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  1. Whyme

    I’m new to tinting (1 month only) HELP!

    Hi, most window tinters get started taking a class ! Solargard offers classes to teach all those things at a hands on level ! That typing doesn’t teach ! You really need to sign up for a class ! That’s the best way ! I also use Solargard window film ! I like it ! I use the supreme series ! Anyway there’s a huge amount to learn , and some only experience can teach !
  2. Whyme

    Cloth seats and door panel stained

    I’ve had this problem before ! Not sure what to use on seats that are so easily stained by just water ! But yes putting towels down would be a good idea ! The new civic with the light blue cloth stains if you breathe on it . I dislike it when the whole inside is covered in armorall and when you spray water to install it streaks the door panels based on where the amorall came off
  3. Whyme

    bmw 528i

    I couldn’t agree more , bmw drivers are very different !
  4. Whyme

    Tinting with gloves

    I started putting on the latex gloves doctors use , it works good , it keeps the skin follicles from getting on the tint in the 2 spots I touch the very tips of the top of the tint ! Now if I could only control the wind ! The reason why I started putting the latex on is to stop dry skin on my hands !
  5. Whyme

    Film Question.

    I’ve noticed if you go to remove it and the tint is the perfect temperature that will happen sometimes , gotta be lucky though
  6. I use solargard and the highest heat rejection comes on the silver 10% it claims to block out 70% of the heat but it would be harder to see out at night . But if you did like a silver 35 that would keep out about 55% of the heat . So it depends . But the reflective tint will reverse at night if you have lights on in the inside . You won’t be able to see out and anyone can see in
  7. Whyme

    Windshield tinting

    Well go ahead and tell me what you find out . But I’m pretty sure solargard in San Diego told me it was legal as well . I will ask them again .
  8. THe Prius has that problem . I squeeze an extra inch of tint into the sides so that when it rolls up crooked there’s no gap . It has to do with how I cut it to begin with .
  9. I agree with tint slayer , those are squeegees for pushing water out of the film on the inside . You need some sort of hard card
  10. I use dry shrink with a glove for the rear window but the sides I do wet shrink with this
  11. Whyme

    Solar Gard NR Supreme?

    I know I need to make more , I will have time soon ...... atleat when I do make another it will be alot easier . I had to figure out how to use video editing . It’s not that easy . At least I have that down now I can make the videos in 30 minutes or less
  12. Whyme

    Windshield tinting

    It is legal , you can look it up or ask a cop they know it’s legal now for 70% or lighter
  13. Whyme

    Solar Gard NR Supreme?

    I’ve been using solargard nr supreme for over ten years . Tinting with it everyday ! I like it , shapes well . Installs well . The color matches the stock color that comes on the back of most vehicles from the factory . My customers like it . I have not had any complaints . It’s not a ceramic film, or nano film, but I like it .
  14. Yes I have this with my own film , I have solargard ultra performance on my windshield and when I wear polarized sunglasses I see some funky rainbow colors , the reason being all the different light filters creating prisms . Non polarized sunglasses have no effect , no colors . Customer sounds unreasonable . Especially after you put a high quality film on his car . This is not Walmart , you don’t just return something if you decide it wasn’t for you .
  15. Whyme

    Defroster Lines Damaged ???

    Ya it’s the one I like to use . Some people prefer other things . It works good sweating the old film off as long as it’s warm outside , if it’s not , it does not work .