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  1. Whyme

    bmw 528i

    I couldn’t agree more , bmw drivers are very different !
  2. Whyme

    Tinting with gloves

    I started putting on the latex gloves doctors use , it works good , it keeps the skin follicles from getting on the tint in the 2 spots I touch the very tips of the top of the tint ! Now if I could only control the wind ! The reason why I started putting the latex on is to stop dry skin on my hands !
  3. Whyme

    Film Question.

    I’ve noticed if you go to remove it and the tint is the perfect temperature that will happen sometimes , gotta be lucky though
  4. I use solargard and the highest heat rejection comes on the silver 10% it claims to block out 70% of the heat but it would be harder to see out at night . But if you did like a silver 35 that would keep out about 55% of the heat . So it depends . But the reflective tint will reverse at night if you have lights on in the inside . You won’t be able to see out and anyone can see in
  5. Whyme

    Windshield tinting

    Well go ahead and tell me what you find out . But I’m pretty sure solargard in San Diego told me it was legal as well . I will ask them again .
  6. THe Prius has that problem . I squeeze an extra inch of tint into the sides so that when it rolls up crooked there’s no gap . It has to do with how I cut it to begin with .
  7. I agree with tint slayer , those are squeegees for pushing water out of the film on the inside . You need some sort of hard card
  8. I use dry shrink with a glove for the rear window but the sides I do wet shrink with this
  9. Whyme

    Solar Gard NR Supreme?

    I know I need to make more , I will have time soon ...... atleat when I do make another it will be alot easier . I had to figure out how to use video editing . It’s not that easy . At least I have that down now I can make the videos in 30 minutes or less
  10. Whyme

    Windshield tinting

    It is legal , you can look it up or ask a cop they know it’s legal now for 70% or lighter
  11. Whyme

    Solar Gard NR Supreme?

    I’ve been using solargard nr supreme for over ten years . Tinting with it everyday ! I like it , shapes well . Installs well . The color matches the stock color that comes on the back of most vehicles from the factory . My customers like it . I have not had any complaints . It’s not a ceramic film, or nano film, but I like it .
  12. Yes I have this with my own film , I have solargard ultra performance on my windshield and when I wear polarized sunglasses I see some funky rainbow colors , the reason being all the different light filters creating prisms . Non polarized sunglasses have no effect , no colors . Customer sounds unreasonable . Especially after you put a high quality film on his car . This is not Walmart , you don’t just return something if you decide it wasn’t for you .
  13. Whyme

    Defroster Lines Damaged ???

    Ya it’s the one I like to use . Some people prefer other things . It works good sweating the old film off as long as it’s warm outside , if it’s not , it does not work .
  14. Whyme

    Top Brand Window Film

    I’ve been using solargard for over 15 years , I use the supreme series line ! I think it’s good ! Minus a year in 2006 when all the 40 inch rolls went bad . I would see all these bubbled back windows and knew it was Solargard’s. . The new stuffI doesn’t go bad over time . And the customer relationship in San Diego office is really good . They take care of me ! I wouldn’t use the galaxies line though , just supreme ! And ultra performance does not shape to a curve , that stinkin tint is horrible to work with, it makes me want to use foul language every time I’m shaping it .
  15. Whyme

    Tinting IS 250 without pulling panels

    Couldn’t agree more on the panamera. I just know they are going to take a long time . That does sound like torture