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  1. Whyme

    Tesla model 3

    I pass on it as well ! I don’t want to stock 60 inch rolls in all the different shades ! Just for 1 car ! But if you are tinting them you should be charging a small fortune
  2. Whyme

    2001 Yukon windshield issue

    Nissan Murano is always really horrible to tint windshield ! I was using Solargard ultra performance film for the windshield, and that tint is literally the worst tint for shaping I’ve ever used ! The new vortex is great though !
  3. Whyme

    Changing our film line up

    What’s with all these reps not calling people back ! I called and left a message with a 3m rep never got a call back , and same thing with Llumar . But Huper optic got right back to me ! Solargard calls me right back too. It’s nice having the tint wearhouse where you buy your film close by!
  4. Whyme

    Changing our film line up

    I tried suntek, Huper optic, Llumar , solargard, and 3 m crystalline . Depends on how much you want to spend . I like the new solargard vortex but it’s pricey . For cheaper cost I don’t know what the best option is , but cheaper Llumar is good, supreme series solargard works ! Huper optic has a good cheaper option .
  5. Whyme

    Bottom Loading/ Top Loading

    I Top load , tape sides if needed , I’ve been doing top only for 15 years , works for me !
  6. Whyme

    Favorite Meal ??

    Rainbow sushi roll ! From a few different places in San Diego ! Sushi ota , sushi deli 2 ! Doesn’t get much better
  7. Whyme

    Best place to buy tint from uk?

    Hahahaha , just kidding , I have no idea about the U.K.
  8. I don’t tint boats , what a pain ! Some of the hardest windows to shape the tint and get it to stick
  9. Whyme

    Quality tintz is back !!!!!

    Nice man , what you been doing ?
  10. I agree , looks like your window is off the window track and is rolling up and down crooked
  11. Whyme

    I’m new to tinting (1 month only) HELP!

    Hi, most window tinters get started taking a class ! Solargard offers classes to teach all those things at a hands on level ! That typing doesn’t teach ! You really need to sign up for a class ! That’s the best way ! I also use Solargard window film ! I like it ! I use the supreme series ! Anyway there’s a huge amount to learn , and some only experience can teach !
  12. Whyme

    Cloth seats and door panel stained

    I’ve had this problem before ! Not sure what to use on seats that are so easily stained by just water ! But yes putting towels down would be a good idea ! The new civic with the light blue cloth stains if you breathe on it . I dislike it when the whole inside is covered in armorall and when you spray water to install it streaks the door panels based on where the amorall came off
  13. Whyme

    bmw 528i

    I couldn’t agree more , bmw drivers are very different !
  14. Whyme

    Tinting with gloves

    I started putting on the latex gloves doctors use , it works good , it keeps the skin follicles from getting on the tint in the 2 spots I touch the very tips of the top of the tint ! Now if I could only control the wind ! The reason why I started putting the latex on is to stop dry skin on my hands !
  15. Whyme

    Film Question.

    I’ve noticed if you go to remove it and the tint is the perfect temperature that will happen sometimes , gotta be lucky though