for ppf.
  12. Need a affordable plotter!

    Don't we all! Don't be confused and buy too cheap! You will end up buying another one then. Vinyl Express makes some good ones that are Graphtec under the cover. I searched the internet high and low and bought mine probably 10 years ago after I had bought my first one for nearly $1000. Mine came from a company that repossess business machines from places going out of business. I paid 2 grand for my second one, after I paid a grand for my first, so really I paid $3 grand for the one I have since there is no market for used plotters that are junk.
  13. Back windows causing peanuts?

    Watch the back blading video by Rick Tallman. On youtube.
  14. Back windows causing peanuts?

    Thanks Rick!