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  1. trp3383

    Is this normal?

    Just noticed drivers side has 2 specks and a hair right at eye level.
  2. trp3383

    Is this normal?

    Yea I get things happen and have no issue with going back. I guess it was more with his attitude with basically you get whatever I give you.
  3. trp3383

    Is this normal?

    I'm gonna take it back to him and hopefully it'll be better. Problem is he said I can't wait there and it'll be 2 hrs. I respect the work you guys do, defiantly takes patience.
  4. trp3383

    Is this normal?

    Yea the specks seem par for the course. I've always had 1 here and there in all my vehicles, but never a hair. I'm in NJ
  5. trp3383

    Is this normal?

    I don't think that at all. It doesn't matter where you do your craft most times, it comes down to the installer. I just don't know whether it's worth it to take it back. Guess I just don't use him next time. Only reason I tried him is because he uses express/global and the other guys near me all use suntek.
  6. trp3383

    Is this normal?

    Hey, I've had about 10 cars tinted over the past 15 years. I just got my suv tinted and was wondering what's considered normal when it comes to contamination and defects in the tint. I had the front windows done in 20% express hp tint. The tinter which has been around awhile runs his shop of of his home garage. He has plenty of good reviews online also. Is it normal to have contamination such as dust and defects in the tint or should he have redone the window? He told me he was anal about his craft but then stated he can't guarantee there won't be specks or defects. I sent him a picture of it and he said he'd do it again but can't guarantee it's going to be and better or worse. I've attached a picture of my side window. There are other random specks of dust that don't bother me much. Should I just live with it or have him redo it? Again I'm not in the trade so just curious if this is normal or not. Thanks EDIT: just saw my drivers side also has a hair. Both drivers side and passenger side have this issue right at eye level. Guys