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  1. fidapatel


    If u need ppf just msg me on WhatsApp no +96597862017 i have better then suntek n 3m ppf
  2. fidapatel

    Wax before installing XPEL

    No don’t use wax then ppf will be not fix
  3. fidapatel

    Cutting PPF Rolls

    Msg me on WhatsApp I’ll tell u +96597862017
  4. fidapatel

    Help and advice needed please

    U just msg me on WhatsApp I’ll tell u +96597862017
  5. Wer it is cut u just heat tht place with heat gun
  6. Which ppf u use n wer r u frm i have ppf gud quality if u fix it no bubble n line its very no +96597862017 its my WhatsApp no u msg me