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  1. 2008 XK8 Rear quarters

    guess no one figured it out lol
  2. 07-12 ES 350

    07 Windows - easy for the backs, a tad difficult for the fronts for the small "corner" of the window. Definitely snap the windows. Sweeps - not the easiest to take out but i only took out the front. BG - piece of cake Difficulty: 2/5
  3. 07-12 Santa Fe

    2010 Side Windows Super easy. I didn't bother taking the sweeps out and no need to snap them! Back Glass A tad difficult on the corners. Difficulty out of 5 = 2/5
  4. Toyota Tundra

    18 tundra Sweeps -Theyre attached to the door panel. i pulled them back on the fronts but not the back Windows -Super easy including back window. didnt snap or heat shrink anything. Difficulty: 1/5
  5. 15-18 Sonata

    2015 Windows - sweeps pull out easy and fairly easy to put back in. - the windows are super easy, no need to snap Back Glass - super easy! Difficulty: 1/5
  6. 2015-2018 Cooper 4 Dr

    2015 Sweeps - You'll have to take the panels off. I didnt even bother with doing that. Windows - Their pretty fair. Just squeegee out the top pretty good then roll up the window and do the rest. Back Glass - super easy! DIFFICULTY: 3/5
  7. 2013-2018 Avalon Sedan

    2018 Avalon Sweeps - front doors are attached to sweeps, but come out easily - back doors arent attached but have clips! Windows -Super easy to tint Back Glass - super easy!
  8. WARNING 2017 Giulia

    Yea! If you just use a spray bottle, get it wet enough to scrub and then squeegee from right to left, no problems. If you drown it with the sprayer you'll probably see issues.
  9. 2015 BMW 650I Convertible

    jeez no answers
  10. Dodge Journey

    2017 Gaskets easily removable. big windows, no snapping needed. of course heat shrink back window, HIGHLY RECOMMEND dry shrinking and being careful of the bottom corners. the back window is a sneaky lil bastard lol. Harder than it looks. SUPER EASY!!!!
  11. 2014 Rogue

    - Top of door panels come off with the felt gaskets! Easy. Also easy to place right back. - Tinting: Super easy! No heat shrinking needed. Level of difficulty 1 out of 5
  12. 1996 F series pickup

    This car was really difficult for me to handcut! I couldn't find it in the system for pre-cuts. Good luck with dirt!
  13. 2018 ES 350

    Gaskets : Front door panels are a pain in the bean sack to pull back!!. Gaskets came out easy. Back doors were easy to pull back. Tinting: VERY easy to tint! The door panels are just ANNOYING! *putting the gaskets back in and putting the back door panels back on without taking the whole panel off was worse than a frog humping your leg!!* pulling the gaskets off the back doors is NOT WORTH IT! Id rate the difficulty a 1 out of 5. 5 meaning the hardest.
  14. 2018 Tahoe

    Just did front windows and windshield. pretty easy car. I couldnt get the gaskets out. No need to heat shrink front windows. Windshield was really easy as well!
  15. 2018 Malibu sedan

    Any tips? Easy? Door panels?