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  1. Jrswindowtinting

    Geosheild's pro-nano ceramic

    Hello Gary. Just wondering if you ended up using geosheild pronano and any problems at this moment? Thanks
  2. Jrswindowtinting

    Geoshield ceramic nano

    It does have a lot of heat rejection though.
  3. Jrswindowtinting

    Geoshield ceramic nano

    I have been installing geosheild pronano Ceramic 2-3 years on a lot of vehicles.So far no problems as far as I know.I have it also on my own vehicles and don’t see any type of distortion, bubbling or peeling.
  4. Jrswindowtinting

    Geosheild pronano Ceramic

    Thanks for your feedback
  5. Jrswindowtinting

    Geosheild pronano Ceramic

    Yes same here atleast coming close to 2 years installing this film on alot of cars and no problems yet and it is a good film.Just checking around.Thanks for your feedback.
  6. Jrswindowtinting

    Geosheild pronano Ceramic

    What does everyone thinks about geoshield pronano ceramic line.Ive had very good results easy to form and install.