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  1. No warranty?

    And if I was looking for a similar shade for all of my windows with 35% in the front, what % would you all recommend to put over the factory tint to achieve this?
  2. No warranty?

    The liability issue makes perfect sense. Thanks for the information everyone. I think i would rather get the 35% and have the warranty. Regarding matching the factory tint in the back to the front windows of my Ford edge would the ceramic be a closer match or would the metalic still work?
  3. No warranty?

    I went to a local shop in NC to make an appt to get my suv tinted. The manager recommended Llumar atr, ( which is what they use) 35% over the factory tint in the back and 15% in the front for a consistent look all around. He told me because they were using 15% which was under the legal % i would have to pay in cash and could get no receipt, ( for legal reasons). Due to this he continued to state that I wouldn't be able to get a lifetime warranty from Llumar since i would have no receipt. Is this a typical practice or should I look elswhere for a tint shop? My only other option would be do 35% all around which would give me the warranty. On a side note, is the atr still a quality film or is ctx the way to go? Thanks for the advice.